‘Trump is above the law,’ SE Cupp says in response to AG’s remark

'Trump is above the law,' SE Cupp says in response to AG's remark 1


  1. Just hold Trump accountable for once in his lifetime. Show him and his enablers that their actions against our democracy have consequences.

  2. They should charge Trumpy, and he’s right no one is above the law. Trumpy has been getting away with soo much crap for the longest thinking since I’m wealthy I can do anything.

  3. 3 Reasons Trump won’t Concede EVER :
    1. Ripping his gullible supporters till last penny.
    2. His Narcissistic Ego won’t let him admit Defeat.
    3. Afraid of going to Prison.

    1. @Microsoft-Pox as expected you display inflexible will in place of active intelligence. And no nuance let alone humour. The iron ideological tenets clamped around your mind like a cage. While you celebrate ‘freedom’. No more from me. I am wondering if you’re paid to post and stir up replies. Bye

    2. *Three Reasons Trump Won’t Ever…. *1. He’s ripping off his gullible supporters until their last penny

  4. This is getting absurd that it’s still in question whether or not this conman and traitor will be charged for anything. In my 61 years of life, and all my years in the military I’ve never witnessed any elected official as lawless and dangerously deviant as 45.

    1. @Dr. TJ um, no its not. Republicans will dissolve the committee. But thank you for making me laugh today.

    2. @Caskas
      You’re so typical of most Republicans, making predictions (I’m sure you said Trump was going to win in 2020) and then not being smart enough to stay quiet when it turns out you were wrong. Just remember, he who laughs last laughs loudest.

  5. Agree with Ms. Cupp wholeheartedly! Trump should have been in jail years ago for any number of crimes.

    1. @Justin Poole ‘and when having to sign his financial disclosure statements asked his lawyer if he had to.. when told yes, he asked if he could sign “with a non purjary clause” to which his lawyers informed him no, he cannot.. why would he want that ? Hmmmmmm 🤔’ Provide evidence that happened.

    2. @CynJ Williams instead of accepting facts, truths, and other forms of evidence, denying it, or not believing it happened doesn’t change the fact that yes, these things happened.

  6. let me just say this….15 boxes of classified materials found in trump’s personal residence. and no action taken as of this date on this fact. anyone else would be in a high security prison.

    1. The whining about Hillary’s emails is pretty lame, considering we are seeing Trump and friends using burner phones and encrypted apps.

  7. The facts he’s STILL not indicted or even ordered through subpoena and is currently still pushing his Big Lie BS is beyond me.

    1. @phil spd At the Capital, I’m sure you know the address.. Got some of that bear mace left over Big Guy?

  8. That’s good talk, Merrick. I’ll believe it when it’s followed with an indictment of the Orange Insurrectionist.

  9. John Avlon said something very interesting at 3:24. Trump will run again so that if DOJ charges, or even investigates him, he can claim it’s interfering with upcoming elecion.

    1. Exactly. And Garland has effectively collaborated with him by the directive he sent to all DoJ offices.

  10. He’s been above the law his whole life. They knew he was screwing with his taxes. It’s been forever.

    1. He had friends in high places for a long time, but his luck is running out. They are finally gonna get him for dereliction of duty. Of course if they got him for taxes decades ago, we wouldn’t be in this mess

  11. 3:08 S.E. Cupp: “Even Donald Trump knows, Donald Trump is telling people in his inner circle he wants to run again because he knows the presidency will be a shield from indictment and jail time.” So true. Couldn’t have said it better.

    1. @Robert Strong , That is a power that Barr bestowed upon himself that should never have been tolerated, and shouldn’t be allowed to continue under Garland.

  12. I believe Mr. Garland is extremely thorough and serious in what he does. I have followed him since Mitch sabotaged his SC seat, and I do find him to be honorable. At the same time, I have to ask what more evidence the JD could POSSIBLY need.

    1. 100% percent. There is NO REASON why Garland will be “tuning in closely tonight.” Garland should already be WAAAYYYYYY ahead of what the public is going to be learning tonight. Period.

  13. In my country the legal accountability of the leader of the country is HIGHER than the average citizen. Something about “leading through example”.

  14. No one is above the law. Unless they are running for office. 😂 “Justice”Department.

    1. @Gibson Rickenbacker The memo just said the AG should have the last word. AG Barr had his rather extreme view.
      AG Garland is of a different opinion. He has said over and over that No One is above the law.

    2. @flugsven The memo said no prosecution of a Presidential candidate in the year before an election. The clock is ticking, and he’s going to run again. Charge him now!

    3. @Corey Newman …whithout the approval of the AG.
      Barr made clear he wouldn’t give that approval. Garland have said over and over he would. So keeping this memo change nothing, but it gives a well needed signal of being apolitical.

    1. @Keith J. Nelson is there any modern government that is not corrupted ?
      I can think of tribes but not governments

    2. @Nate Sutton guess your forgetting how they were treated about covid …were you at any of the freedom protests?

    3. @lkayh what about hunter …(with the implications of joe allegedly where there is actual evidence????)

  15. There is no way “engagement in the political process” is a defense against investigation, indictment, and prosecution. The argument is not just circular, it’s absurd.

    1. I figured that pretty much any logical fallacy was on the table after Alan Dershowitz tried to convince us all that essence precedes existence, also known as the Nixon fallacy.

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