Trump In Texas: Radical Democrats Want To ‘Incite Riots’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. *“They don’t love our country.” From the man who did NOTHING about Russia putting bounties on American soldiers. Also, who’s caused 150k dead Americans due to his inactions of covid19. GTFOH!*

    1. Because there is no law against “hate speech” in the real world. There is a first amendment law though which don’t care about you deciding what’s hate speech and what’s not.

    2. @Ryan Hilariously I do not have him blocked and this room is speaking to a ghost lol – buhbye friction

  2. “They don’t love our country.” Says the bozo who sided with Putin over his own people in Helsinki.

    1. @01 10 … no just you illiterate in-bred seditious unAmerican russian-humping cuckservative bigots…

    2. @Eric Klaus Well, besides “The Scat in the Hat” what else has he read? Too busy for the PDBs.

    3. Hillary and Bill Clinton received over 145 million dollars from russia to sell them 20% of our uranium.

  3. Houston Here: Texans don’t love our country? Are you kidding? TrumpVirus is the only person inciting riots here in Texas.

    1. @Maletina Clarke the Republicans in the Senate need to be voted out for their silence in this administration

    2. @Freight Train I lived in Dallas for years! Absolutely loved it ❤️ Texas is a great state with so many wonderful cities. 😷

    3. @Lars Jones Yeah Lars. if Trump’s loose insulting mouth caused a war that polluted the earth with radiation without completely destroying the US he would be secure in his underground city with the rest of his political loyalist with the military falling in line with promises of the brass and their families receiving refuge underground with the orange Antichrist while the rest of us suffer working for the state in the radioactive environment. We take his mark of absolute loyalty or we are denied food, tortured, and killed. This is the real deep state (in deep doo doo) coming to blind celebrity stricken Trump idolaters and to the whole world if red voters don’t wake up and throw this demonic Jonah overboard. Yeah indeed he is likely the predetermined chosen one called the Lying Wonder chosen by Satan, and exalting himself above all others including Jesus Christ. The pretender to God’s throne. The so called Christians that follow after him are apostates forsaking the great commandment of Christ to love thy neighbor as thyself instead embracing the Lying One’s commandment to despise and hate your neighbor for he is different from you, is alien, is vermin, is a competitor, who may take something from you. This pathetic ilk are the ones that the apostle Paul and Peter said would not endure sound doctrine but would heap up teachers that tickle their corrupt carnal ears with fables by perverting the word of God to utterly enrich these anti Christ ministers. Paul said they would fall away from sound doctrine before Christ returns and allow the Son of Perdition to come into their churches unopposed of whom they will forsake the truth and follow after the Lying One/counterfeit chosen one/false deliverer, savior to their perdition/damnation. These have supplanted the spiritual doctrine of Jesus Christ with the material doctrine of charlatans like Franklin Money Graham and Jim the Faker Bakker who lay in bed with the Antichrist for mutual profit. They chase after and hoard up to themselves/worship the same God the Evil One serves (money/millions), as their real faith is in the here and now not the here after. For according to Paul the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil, while some coveted after (lusted for/hoarded) they have erred from the faith. They are falsely indoctrinated not learned of their own study, and thus vulnerable to the lies their fraud preachers teach them. The result is that a vile man of sin is introduced to them by their charlatan ministers as a tool for righteousness while even issuing extra biblical prophecies claiming he is the predetermined chosen one. Therein the so called righteous, in delusion, take pleasure in glorifying the self glorifying Unrighteous One. Their money bags braggart and chief.

    4. @First Lady We love our sports. We are a limited government kind of state. Everyone is ready for this kind of thing; having to be independent. We thrive in a climate that requires us to be tough and self-reliant. And we do not suffer fools. Donald, is a FOOL. Republican’s got nothing to do with it. He is an embarrassment in the White House, and so him being a Republican, actually makes him WORSE for us. At least if it was an embarrassing Democrat we could say it’s not OUR fault he’s in there. As crazy as the thought of a Blue Texas is… I do predict Joe will win Texas.
      We do NOT suffer fools. Especially fools who can say we put them in office. That makes US responsible for foolishness. That would make US responsible for the United States being EMBARRASSING, on a world stage.

