Trump holds rally in Waco on 30th anniversary of deadly Branch Davidian siege

CNN's John Avlon says former President Donald Trump's decision to hold a campaign rally in Waco, Texas, on 30th anniversary of the deadly siege on the Branch Davidian compound outside that same city speaks loud and clear about what Trump thinks is his electoral base. #jimacosta #CNN #Newsroom


  1. This is the way the trumpets works for sure and demonic souls don’t care about nothing but to cause chaos and death ☠

  2. let’s not forget that Trump held a rally in OKC on the anniversary of the OKC bombing. These rally dates are not a coincidence.

  3. Keep in mind Tim McViegh posted up selling anti Gov merch down that road with others during that stand off. They had canopies like it was a farmers market.

  4. Every single person who showed up is sick. They are not that blantly stupid or are they… Wow.

    As for the Mar-a-logo man… he seems to like the fact he can play with fire by feeding it with more fuel.

  5. The sad part of all of this is that some individuals take trash talk as true gospel.

    1. The Town is Lovely! Chip and Joanna Gaines of the decorating network live there. Beautiful shops and lots of antiques.

  6. I’m not surprised, the sad part is that he’s doing all of this on purpose, and he won’t be stop until he sees the inside of a jail cell.

    1. He’ll probably run for President as a convict along with Joe Exotic (another convict) as his running mate.

  7. If any one of us did the things that he’s done and still doing would be in prison already.

    1. Start listing the crimes with corresponding law codes that were broken.
      I hate to beat a dead horse but hrc literally destroyed docs that were requested, had an wide open server in her house and more yet she hasn’t spent a single day in jail. If they could have charged him with something they would have by now not broadcast it ahead of time. For it was Russia, then Ukraine, then J6, then hush money, and the list goes on and on. It apparently has never dawned on some people that the reason they attack him so much is to discredit anything he says before. The man was in office 4 years yet he’s blamed for everything instead of those who have been in office for 5 decades literally.

    2. @NPC FREDO So what? It took 30 years to get Maffia Don, but get him they did. And Trump will go down too. You can start crying now.

  8. It’s strange how instead of showing the actual footage of his speech, they “paraphrased” it. I wonder why.

  9. It is safe to say that he could have selected any city in Texas. Some of them would have 100,000 followers within half an hour’s driving distance…

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