Trump Family Drama: 45 Facing Criminal Probe As Ivanka Dodges Cohen 1

Trump Family Drama: 45 Facing Criminal Probe As Ivanka Dodges Cohen


Citizen Donald Trump announced what he calls a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, and Google, alleging he has been "wrongfully censored." While legal experts don't think the suit will hold up, Trump is already fundraising off of the lawsuit. Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by NYU law professor Melissa Murray and The Nation's Joan Walsh to discuss why the suit is likely just for show and the latest in the Trump Organization criminal probe. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Hull Style Productions Change the World Sky news Australia calls MSNBC and supporters a cult! Clowns would be more like it!

    2. @William Royer Anyone supporting the current democrats are the in the gutter! SKY news Australia!
      Calls you a cult! big Tech corporations got you brainwashed MSNBC liar’s . Anyone following these imbcile Democrats are the proof in pudding . Swamp people!

  1. It’s just another way for Trump to get his suckers to donate more money to him for his personal use.

    1. @wordsculpt It seems you suffer the same denialism that MAGA supporters have. You are blindly defending someone with obvious issues.

    2. @Steve F 81 million people have hate for trump, and would vote for whom ever won the democratic primary. I’m one of them.

    3. @offshore4848 all trump had to do was let the scientists talk and keep his mouth shut. If he had convinced his supporters to wear a mask instead of calling COVID a hoax, he probably would be president still.
      Not a lot of forward thinking there…

    4. @Joboygbp Edwards What did chump win? I can’t fathom why, intelligent, morally intact, educated Christian people would say trump won when you know it to be untrue. What am I missing. We all know 81 million is greater than 74 million and 306 is greater than 232. According to these numbers, Biden won and Trump lost. In what universe are smaller numbers greater than larger numbers? Will someone please explain how Trump won with smaller numbers? A landslide win with smaller numbers.

    5. @wordsculpt i thought Trump supporters are rich white supremacists, how comes I am not even American?! Make up your mind next time you wanna repeat fakenews lie or avoid taking the same drug your dementia China puppet takes

    1. His troubles started when he was born. He could have avoided all of this, had he not decided to run for office. He is doing himself in, even though he likes to have other people do his dirty work. He can’t stand other people getting credit, even if that means ratting himself out.

    2. @Thatone Dude it’s funny that he’s single handedly bringing down the republican party AND his daddy’s empire. He’s a master at something, that’s for sure.

  2. Hey, all of you trumpsters out there – Why would he be fundraising if he’s so rich?

    1. He swore to them that he’s so rich that he wouldn’t need any donations, claiming that politicians who take donations are corrupted by them.

    2. @Free Ma Get those wallets and credit cards out. He needs that money more than his fans do. Right?

  3. He can’t steal from his “foundation” anymore, so he is looking for ways to get cash. His “businesses” aren’t making any money, either.

    1. The courts should make him sell his golf courses off and other deals and pay back the tax payers

    1. GREED love to spend others money. Trump is a selfish person hunger excessive desire for more than he needed. Never enough $$$ for THE BIGGEST GREED LIKE TRUMP

    2. @Minhthuy Nguyen ikr thanks for saying that Trump doesn’t need donations if he’s a billionaire he should be able to fund everything on his own

    3. The sad thing is he will raise so much money for promoting his chaotic fear mongering 🐃💩

  4. When does his claiming to be the real president get him arrested for impersonating a government official?

    1. @Patrick Timothy You cannot impersonate a Commander and Chief of a military and that is what a President is.

    2. I think this issue should be escalated further, truly. He’s actually impersonating the Commander and Chief of our military, which is the President of the United States, which is a government official with another level.

  5. “the letter “e,” the color blue, I don’t know…” That sounds it up. Gave me a chuckle😆

    1. @offshore4848 Sitting in his bunker watching it unfold in tv. After he told those people he’d be marching with them. He knew what they had planned and didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

    1. Exactly. Can someone just build him a replica Oval Office and press room where his supporters can come visit him like the freak show he is and pretend to be fawning journalists for a few hours every day? He’s in FL… surely Disney can make that dream come true? It would be the happiest sad place on earth for an old dementia patient and his brainwashed sycophants. 😂
      Maybe the old West Wing set would do?

      I’m ok with using tax dollars to fund a salary for an actor to play his chief of staff to come tell him how great his “ratings” are every day. Someone can make an ap so his bootlickers all around the country cam create fake mews stories talking about hum like he is (a) still president and (b) the bestest president ever who got 100% of the votes.

      It would be fantastic. The rest of us could place bets on when (if ever) he figured out it wasn’t real. Then we could give him a little ETC, reset that short-term memory (and probably a few others but who cares?) and keep the ball rolling down the gutter….

  6. Trump is a grandiose/malignant narcissist. He can’t handle being irrelevant or not having the attention on him. He needs an excessive amount of admiration and validation

  7. He’s playing make believe with his fake podium and people props. he’s too much!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  8. He can’t abide lack of attention. He did not have the intelligence to hold office as president. He just never understood any of it. He spent most of the time on the golf course. Check the White House bank balance. He is a scammer getting the less intelligent to fund him. His false (similar White House podium) signage is pathetic. He needs attention, better still give him detention.

    1. He “did not have the intelligence to hold office”. Have you even been paying attention to that Vegetable in Chief that wandered from the old folks home to the White House?

    2. @Michael Suder when you compare the Orange to the Apple the Orange is still Orange. Who is in office now has NOTHING to do with Trump’s IQ or should we say “a lack of one”. It’s funny how Trump supporters are constantly answering comments on Trump by saying something something about Biden. Who’s to say whether or not they’re both ignorant, crooked, or terrible leaders.

  9. wait, is he still having difficulty coming to grips with the facts that he’s been FIRED by the american people AND facebook and twitter????🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤦🏼‍♂️

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