'Unfortunate Event': Trump Defends MAGA Rioters Amid Insurrection Probe 1

‘Unfortunate Event’: Trump Defends MAGA Rioters Amid Insurrection Probe


Six months after the MAGA insurrection at the Capitol, it's been revealed that the FBI infiltrated a militia group that discussed a Virginia secession movement and scouting the Capitol. At the same time, Republicans continue to shield Donald Trump and push his "big lie." Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by Mother Jones's David Corn to discuss how Democrats can fight back with the facts and the state of the GOP. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. “Unbelievably unfairly”??? Two adverbs back-to-back?? Trump is the king of dumb. No one beats him at this. He did not take his own tests in college. Lmao.

    1. @Jo-Anne Marshall Name one good thing Dementia Joe Kid Touch has done or just stop talking little BOY blue sheep??????

    2. Unfortunately his followers do not realize his grammatical errors. It is the way they speak based on their limited educational exposure. Republicans have spent the past 30 years drumming down the electorate….how can we hope to save our democracy.

    3. @Jovito81 I won’t take a cognitive test! That would be like taking cocaine and then taking a test for cocaine!!! Dementia Joe Kid Touch when asked about his cognitive problems!!!

    4. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell that is easily debunked. Just googled it, yes he WAS talking about the white supremacists!

  2. The only time Gym Jordan ever shut his mouth was when those boys at Ohio State told him they were being abused.

    1. Poor little Gym. He’s terrified that his relationship with the perv MD will be exposed.

  3. Lol, they were such good people Trump didn’t pardon a one.

    Jim Jordon is the “go to” to disrupt any hearing for a good cause.

  4. Absolutely nothing surprises me anymore that Trump says. I expect him to say or do something deplorable. What surprises me is how he’s still free.

    1. @Nicholas Cooper 1 person was killed and all you snowflakes are acting like it could even touch one BLM RIOT you act like that capitol attack was insane and so crazy you are all hung up on it but 1 person died get a life

    2. AOC Donates Casket She Was Buried In After Being Killed On January 6th To Smithsonian
      “As you all know, I was literally murdered by MAGA terrorists during the January 6th insurrection,” said AOC in a statement.

  5. If Pelosi allows people like Jordan on this committee I quit the Democratic Party! I give up on them. Sick of the Democrats _ALWAYS SHOWING WEAKNESS! MY GOD!!!!!!_

    1. Maybe they know it doesn’t matter they already got the goods on Trump just a matter of time.

  6. McCarthy’s picks are there for one purpose.. obstruct, leak, gaslight and report back to Trump and company.

    1. …and try to rewrite the outcome and history. McCarthy will demand a minority report version of the events.

    2. @Renita Perry Agree 100%… any politician that spoke out against or voted to not confirm the election should not be on the committee, not to mention those that deny or lie about it.

  7. She was shot trying to break into a building that had the Vice President inside! Is that not grounds to get shot down?

    1. @Ken Bugbee
      A broken phone is far from an excuse.
      All your data and information is stored in the cloud.
      I’m on my third phone in two years.
      My account remained the same.
      Your location is not America!

    2. @Ken Bugbee black and Hispanic boys were killed for holding cell phones that police thought were guns. She was clearly warned in that video that there is an agent with gun. She was part of crowd that chanted “hang mike pence”. How many pistals and bullets she can hold in that backpack? My question is why you support hanging mike pence?

    3. @Rob Wright
      Pence had a Congressional duty to hear the objections since the requirements to do so were fulfilled.
      It’s more than a little suspicious the only riot by the right that lasted about 2 hours is the only one to be investigated . 7 months straight of nightly riots all over the country by the left is over looked and ignored. Obviously there’s a double standard of justice in Washington DC.

    4. @Ken Bugbee According to you, the insurrectionists had just cause for rioting and invading the Capitol.

      Maybe the BLM rioters too had a rationale for violent behavior. Maybe their rationale is the fact that people like you have no qualms about a handcuffed, prone black man being killed but are aggrieved when a threatening, advancing white person ends up dead.

      Like you, they too are offended by a double standard.

