Trump Is Destroying The Norm Of Former Presidents Keeping Quiet 1

Trump Is Destroying The Norm Of Former Presidents Keeping Quiet


In the past, presidents of the modern era tend to fade quietly into retirement seldom commenting on politics and the how the new president is doing in the job. Trump – who destroyed presidential norm after presidential norm – shows no signs of following this tradition. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Lisa Lerer of The New York Times.
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  1. You mean when Trump said if he lost to Joe Biden we’d never hear from him again he was lying? Who could have possibly foreseen that? lol

    1. @dubo la pull your head out of you know where, and wipe the you know what off of your eyes, and maybe you can see clearly for the first time in years.

    1. @Bioniq Bob nbc running a tribute to 100 years of communist China. Did you know China and Xi keep the uyghurs in concentration camps. I hope that upsets you.

  2. Why has individual one not been charged with inciting sedition, obstruction of justice and campaign finance violations? Why is he being protected?

    1. @Rick Simon no, they will not because they are too weak to stand up to the radical left… They have always been weak, and Jan 6th is over now but the radicals keep talking about it because it’s all they have… … They can do what they want, but trump is coming right back and they know it and is very scared because that means exposure for them all… It’s coming and I can’t wait..

    2. @Theresa Thomas
      See, there are two kinds of people on your side of the aisle. There are those who bought the whole nonsense about DEMs being “left” or “radical left” . They don’t really care who is leading the GOP, they just don’t want the DEMs.

      And then there are those who actually admire Trump.
      As the saying goes, “some people have to be left behind”, and the true Trump fans are those people. You heard Trump say that he deliberately downplayed the danger of Covid19 which caused 100,000 deaths, and you still love Trump … for your kind, there is no hope. Even attempting to reason with you is a waste of time. You will live your lives in ignorance, and then you will die.

    3. @Rick Simon well, with all your talk, what has to happen will still happen so it doesn’t matter, I love when brain washed ppl like you speak like you’re so right when the opposite is true…. The WHOLE WORLD knows Trump won! That commander in thief will not be in there for long, because Trump is coming back and that, my friend is no insinuation… It is absolute and you WILL see it happen!!! Nothing you say or do can change that!!! Bye

    4. The whole real world knows that Trump actually lost the election in the real world. You should just accept that because it’s reality.

    5. @studioplayer2 sorry, I am not American. Brainwashed? Trump loves American too much and he started making every country pay for all soldiers America sent out protecting other countries. He does everything he can to make America a better country. In Asia, you can’t come in to a country illegally, you would be in jail and whoever supports aliens is a traitor, might get executed. Got to love Joe, hope we all can fly to America one day with no visa or documents. Just show up.

  3. Trump needs more money. He knows where he can get it. He just has to jump-start his rallies and repeat the same crap over and over again.

    1. @MRJTV trump is not the norm
      and Bush supporting trump, lol. President
      Biden was former President Obama’s Vise
      President, hmm, makes sense to campaign with him.

    2. This is a MID-TERM Election, not a Presidential Election….Never has an X-President Campaigned for A Governor, Mayor, or Congress…

    3. Biden must have enough money because I don’t see anyone showing up for ice cream let alone a rally.

    4. @Venora Hare all the magas don’t watch Fox News. Its also fake. Watch it during the daytime and find out yourself… that’s how out of touch you are. You don’t know anything but what corporate media tells you. Talk to real trump supporters and ask and not the ones depicted on the tell a vision.

    1. @James Smith Some are, some are not. Welfare to those who are able to look work, who can find work but refuse to work is destructive.

  4. If he can destroy the Republican Party’s chances nationally like he did in Georgia, I’ll buy him a Pepsi.

    1. He has shattered all the norms, foreign relations, decency to fellow man, a real tan, good haircut.

    2. @Eric Moraski Were you blind or deaf when Obama was out campaigning against Trump? Even Bush spoke out against him. Obama actually broke that norm but I guess you are so dumb to know

  5. Trump has to have the Worst Trait’s in a Human being, let alone be a President!!!
    Complete Joke!

    1. He doesn’t have the worst traits because he is not dangerous or scary. What he does have is all the most pathetic traits a human could have. If your 8 years old was a lying, cheating braggart who demanded fawning praise from others and actually enjoyed receiving it, demanded loyalty and shows none to others, constantly talked about how great he was at things he is obviously bad at, was thin skinned, enjoyed insulting others, made fun of others who were different or differently abled and had a substantially substandard vocabulary you would feel like you failed as their parent, but you would have a trump.

    1. Every former president came out against Trump when he was in office. Even Bush spoke against Trump and Obama was out campaigning against him. If your viewers don’t know this, they are just fools.

    2. In fairness, when you find something you’re good at…you go with it. For Trump, it so happened that his big skill was being a lecherous traitor to a nation.

    3. @Joe Pasco Democracy, for one. Man, you people really have to strive to even hit the low level of stupid anymore.

    1. He is trying to make money to pay off his massive debts coming up soon. Unfortunately they are protecting him and won’t charge him specifically.

  6. Presidents in the modern era had more brainpower, knew how too act,, or learned to.
    Trump is a ZERO in all departments.

  7. Worst decision America ever made was electing donald as president. We will never recover from his damage to our nation.

    1. The worst decision your “America” ever made was forging in 北京Biden…first you dont know what’s good for the country and then you cant comprehend why fat meat is greasy.

    2. With all those debt accounts out there he just can’t keep still. In need of his support money. What a grief

  8. Started trashing the Norms the day he came down the escalator.
    Such a classless bully.

  9. The final, desperate gasp from a man under siege pretending he is still president. Pitiful.

    1. What is weird is that Trump is def a Klan nazi but would do anything for a dollar and allegiance. Mr build a wall was selling Mexican beans from the oval office!

  10. He is lonely in his Florida Mansion. Wife doesn’t like him ,kids using him , he has NO ONE!!!

  11. Trump has destroyed too many norms, including even the norm of trying to act like a decent person, let alone President.

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