Trump In Trouble? NY Trump Organization Investigation Is Now Criminal 1

Trump In Trouble? NY Trump Organization Investigation Is Now Criminal


The New York attorney general has joined the Manhattan District Attorney's criminal investigation into the Trump Organization. How much legal trouble could the former president be facing? Brian Williams discusses that with MSNBC Legal Analyst Neal Katyal.
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    1. @Merc Harris ​You lack discernment because you are lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Christ. You must allow me to minister to you and give you healing and deliverance before it’s too late for your eternal soul. I say this in Christian love and I will pray for you.

  1. Between the “drummer for Spinal Tap” comment and the “pull a Ted Cruz” comment, does anyone else get the feeling that Neal Katyal is gunning for a Netflix standup special???

    1. I think it comes naturally to him. He is intelligent and relaxed. I think his mind just “sees” the connections in real time to other events and cultural references. His youtube channel is worthwhile and the updates informative.

    2. @Lizzard Breath found it. How does he have less than 10k subscribers . Time to ramp that puppy up. He’s too good.

    1. 4 More years of Maga Tears
      Dumps Claims He wants to drain the swamp? When He Himself Is the Alligator

    2. @Marketing Acumen There is an ongoing investigation for Hunter’s tax affairs. This doesn’t mean that they are not investigating Orange 45. If they’re a politician or connected to one, chances are, they’re criminals.

  2. Stonehenge!! You have to be almost past 50 to understand the spinal tap reference. That has to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard

  3. DeSantis as VP running mate is “Like being the drummer for Spinal Tap”! I love you even more after that one Neil!!

    1. @Debbie Sure took a long time didn’t it. Everyone will soon know: Why Trump fought to stay in office like he was obsessed. How Ivanka and Jared made 640 million while in the Whitehouse. What Giuliani was really doing. What underhanded things did Mr. Barr do during the Presidency. News will be very interesting.

    2. @john sharp REALITY CHECK! The DEMOCRATS did not send THOUSANDS of CRAZY LUNATICS, to the Capital on 1/6 to stop the PEACEFUL TRANSFER of POWER. The Former Guy LOST. So excited he and his 3 eldest children will follow their dad!! Lol crime does not pay!

    3. @john sharp What PLANET have you been living on? HONEST? He only has to open his mouth, not saying one word he will vomit LIES!!
      FACT he does not pay his bills or LAWYERS! No CREDIBILITY so no TRUST no LAWYER!! Lol

    1. @macforme what crimes did they catch on video? You surely expected a follow up and for me to not just take your word for it; so you should be able to tell me pretty quickly. I will hold my breath.

    2. @Ta B ah yes, the ever fresh and never stale “triggered” and “snowflake.” That will never die off. You should be thanking me for correcting your misinformation or as it was called before lefties became hypersensitive; wrong information. I’m doing this for free and making sure that you don’t reveal yourself to be ignorant. No, no one is triggered on this end, but I could make you cry if you want. I know enough and you know so little; that it wouldn’t take much to cause you to rage quit or act like you forgot how to read my comments. I’ll be your huckleberry…

    3. @Brian Wade who knew so many of you on the left were so racist that you voted for a racist, Joe “bigoted” Biden, to be president? Oh yeah, everyone on the right did! I mean the man supported segregation after desegregation happened!

    1. @Sarteck
      I take your point that you at nowhere in your comment did you say that you supported our former president.
      Does this mean that you are not a supporter, or are you just using semantics to engage in trolling? Please make it clear. Are you a supporter of the ex president or not?

    2. What happens if Trump overturns the election but is in prison for life in solitary confinement in New York? If the governor doesn’t allow him to communicate, how would Trump do anything?

    3. @Sarteck In what way is this report “MSNBC garbage”? Whining about the msm without any specific evidence….wonder where you got that from…

    1. @masteriansun Yeah thats why Trump ex president of the GOP and the right, is about to along with his business associates become the biggest criminal in American history. Get ready for all the lies and tall tales about it was someone else and not him

    2. @Ollie Ox exactly, if Obama did 0.001% of what Trump did in only 4 years the Republican Party would be screaming bloody murder. I’m so sick of seeing finger pointing to such insignificant BS where distracting blame from true destruction favors conservatives.
      I’ll say it again, conservative ideals are the OPPOSITE of loyalty to one man! Their party is literally anything BUT a cult at this point.

      The GOP 0.2 murmuring I’m hearing is the parties best chance at detaching the trash from its agenda.

  4. I’m thinking Rudy cashed in that insurance policy he had in case he accidentally on purpose was thrown under the bus.

    1. When is Recall, or Moebius, or another Model Kit company going to release their version of this bus? With upgradable figures? The box art alone….

    2. Not really. Rudy hasn’t contributed yet. This is more to do with Trump’s tax returns and Cohen’s interviews with NY prosecutors/ Manhatten DA’s office of which there have been many, the most recent of which was just last month.

  5. Wait until he is wearing an orange jumpsuit before opening that Champaign bottle.
    Let us pray.

    1. @Sonia Librandi Same from Europe. The world will celebrate when the Trumps are taken down.

  6. I feel love for the state attorney prosecutor’s office of New York. I actually have a physical yearning to hug them – to kiss them.

  7. Vizzini: “Do you know what that sound is, Highness? Those are the Shrieking Eels — if you don’t believe me, just wait. They always grow louder when they’re about to feed on human flesh.”

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