Trump Has Raked In $102M Since Leaving Office, According To Report

Former President Trump’s political committees brought in $82 million during the first half of 2021 and have $102 million in the bank, according to new Politico reporting. The panel discusses.
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  1. He’s making fools of all them stupid folks giving him money from his lies and keeping it for himself

    1. He’s over charging his secret service, it was like 10k or more on just hotel rooms for a month last time I seen the reporting on it, so ppl’s tax money is been spent on his security, meaning he’s making fools of everyone & not just his supporters.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 inflation is a sign of a healthy economy….
      Maybe you should take a second and pick up a book??

    3. @Vida Hernandez *- and millions of 3rd world Freeloaders are going to make America even greater*

    1. @Fork and plate lets don’t leave out a “propane powered stone, plain wrap beer, and a bag of meth”

    2. @B. T. yeah 28 is really old🙄 always assuming thangs. Just like assuming Trumpers are going away 😁

  2. I’m glad we get to see how it’s done on this hi-level. A bit shocking to see the level of protections he’s afforded…. simply for one fact.

    1. @Ernie Mendonca why don’t you just think about that how about people buying these for personal favors to get things from the president

    2. It’s just amazing that toothless crack addict that gets kicked out of the Navy and then all of a sudden he gets a Ukrainian Petroleum job which he’s never even visited visited the Ukraine that pays $85,000 a month and now he’s a big artist at five hundred thousand bucks a painting.. he’s more interesting than the Dos Equis guy. This is a classic example of pay for play

    3. @ihave35cents With the whole world watching? Fox and OAN has been talking about this relentlessly.. they would love to find him selling for favors.. wake up. Too many eyes watching..

    1. But in 2024 he has 240 million dollars that’s can be called on him he’s going to have a little hard time with that one

    2. Nah, he was in debt to his eyeballs so that grift was to pay off his debts. Suckers 😂😂😂😂

    3. Dawnstealer…yes, but he didn’t make his money, he stole it from his Supporters to put in his pockets. Are they all rich? They seem to donate large amounts of Money.

    4. Trump, the loser, has nothing positive in his life. If gold toilets, make him happy, more power to him. 🤣

  3. Years ago when I was in my 20’s, an older fella at work told me that ” there will always be money to be made by tearing down this great country of ours…”

  4. Isn’t that just so special. And yet people keep giving him money. Does he know how to con or what?

  5. So he is collecting massive amounts of money by lying. That should be enough to arrest him. He is not going to give up a lucrative lie unless forced to

  6. He’s a lesson to all the ignorant!
    they WILL WAKE UP one day and find their wallets empty and then and only then their hatred towards him will begin.
    “when a relationship starts with money …it will end with money.”

    1. They lack substance and talent. All they do is try to find fault somewhere else, and spin it.

  7. When was the last time FORMER President Donald J Trump told the truth?
    “It is what it is”.

    1. And you’re proud of the Resident that walks around announcing that his butt’s just been wiped?

    2. @trump clearlywon
      He lost the Popular Vote in 2016 by just under 3 Million.
      He lost the Popular Vote in 2020 by just over 7 Million.
      He lost the only one that actually matters, the Electoral College in 2020 by the EXACT same number that he won it by in 2016.
      He was thrown out of Courtrooms over 60 times, INCLUDING the United States Supreme Court without a trial all for the same reason. Evidence is not required to start an investigation, evidence is required to start a trial and they have none.

  8. Grifter keeps on grifting, gullible minions keep on giving, a fake billionaire keeps asking for money to line his pockets

  9. He’s already got them pouring in their money. What’s next? The orange Kool-aid. I know they can’t resist Kool-aid.

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