      Oh no. That won’t do.

  4. I think 🤔 the president doesn’t give two dams about his people of America he only thinks of mr Putin

    1. Oh he’d give two dams if it wasnt for the fact that hydro power is renewable and green energy, won’t make his buddies as much money as coal and oil.

    2. @Jebalita BattleBush Well, given the fact that Putin is indeed guilty of mass murdering civilians, you certainly picked the right guy for the job.

    3. @Tony Rock Trump is penniless and has never been a billionaire… it’s just another one of his numerous Lies! He does owe billions thought… Putin!

    4. Michael Draper He’s working for Putin that’s the real boss Trump and Putin or working to bring America down !!!!

    1. How many people in the Trump hate entourage came in contact with Texas’ virus spreader Louie Gohmert? I guess we will know in seven to 14 days.

    1. @Tarquin Bright curious what you get out of calling someone a poor deluded fool – try to explain what he is talking about when he says “abolish the suburbs” there’s been a great migration of non-whites into the suburbs – that is what he’s talking about – do you have another plausible explanation?

    2. @Lars Jones did President Trump say that he is going to cleanse the suburbs of black people? No.

    3. @Lars Jones There has been a great migration of many people b and w to other states where there us less violence and upheaval. So why is this only about black people.

    4. Forrest Trump Exactly and it’s a president absolutely amazing stupidity on top of stupidity.Canada

    1. The mainstream media has fed us on
      Violence, Division and Hate for 2 Months
      and it really shows how people get caught up in that mentality.
      Our Whole Nation is being caught up in that mentality.

      I am saddened that our country is so divided. And so hate filled towards Each Other.

      I think many of us our saddened and don’t know what to do.
      And it gets expressed in angry and we lash out at each other.

      Can we do what the politicians and media will Not do.
      Acknowledge that Both Government parties in their Greed for Power
      have desperately failed the American people this year.
      And Divided us purely for political reasons.

      This Election has been the
      Most Divisive,

      Masks turned into politics

      Color turned into politics —

      Armed protesters —
      Republicans and Democrats

      Violence against Americans, turned into politics —

      Trump supported armed militias during the COVID-19 protests.
      (They were not white supremacists as MSN falsely labeled them.
      There were both Black and White speakers at the courthouse rally)
      See video link below at

      Armed protesters enter Michigan’s state capitol demanding end to coronavirus lockdown
      – YouTube

      The protest at the courthouse did no damage and didn’t turn violent.
      Though Guns have No Place in a Peaceful Protest!

      Democrats backed the Riots even when people were being shot, businesses vandalized, looted and burned down.
      Children have Died
      (It is juvenile after 2 Months of Mainstream Media and Democrats openly supporting the Riots to now blame Trump for the riots.
      The violence isn’t about color,
      it is about Violence!! Regardless of color, no excuse for Violence – when people deliberately damage property or harm someone, they Normally get Arrested)

      Both sides are so set on winning Power through this Election
      (Presidential and Congress Majority)

      However, they have taken this out of the Debating Areana,
      And into the Everyday Lives of All of the American People!!

      We the American People don’t count for anything except to be used like a bunch of sheep led to slaughter.

      COVID-19 is out of control in many areas, especially where there were the largest protests and riots.
      Democrats were ok with large gatherings with very few masks.
      Republicans and Democrats can both take credit for COVID-19

      Our violence due to riots throughout America is out of control.
      2 Months and we can’t get our act together America
      We can’t even decide if we want the violence to stop or not!!!!!

      The World has laughed at us, it has pitied us
      But now it seems mainly j6st to be Disgusted with America

      All the Media wants is High Ratings.
      All the Politications want is Power.
      We are considered Expendable to the Media and Both Sides!

      We were together as a Nation after 9/11

      We were together in early April
      Flatten the Curve
      (Just 3.5 months ago, sadly it seems like years ago)

      We were together about the horrible murder of George Floyd.
      All Colors and all Nationalities Together.

