'Nothing Left To Investigate' On Cuomo Misconduct: NY State Senator 1

‘Nothing Left To Investigate’ On Cuomo Misconduct: NY State Senator

New York State Sen. James Skoufis discusses the investigations into Gov. Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations and says "it's over" for Cuomo. 
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  1. Almost every man boss I have ever had does this. Let the accountability roll down like water.

    1. @Jim River No, but I’m real freakin’ ugly and none of this stuff that women talk about has ever happened to me

  2. Much of this sounds really bad, but Cuomo deserves to have a day in court to give his side of the story and engage in cross examination.

    1. He will get his day in court after he step down as governor. They don’t want him to have the governor power while going through the court process. He lost his credibility.

  3. Nothing gives Chuck Toad more pleasure than doing a Democrat impeachment on tv. He so much wanted that after the two Trump impeachments.

  4. As a woman, and a human being whom experiences empathy: he is a monster. A genuine PREDATOR.

    As a resident of texas, with a memory still vivid of 2020, he got New York through a terrible time, fairly well. The issue with geriatric facilities is unfortunate, but compared to many states, he did well with the plague.

    He needs to resign. If it comes to being removed, he will forever tarnish his family name.

  5. Remember the daily drumbeat of MSNBC news about how Gaetz was going to be indicted any time now, any minute – second now? Remember all the mounting trouble for that dirt bag? Well where did that indictment go after those months of daily bad new gossip pounding on Gaetz? That’s MSNBC for you

  6. So all the moralists can just with out him being able to defend himself, these are allegations

    1. There’s been an investigation. There’s a 168 page report. If you don’t believe it, then congrats on being a Cuomo fan.

    1. Yes thats how i feel hes a fighter go get them Gov.Were are the photos of him doing this.Just hearsay.

  7. It’s already been investigated and we see the independent councils findings, so after this finding we know he is guilty of all the charges plus there are more coming , so he is just stonewalling now , he needs to be impeached and sent down the road so the state can move on, he has been a horrible governor and should have been impeached after the nursing home scandal that isn’t over yet

  8. the cuomo scandal will be down the rabbit hole in a day or 2 so that they can focus on trump more lol

  9. These are allegations. Folks, think about it. You could lose your job because someone made allegations against you. Without a day in court, without any way to defend yourself. If he’s impeached without a trial it’s another nail in the coffin for democracy.

    1. There were allegations last year. Then, there was an investigation, and it found numerous women who had been demoted after turning down his sexual advances, and a lot of really creepy behavior, even against his protective detail. This has gone way beyond the allegation phase. As to a day in court, he’ll have that when he is impeached.

  10. Why wasn’t trump made to resign over all the women who brought suit case against him?
    Double standard

    1. Jane Doe…right! Why the Double Standard?Drumph was GUILTY Percent and the evidence was overwhelming..
      Why didn’t they make Drumph leave office? SAD!!!

  11. “Investigation” has become a code word for “We’re going to pretend that we’re doing something, when in fact we’re doing nothing.”

  12. “I believe them and I respect them.” – Kamala Harris (4/3/2019) on Joe Biden‘s sexual assault accusers

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