Trump Impetuousness Seen In Poorly Planned Strike On Iran General | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Senator Tammy Duckworth, member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about the coincidence of Donald Trump's ill-planned attack on Iran and his Senate impeachment trial. Aired on 1/7/20.
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Trump Impetuousness Seen In Poorly Planned Strike On Iran General | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Lisa Rand P.S. It came out of his orange face. Also your sheeple chant “What you see and hear is not the truth”

  1. What’s the deal with MSNBC cutting these YouTube clips so short? Rachel hardly got out her thank you before you cut her off…. I liked these better when you gave her time to have a discussion.

    1. Me, too! Otherwise to watch FULL show we have to put up with the whole Godzilla standard of their lips moving – then speech!! I hated it back then, but I REALLY hate it now because with all our advancements we should be above and beyond that nonsense!!

    1. Please. Duckworth and most Dems only object to Soleimani’s assassination on procedural grounds, thus giving Trump substantial cover, and here she whines that McConnell “won’t pay attention to Democrats,” as if they couldn’t compel him to do so–before indulging her whim to childishly insult the loathsome Trump. This is your “opposition.”

    2. @Lisa Rand No, I am an informed US voter. Not enough of us, I’ll encourage you to read about Duckworth, and her track record, and judge for yourself. When you loose two legs for the US and keep standing tall for your constituents, that is courage.

  2. If McConnell brings impeachment conviction to a vote without new witnesses, I think the entire Democrat caucus should walk out of the Capital and refuse to participate in the sham process any further. Up until is becomes obvious that there will be no Senate witnesses, the Democrats should hang in there. After that they should all go on an extended vacation.

    1. The sham they have created? This joke of a party that created this fake,weak attempt to stay in the swamp? Do you believe in everything or have you tried thinking?

    2. ruth depew Why? The House Democrats said “the evidence was overwhelming”, so they impeached. Now they want more witnesses? Which is it??? They are frauds!

    3. @Rod Allen & Lisa Rand, The evidence is overwhelming for normal human being, however we the people have to contend with you the deluded and even more evidence is necessary to deprogram you from the Trump cult. Extraordinary measures are necessary for this to happen. You have my best wishes for your complete return to reality in the near future.

    4. ruth depew
      Tell me about this overwhelming evidence? Bill Clinton had 11 felony charges. What do they have on Trump?

    1. I want to know how so too? Since when is retaliation for attacking American citizens considered a temper tantrum? The President just put Iran in its place without paying them billions like Obama did. Iran called ahead of time to say they were gonna be launching missiles so that there were no American casualties. Iran is the one who pitched a fit like a baby.

    2. @Mr. Dodd
      The biggest tantrum I’ve ever seen has been the Odramacrats ever since November 8, 2016. Beg, barrow, cheat, lie, or steal, by any means they can fabricate they are determined to get their power back. Pathetic.

  3. It seems that the Trump knack for distraction has again surfaced. Remember the “Russia are you listening to distract Access Hollywood — whichever is supposed to distract the other? Now the Iran escalation is there to distract the speedy acquittal after House Impeachment. Let everybody spin on the rejoicing over the evil that was eliminated in Iran. People may ignore the witness leaning Republican Senators as Mitch speedily apply rules of witness-free trial for the acquittal of the House Impeached President. Trump is counting on the Iran threat to retaliate as the unifying force for Americans that could make the rigging of the Trial insignificant.

    1. Blah blah blah… Obummer Is the reason Iran is still operational. Trump will make that place a new parking lot!

  4. Iran strikes back after U.S. takes out General in Iran. Trump does things on impulse, without apparently having other strategy. It’s dangerous to have a leader that’s compulsive. React on impulse. It’s imperative to have a leader with a cool head that could make intelligent decision dealing with foreign and domestic countries. If not you will be faced with many uncertainties like it is now. If Trump remain in office this will not be the only time the U.S. will faced with obstruction.

    1. So you were there? You saw the President make this rash, crazy impulsive decision? Do some research, pay attention to what is happening in the world, study history. All you have done is state an opinion based on propaganda. Weak.

    2. Wrong….Trump has shown remarkable restraint. Per his message to the county given Wednesday JAN 6, 2020.
      Time will show firm leadership by trump amidst all the armchair critics.

  5. Senator T. DUCKWORTH since when the RepubliCONS has been fair ? Are you serious ? Look @ this , they only talk about DEFICITS & DEBTS only when DEMOCRATS are in POWER , Where’s the TEA PARTY ?

    1. @Andy C they missed it. But there was a stampede, that killed 50+ people which means 50 less supporters of a terrorist.

    2. Andy C trumps funeral will never be anything close to that .his caskets gonna be a old dirty New York City rat infested dumpster

    3. TwoStage 45
      Oh, I know. Isn’t it comical to watch the derangement of these democrats? CNN called Soleimini a religious scholar 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It’s freaking insanity. You can’t even write this kind of stuff. They’re really gonna flip out when Trump gets acquitted! The stock market broke another all time high today and the democrats are still angry about whatever the latest CNN is reporting

  6. Trump at Mar-a-largo in the hallways announced the plans to strike at Iran in Iraq? Mar-a-Largo a place that employs H-2B work Visa from around the world, WHAT, I SAY WHAT, openly announced The United State highest security information to his buddies and works a his Mar-a-largo ….. This could be considered a major violation of ….

    1. Webburns
      Wow, that sounds exactly like something Pelosi would say. She’ll probably try to use that as another article of impeachment because the democrats know they can’t win the election …

  7. Incorrect: regarding the rules the senate will use. The rules are same as Bill Clinton had . Fair is Fair.
    Not sure how she twisted thing to make it sound partisan???

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