    5. @Ken Bugbee Would you have considered it a just shooting if the woman were Black? If you’re outraged by police shooting Ashlee, your blood should be boiling by how Black people are murdered by police left and right. How do you feel about Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd?

  8. I agree, any congressional representative that voted against the investigation of the Capitol insurrection should not be on the investigative committee.

  9. Funny how so many gun owners say they’d Shot someone breaking into their house, own a gun for Personal protection, “Well” there was a Mob of people that where breaking into “The Peoples House” and only one of them got shot, I’m surprised more didn’t get shot.

    1. @Debra Kleid
      Trump never said he called in the National Guard. The Guard is under the authority of state Governors not the Federal government it’s designed that way for a reason.

    2. @ja coom
      Slotted ??? All the looters and arsonists should have been shot or at least arrested useing facial recognition recognition like those on the 6th . like they did

  10. Liz Cheney was accepted on the committee and she is one of the few who probably belong there. Voting against the investigation should make those Republicans ineligible.

    1. Trump coordinated that insurrection but its unfair that his pawns end up in prison while he goes free.

    2. Have you lost sight to what the Goal is here? “Maintaining LIBERTY for ALL.” You are falling PREY, to the oldest tricks in the book….”The STEPS used to DESTROY a NATION.” Is to cause an internal distraction, in the NATION targeted for destruction. While the ENEMY is, either ROBBING every ones pockets, or they are doing something very evil to the targeted NATION..they do Not want the people to see. This is the USAs distraction…. And a “Plague” from the ENEMY always PRECEDES a War. Hello?

  11. You can count on macho republicans dressed in military gear men to say ladies first in an attack.

  12. No matter how many time trump says it, an insurrection is NOTHING remotely similar to civil disobedience.. I don’t remember any BLM protesters calling to hang a government official.

    1. Don’t worry the brohers and Sisters in jail are watching and waiting for Trump and his clowns

  13. They are right don’t let anyone who voted against the commission on the commission. FACT

    1. They broke in and rioted at a federal building that is a felony they had bear mace metal rods

    1. they still are attacking it. McCarthy is one of the worst, pushing nice words one day and when the focus group hasn’t bitten or his Masters voice has called him down to Florida he spreads the party line the next day in total opposition to his previous announcement.

    2. Well, according to Trump these were “unfortunate events”, maybe we can have Lemony Snicket investigate.

    1. You write a Captain Obvious post which I agree and most agree with and get 49 likes. I write a post that says tRump is the modern day Hitler wanna be and get no likes. Are you and the majority of Americans a ‘Good German’ ?? ‘Good Germans’ were the ones that went along with Hitler, or didn’t try to stop him, thinking he was just nuts and would go away. Then after he took over and destroyed their country, Europe and the world, they said: ” We didn’t know what he was up to, we just believed his lies and got taken by a madman!! We are good Germans!! “.

  14. jerk jordan on the committee jordan is contrary about everything he is hostile and will obstruct the whole process

    1. Bennie Thompson won’t let him. He has met his match. A smart Black man from Mississippi.

  15. Trump is a Lost Case, Not Much Anyone Can Do. He’s Set in His Crooked ways, and that’s just the way it is! ( Not Even Jail will Reform Him

    1. Such a shame that Trump got those criminals out of prison that Bribden locked up for petty crimes. Reversing Briden’s 1995 Crime Bills, were Briden’s biggest accomplishments when he was in the Sentae. He called Black People, “predators and at least they can get 5 years for carrying a gun and can’t hit my mother over the head…those “N’s”. Very proud moment for the Senate. Used the “N’ word on the floor of the Senate 16 times. Quite the accomplishment. Every Democrat vote should be very proud of Joe.

    2. The borther and Sisters in jail are watchiing and waiting for trump and his clowns. Real

    3. Oh I don’t expect jail to reform him. But he deserves to be humbled and to give up his rights for a time.

  16. “I didn’t do the thing but if I would have done the thing there would be nothing wrong with me doing the thing but the thing got done and it was a good thing,” were the ACTUAL words of the Stable Genius who has the “best words.” So GLAD that you LOST, Dumbo Don!

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