      Just 2 Months ago.

      The Riots are what divided us.
      And no matter how much the media now spins it,
      There is plenty of footage of their approving, participating and encouraging the Riots as buildings burned around them.
      We have the Democrats doing the same.
      We even have the Democratic Mayor of Portland in the midst of the Riots in approval.

      It is not a white or black problem,
      It is a Violence problem.
      It is a Division, Disunity problem.

      The Democrats and media have set off violence and divisions throughout our Nation like no Enemy Terrorists could ever do.

      And the Riots made America think that COVID-19 was over.
      The Democrats and media didn’t care during most of June about COVID-19.

      Our businesses were closed and then many were burned down just as they were trying to get back on their feet!!
      How is that good for Americans, besides the violence itself,
      It is also Jobs Lost, permanently!!

      Please THINK.
      Obama was President for 8 years. Biden was Vice President.
      If the Democrats were really concerned about racism,
      Obama and Democrats would have addressed this during Obama’s time in office. And wanted it done Peacefully.
      This is about the Election and
      Biden getting the black votes,
      After he said if blacks didn’t vote for him they weren’t black.

      But We are being led in a Very Dangerous direction purely for political purposes.

      AMERICANS can All learn Together from
      Martin Luther King –
      His protestors carried no guns,
      Shot no one, killed no children,
      didn’t burn and loot businesses,
      didn’t damage and destroy property and terrorize neighborhoods.

      Read articles and see videos below:

      8 year old shot and Killed by Protesters

      Police chief breaks down after fire crews blocked from burning Richmond home with child inside –

      George Floyd’s brother calls for peace instead of violence


      Raw: St. Louis police chief gets emotional talking about 4 officers shot during riots

      ‘We will march with everybody’: Houston police chief tells George Floyd protesters
      – YouTube

      Michigan sheriff puts down weapons and joins protesters in march
      | 7NEWS – YouTube

      Elderly white man shoved by police
      – YouTube

      Pennsylvania man saves cop despite history with police
      – YouTube

      Seattle Police disperse protesters in occupied CHOP area after emergency order – CNN

      Black firefighter who spent life savings on new bar loses it to Minneapolis looters
      | The Post Millennial – News, Politics, Culture, and Lifestyle

      Black Firefighter Spent His Life Savings To Open A Bar. Then Minneapolis Looters Burned It Down
      | The Daily Caller

      How many think it is ok to end up having children killed because of protests?

      PLEASE read and view ALL articles and videos before commenting.

      If we love America, are these last 2 months what we want for America?

    2. Same old dumb President who host Rally’s in one of the worst states and gather people up, and got the audacity to still, STILL NOT WEAR A MASK!!!! TRUMP NEEDS COVID.

  5. Trump is an absolute lunatic. For cryin’ out loud people, let’s all vote Trump out in November.

  6. OH COME ON – LET’S GET RID OF THE FAKE “very stable genius,” and let’s go back to mental sanity❗❗❗

  7. Like listening to an obnoxious drunk at the end of the bar, and he doesn’t even drink. Maybe he should start, at least he would an excuse for his behavior.


    2. The “ONLY” reason King Orange Face won is because of Hillary. Anybody else, he gets smoked.

    3. Can you believe that 1 in 3 americans would still vote the doofus in again?? The USA has become an global joke.

    1. No, he’s unfortunately very American. Maybe very unconstitutional, but our reality has rarely reflected egalitarian ideals.


  8. “They hate America!”

    Yet this guy won’t even stand up to Putin putting out bounties on our troops. okay!?

    1. @Anurag Chakraborty I don’t get owned by opinion pieces written about things that happened when I was 3 years old. Btw funding the Mujahedeen is not the same as bounties. Again, stay kn your lane and out of our politics unless you want me expound on what’s happening in India currently. Hush child, you need to listen and not speak

    2. @Aaron Z You are an arrogant racist shmuck. You people demand to see evidence backing up a claim and then refuse to acknowledge it when presented, typical of a coward. Do yourself a favor and refrain from commenting further because you’re an embarrassment even to your fellow libs.

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