1. And then some wrinkled hand tapped your shoulder. It was Joe Veggie, “Look, I’m the captain now. Can we talk about me?” Yes, of course, Mr. President, do you know where you are?”

    1. Everyone loved him till he said “drain the swamp”. Went from having a TV show to being censored by social media and the elite clowns that run this world. That is when you started getting mind controlled to hate him. Because you were told to hate him you did as you were manipulated to do so. If u can’t see that I’m sorry.

  1. “He is really unstable right now. He is ranting and raving.”
    This could describe any day in the presidency of Donald Trumpf.

    1. @Dr. Karen Gray and commie joe wont be getting any $$$$$$$ for us tax payers we wont pay taxes and he wont be giving u any freebie care with out the Americans money he wont have nothing .Better get a job. i already told my tax man i wont be filing taxes because i refuse to give my money to a communst he stold 5,000 from me once and that will not get one more dam dime .its the deat beat turn to pay the high taxes he who picks a commie pays the taxes not the Americans ..

    2. @Jackie L if they are planning an inauguration for trump that is blatant textbook sedition.. he lost, he’s fired, my spellcheck no longer tries to capitalize the T in trump.. he isn’t the next president and just impeached again.

  2. “He doesn’t fully grasp the magnitude”……and he was elected as President by people who didn’t fully grasp the magnitude…..and still don’t.

    1. Exactly, today Nixon is “Saint Nixon”, and Clinton is “Saint Cigar” whatever they did , pales , pales a thousand times to what this … ..this.. this … .. orange individual incest one has done!!

    2. I remember when congressman Lloyd Bentsen said something similar to Dan Quayle when Dan tried to compare himself to J.F.K. (“Mr. Quayle, I knew Jack Kennedy, I worked with him. Jack was a friend of mine. You sir, are NO JACK KENNEDY)!!! I believe that he got a huge applause.

    1. Nixon be doing death rolls from beyond the grave! Even Nixon would be disgusted by Orange Hitler! Trump is the worst monster and worst President in history!

  3. He’s worried about being compared to Nixon!? Heck, at this point he should take that as a COMPLIMENT! He’s waaaaaaay worse than Nixon LOL

  4. Should have compared him to Hitler because he was going by his playbook. ““If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth.”

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