1. I’m sure it will be “safe” to vote once Trump passes. Sorta like how elections in Russia are “postponed” until Putin dies, or in China they’re “postponed” until Xi dies.

    1. I agree with the President- the election should be delayed until the pandemic is averted. Fauci did say a second wave is coming. Do you really trust Democrats with mail-in voting when they couldn’t accept the election results the last time? Trump is 100% correct,we must delay the election until we can get the Covid crisis managed with Hydroxychloroquine. People need to listen to our GREAT Commander-in-Chief. Stop fighting him, we’re all on the same team, and Trump is YOUR President.

    2. @zbudda exactly, someone like Bernie or Yang would’ve changed the something, but joe biden is a corporate hack

    1. The Leftist Clowns are so gullible. They believe everything that Trump sets them up for. What a bunch of Delusional Clowns! They all have Trump Derangement Syndrome!
      President Trump will get re-elected on November 3rd, even with all of the Democrat Cheating and Illegal Spying and the honest American Citizens will have to listen to the Clowns on the Left… cry for another four years!

  2. Well if delaying the election is “on the table” then surely “speeding the election up” must also be considered. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. @governmentcheese411 Sweetie, I see ur desperate for attention, but this is YT. No one reads more than 3 lines. Figure it out.

    2. @AliensAnonymous you’re a doofus, there’s no need for bets since you guys are throwing yourselves off cliffs lol

    3. @JagPaw lll I’m a libertarian. I bet Phat Donnie would win last time. And A lot of HC supporters put their $ where it counted. I cleaned up. Not one (1) of Phat Donnie’s supporters have met the standard yet. — Biggest bunch of losers in history; no $. no balls, all yap!

    4. @governmentcheese411 It’s fckin weird you write more than 3 lines when you know no one will see it….. Whatever, sweetie. I have $1k of rationality ready to go…you?

    1. You’re right. Maybe he’ll attempt to frame Biden like Joe Biden and his sidekick Obama tried to frame Trump. Biden was part of a criminal enterprise to fix our last election

    1. Ferrari Spider look, it’s the real TDS, Trump Denial Syndrome. How many times are schmucks like you going to use that sad overused excuse?

    2. MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN you do know that I’d war happens, red states are screwed beyond belief right? Blue states bail out red every single year, every red state but one is below the poverty line, while no blue state is. Most people on welfare are those in red states. All blue states have to do is cut off red states and they would shrivel up and die

    3. @iehor kjfewb ohh yeah, really. They do get COVID and kids around the world have gotten COVID, yeah the fatality rate might be lesser in kids but they do become the virus carriers and pass it on to their parents or grandparents or people around you. And even that is the case, there are kids who have dies of COVID so are you gonna take a chance and send you kid on a suicide mission. Great, now see who’s the dumbass.

    4. Daniel Maggio stop with the tirade and actually think. Children may not die bery young kids are still at risk and that is not accounting for the immuno-compromised. And conservatives leave out a huge part of the equation. Teachers and staff, not known for all being youthful either so please think before u go full trumptard

    5. @Daniel Maggio What about teachers lets not forget that there has to be adults. Its not just about kids getting the virus but also our teachers. Some teachers are elderly or have compromised immune systems. They are very much at risk.

  3. He’s so stupid, delay voting which is one day. But reopen schools. He’s a loser and knows he’s going to loose.

  4. Donald Trump: “Reopen States! Reopen the economy! Reopen businesses! Reopen schools!”

    Also Donald Trump: “Delay the election!”

    1. @Eric Swartzmiller
      i’m curious about what you personally think.
      do you think it’s safe in usa right now for children to go to school?
      a simple yes/no will suffice.
      do you think it’s safe in usa right now for the elections to take place?(assuming things remain more or less the same by the time election date comes)
      a simple yes/no will suffice.

    2. @sabin97 children need real education (not indoctrinated) Trump made a proposal that if schools don’t want to reopen then the tax money should go back to the parents to choose how they see fit for your own child’s education ( most people do not know of this). #2 As of right now many of us can go to work/shopping and plenty of other activities etc. To physically go out and vote is as good as to go shopping/work etc. Now this virus thing ( in my opinion) is REAL but I believe it’s become a weapon to dictate how and where we can go. Ever noticed that during this vacation season ALL vacation areas are hot spots? Eventually we may all get passed this virus but I’m not interested in a Bill Gates satanic vaccine shots nor should anyone else be! We are ALL fighting a battle between good and evil. Just remember that the devil is the greatest deceiver!!!

    3. Eric Swartzmiller Actually he is making the big pharma produce vaccines asap by this drama. They can’t delay this forever. Long ago, I had read a meme that said, just cancel the nov elections and see how fast the virus will disappear!! Lol , I didn’t know that it would become truth soon.

    1. @Jim Libor Don’t buy into Trump’s idea that mail in voting is only for those who can’t make it to the polls. If you’re in a state that allows mail in voting for any reason and you decide to wait in line, I’m sorry but you’re insane.

