Trump Expects To Announce Supreme Court Pick This Week | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Trump Expects To Announce Supreme Court Pick This Week | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


While appearing on Fox and Friends, President Trump announced that there will be a new Supreme Court nominee by the end of the week, and says he is down to four or five finalists, NBC's Peter Alexander reports. Aired on 9/21/2020.
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Trump Expects To Announce Supreme Court Pick This Week | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Vega Nona toe-may-toe toe-ma-toe.
      and by Catholics i mean babyrapingjesuits… except Clarence Thomas, who of course, is the only true Republican on the court.

    1. @John O The Dems “vote blue no matter who” 2020 campaign slogan says 1) Biden isn’t worth voting for on his own, 2) stay ignorant of actual facts and positions, and 3) obey without question.

  1. I’ve never seen a country watch their leader commit treason, admit he’s killing them all on purpose and allow him to stay in office. He’ll definitely get away with stealing another SCOTUS seat. America is just as responsible for this disaster as Trump is.

    1. It will be akward for US Americans to travel abroad after Trump , assuming they will be allowed into other countries anytime soon, given their state of covid control .
      The topic will come up, and outside the US admitted Trump supporters will not recieve a warm welcome, to say the least .

    2. @horsterer77 Trumpsters never leave the country. The ppl that hate him are the ones being embarrassed and having to answer for their stupidity. I used to be proud to tell ppl I’m American when I travel abroad. Now I just change the subject.

    3. @Seablack66 Don’t you have some children to indoctrinate into your virtue signalling identitarian cult? Deplatforming, doxing, social justice for politically loyalty, and legal standing based on political affiliation. You are the practicing fascist.

    4. Article 2 Section 2 – The president has a constitutional duty to nominate candidates for the Supreme Court. Why do you feel the President performing his duty is treason?

    1. @Na tu What’s that have to do with trump nominating someone from faux and friends to be on the supreme court. Its not like they have to have any qualifications for the job. Except for having nice legs and straight teeth.

    1. @JP sailor all aboard matey Do you really think the tiny bit you pay would cover the full cost? No! Others are subsidizing you. Your road gets repaired. Others are subsidizing you. All the government services. Others are subsidizing you. So what you’re saying is your willing to accept hand out from others rather than pay the full cost. That makes you a socialist. Well done!

    2. @JP sailor all aboard matey You don’t pay the full cost. Others are chipping in to help you. That’s socialism. Where would you be without socialism, huh? My house is burning but let work out if I can afford the bill before I call for help?

  2. When Trump said drain the swamp seems to be the GOP Lindsey Graham, Moscow Mitch and his 34 million he made. in the poorest state in the nation

    1. How do you figure? Per the Constitution, the President in power has always had the power to nominate candidates for the Supreme Court.

    2. esj8341 they are just mad it’s not their party. If it were the dems they would probably be doing their cocaine and celebrating

    3. @JP sailor all aboard matey What is new is that Democrats are threatening to break the system if they aren’t able to intimidate Trump from nominating a Justice. Packing the courts? Impeaching the President?

  3. I’m noticing NOT ONE person is trying to challenge all the postings giving the straight facts on RBG as protectorate for Margaret Sanger’s life work targeting the 10s and 10s of millions of minorities that have been eradicated in 100% democrat run urban jurisdictions.
    ** Don’t you think it should be the kkk in mourning, the DNC and BLM celebratory?

    1. RBG said herself that there is nothing stopping a president from picking a supreme court justice on a election year. The democrats know they lost the Supreme Court if Trump picks someone, meaning republicans control the highest court in the land. Therefore it’ll be hard for this to push some bs bill though.

    You have done in 3+ yrs what RUSSIA has been trying to do for over 50 yrs.

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