1. When did Sandy get through with this impeachment we need to start the American people we need a second impeachment

  2. Yeah he cut my social security disability in this for that quid pro quo whistle blower harassment discrimination and by extension attempts to murder me

    1. @scotty ferguson Lincoln: started and won the civil war and liberated the south and died for the country.
      Trump: build wall to protect people, when there’s a storm he leaves people in the rubble, he mocks world leaders and expects for them to be cool with it.

      Trump is a disgrace compared to Lincoln. Don’t compare them because the only thing they have in common is that they are both Republicans thats it.

    1. I think it might be because of all the billboards going up in Florida that are having a negative impact on Matt and the way he’s been conducting himself in Congress.

  3. Getting permission from Congress has been like that all the time ,, and he wants to by pass that part , mans nuts

    1. @just sayin his numbers are high because there’s more smart people than dumb people like you fucking morons

    1. That is the only reason we have not been sent to the death camp’s, there almost is no way for us to have a dictator.

    2. Did you cry when obama didnt get congressional ok to use drones and bombing hundreds of people in the mid east?? Or did you just conveinently forget…

  4. How about every country just start bombing each other and be done with this world altogether. Now who won???

    1. @Jazetta Williams Ohh but yes Jazetta…God or the Devil, Heaven or Hell. When you die, you certainly do NOT cease to exist.

    2. I can tell by your coat, my friend, you’re from the Other Side…There’s just one thing I’ve got to know, can you tell me…Who won? CSN Wooden Ships

    3. @Jazetta Williams Jazetta, heaven or hell, it’s your choice. Receive Jesus Christ as your saviour now and go to heaven. Reject him and you will go to hell, a real place, where the fire is NEVER quenched.

    1. @Bo Duke Let’s recall who hates the shia muslims the most and which nationality the perpetrators of 9/11 belonged to.

    2. @Kysolone huh? He ordered the assassination of a general for another country. For no good disclosed reason. If they had done that to us, we would have considered it an act of war and retaliated. The only reason one didn’t start is because the Iranians stood down. We have our “enemy” to thank, not our impulsive president.

  5. The no longer in use expression “Four Flusher” perfectly describes our President. It means a person who is so full of it that he has to flush four times.

    1. @2380Shaw Bad spellings or not all he has to do is vote for Trump.
      I’m a Democrat and im tired off all you crying cunts wining over trump.
      Get over it hes going to be around for awhile and he will get my vote without doubt

    2. She’d probably ignore 600 phone calls from American trappeds at our Libyan embassy while terrorists bombed it with weapons she sold them.

    3. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton was president and acted like this? Then all you MFs will be kissing her feet in devotion and fealty.

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