    2. bad press is better than no press…dems just keep sayin his name..dems are going to get trump elected again just like last time

    3. @howdareyou41 are you kidding Biden is not gonna win the reason the poles are showing that he is because Dems have villainized trump supporters so they won’t admit it just like nobody watches porn or eats McDonald’s yet they are both multi billion dollar industrys.dems have villainized white people and that’s who makes up the majority of America as we are heavily reminded of this on a daily basis so dont be crying in September when a trump landslide happens in September

    1. You ment Biden maybe. Seriously you think the polls are right. Remember 2016, I guess you forgot. It’s all good because silent majority always wins.

    2. @Bigspliff26 Exactly. Drain the swamp. That is Trump out of office and into prison and all the enablers voted out. Seriously: The most corrupt banana republic is like the Trump administration. Family and friends in high positions, grabbing money, cuddling with dictators… How much swampier can it get?

    3. Aljoscha Long ask hilliary and john podesta who james alefantis is, oh and ask obama why he got 65000 dollars worth of “hotdogs” flown in?? Lol

    4. Aljoscha Long trump is getting rid of ghe pedophile scumbags within the American government, believe it or don’t idc.

  5. I wonder if Putin will deny him entry into Russia when he runs away after the election?

    1. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! I wish 😂 more scary than that is Putin sending help to keep him in power

    2. @Cathleen Gonzalez Agreed. Putin is already helping him, but I don’t think Putin is going to succeed this time! We ALL need to vote!

    3. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! I’m still wondering why anyone believes Trump will A – allow an election. B – accept the results. C – will leave without causing a civil war (which if you watched any of his rallies is exactly what he pitches ) he will declare the election void due to fraud ; governor’s loyal to him will purge voter roles SMFH I’ll eat my words if I’m wrong but ….

    4. @Cathleen Gonzalez Yes, scary Fascist times we live in!! We must get rid of ALL RU-publicans now & in the future.

    5. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! Re-education camps I say maybe at those “Summer camps at the border “ 🤣🤣🤣

    1. President Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime. You libtards are just plain stupid and hateful.

    1. @Frau Pompeed
      yeah his mouth tonight was that of a defeated man.
      end of his dictatorship he wants so bad.,

    2. @JagPaw lll Frau made a comment unlike any other, thus negating your sheep claim. You insulted her just like every other troll does. Who is acting as sheep do? You are.

    3. @Mitchell Deliman what’s your complaint? You should be use to it by now, being called what you are, sheep!

  6. “Pack the churches on Easter”
    “Liberate Michigan”
    “It will go away like magic”
    “Open the schools”
    “It’s just the flu”
    “Inject disinfectant”

    1. @Baylor Haynes eh not really. Not when somebody that people didn’t vote for gets elected which I’m not even talking about just trump it has happened 5 times in our nation’s history. It’s not a democracy that denies people the right to vote because of things they did in the past that they have already been punished for, felony disenfranchisement. It’s not a democracy when it limits the amount of polling stations in areas that are predominantly black or other minority. It’s not a democracy when we don’t even get to know who’s casting a vote for us and it’s certainly not a democracy when they can vote for whoever they want despite the fact the people they represent voted for the other candidate.

      America is not now nor has it ever really been a democracy. but we could always become a real democracy and I think the first step would be abolishing the Electoral College. anyone who wants to say that’s unconstitutional I’m just going to laugh at in light of the past three and a half years

    2. Quentin Shock Where is the investigation that trump cheated in the election? And if you say the Robert Mueller investigation I will laugh at the fact because no one rigged the election there could’ve been an attempt to but there’s no proof that they actually did. Limiting polling stations in black communities. Funny it’s not like black ppl are being limited votes. Like the 1/3 compromise. We don’t even know who’s casting a vote for us. I really don’t understand what you mean by that.

    3. @Quentin Shock you can’t reason with the trumptards they lack the mental capacity to understand critical and objective thinking. I’m pretty sure thinking in general is an abstract concept for most of them.

    4. @Quentin Shock
      i’m pretty sure he means jesus as well….but for some reason he refuses to be explicit that he means the christian version of yahweh sabaoth to the exclusion of the jew, muslim and canaanite versions.
      the socratic method takes a lot of patience.

    5. @sabin97 oh yeah it really does take a lot of patience especially with a religious person who is not open to critical thinking but I do think you were kind of fading line a little between having a constructive debate and just splitting hairs

      But hey that just makes you a man or woman after my own heart I’ve been doing that for years with religious people and there’s one thing that I’ve learned is that the more you tell them the less they really hear. but then again I’ve more or less been an agitator my whole life especially after reading stuff like Voltaire.

      On a side note if the Bible says that it’s a sin to eat another man why did Jesus say that bread and wine was his flesh and blood? Now at every communion we have people all around the world committing what could essentially be seen as a form of cannibalism.

    1. He never said that voting in person is dangerous to lives. He just fears that he will lose if mail in vote is done. He is not worried about anyone’s life.

  7. Oh, did he just said that he’s all about “Law and Order?” Looks like the Election Law and Order doesn’t work out for him this time. Speechless!!!

  8. What everyone needs to realize is that he’s trying every form of bloodless coupe possible and if those fail….. you know what comes next.

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