McCarthy Tries To Attack Democrats Over Critical Race Theory

The top House Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy used a vote over Confederate statues to attack Democrats as racists due to Critical Race Theory. MSNBC's Brian Williams has the details.
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  1. The worst it is that is not aware that he does not care about the country or the people or the constitution. He follows the “master” Mr Pinocchio in chief =Trump

    1. Grateful Fredly, you mean like the bible? Sorry that gets read in churches where it’s appropriate. Civics courses should be taught in school, including the factual history of the country.

    2. @Lost Pony It seems that McCarthy’s knowledge of history is as limited as his knowledge of the US Constitution.
      Yes, there once were Southern Democrats and they have a sordid history, for example:
      1.) The Southern Democrats were the ones that supported Slavery.
      2.) The Southern Democrats were the ones that supported Segregation and fought against Women’s Suffrage.
      3.) The Southern Democrats were the one’s that supported Jim Crow.
      4.) The Southern Democrats were the ones that started the Klu Klux Klan.
      5.) The Southern Democrats were the one’s that rounded up 10’s of thousands of Asian Americans and put them in concentration camps.

      But the part claim he pretends to ignore/forget is that the Southern Democrats left the Democratic party and became Republicans after Kennedy and Johnson began to support the blacks in America, reference:
      > CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964
      Unfortunately these Southern Democrats have taken over the Republican party and it has been going down hill ever since, but it is has been Trump’s supreme incompetence and devotion to the wishes and desires of Putin (someday we will find out why) that has truly brought the Republican party to its nadir and McCarthy just keeps digging the hole deeper. SMH!

    3. Nancy Marshall, you can’t cure it ad if there were a vaccine for it they’d refuse to take it.

  2. Just the latest buzz phrase the GQP has no idea the meaning of, to rile up their base who they have addicted to anger.

    1. @J lock i know if my race had a horrible history or hatred and racism, i would be willing to learn what caused it, why it happened, and how to make sure it never happens again, what do you have to loose besides more racist in this country?

    2. @J lock are you implying that America wasnt founded on racism? slaves, genociding natives, and such. whats wrong with teaching history? ever heard of tuskegee expirements? 3/5ths compromise? the USA is built on the backs of the minority. objectively speaking, we have an inherently racist history in the USA. not every white citizen in the US is racist obviously, no one in their right mind would agree with that.

    3. @J lock – Your guess is wrong. That’s what your propagandists have sold you – and since they’ve conditioned you all your life – you swallow it…

    4. @Blair Mcpherson – The actual hormone released by hate, fear and outrage is called cortisol – and they truly ARE addicted – in a medical/clinical sense – look up cortisol and have your eyes opened…

    5. @J lock “Critical race theory” doesn’t teach kids anything at all. It’s a college course and is in no way coming to a school district near you. It’s true: you believe EVERYTHING they (Faux News) tell you. They feed your fear and anger. Better get over there for a fix.

  3. Trivia question: Who flies to Moscow for the 4th of July to celebrate America’s Day of Independence?

    Republicans that’s who. 😩

    I wonder If republicans are flying to Moscow to celebrate the 4th of July again this year.

    1. @Witchywoman22 out of the picture?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    1. @Larinda Nomikos MTG tweeted pelosi left the capital building during the insurrection as to let the people know where to find her… the republiclan party was in full support of that treasonous act.

    2. @Ravi They were not that good at it . They should know you say ” peaceful protester ” then you can burn cities, loot foot locker , take over city blocks forcing home owners and business to flee, stop traffic and attack the motorists , the loss of 20 + lives , cause 10’s of millions in damage , attack police ,and you can even shoot a retired police chief ( David Dorn ) and film him on social media while he dies . January 6th were beginners..

    3. Actually no charges if I insurrection have been made.

      Also don’t forget this followed a year of blm riots.

    1. Your description of him is 💯 correct. The Republican Party has failed to deliver anything for the people or the country. They deceive, lie, deny, obstruct, sabotage, and deflect. I have nothing good to say about McCarthy nor McConnell but they must be indicted and convicted.

  4. Kevin McCarthy you said Trump was in the wrong on January 6th for causing the insurrection and then you changed your mind so which is it.

    1. There was no Insurrection you don’t have an Insurrection by dressing up in Viking suit and leaving your guns at home


      Can anyone name a single thing conservatism has created for the american people that the vast majority use in their day to day life???

    2. No he’s not. That would be Mitch McConnell. There are many, many contenders for second place.

  5. Kevin would sell his moms soul to overthrow govt., and have trump declared king and be part of homies madness!!

    1. CRT is literally teaching kids how to be racist. Even black people are speaking out about it. Y’all just a bunch of country hating racist next generation intellectual dysfunctional Nazis.

    1. They think they’re doing what they think Trump wants. What they don’t seem to get, is Trump is still holding it against them, for not doing enough to help him in the elections

      Trump can’t stand the fact that Mitch and McCarthy have held onto their leadership roles, while he has been banished to Mar-a-Lago. The proof is, when he made sure that Mitch lost the Senate majority. If he’s capable of doing that, he will do it again. There is no love lost, between these two men.

    2. The Republican Party has failed to deliver anything for the people or the country. They deceive, lie, deny, obstruct, sabotage, and deflect.

    3. Agreed. But we should reject a lot of things. Anti Vader’s, anti maskers, blm rioters, creationist, climate denies and yes, we should reject things that blame 1 race for everyone’s woes.

  6. *If McCarthy thinks segregated lunch counters is wrong, then maybe he should censure and expel Republican Rep. Gosar for campaigning with a white supremacist who mocked complaints about segregated fountains, etc.* ??

    1. @dabe Vautista Oh? Since he’s said so many racist things, you won’t have any problem counting up ten- No, you know what, I’ll be generous…

      Can you count up five times he’s said a racist thing?

    1. Democrats trying to whitewash their party’s own opprobrious past? I’m Not entirely sure they should be allowed to do that. Maybe it should serve as a painful reminder. Just like the Germans won’t tear down Auschwitz.

    2. @Prolix Sesquipedalian Nah.. you know that’s just bs. We are talking about the present which is nothing like 150 years ago so shut up with your 150 year old bs

  7. McCarthy represents Bakersfield, California which is the armpit of California. So don’t expect much from him…

  8. He always seems ditzy/flighty. So what’s wrong with teaching white kids about their heritage here in the US?

  9. Why oh why is Kevin Mc still a believer in the Big Lie? He really does NOT believe it! Why? Becahse he thinks the Maga ites will keep him in power. So sad Kevin. Wake up!

  10. “The NAZIs weren’t a racist party.” says McCarthy. well he said Republicans but the message is the same,

    1. You’re ignorant of history apparently. Republicans abolished slavery and racism and fought for all our rights and equality. Dems keep bringing up Jim Crow, he was a DEMOCRAT!

    2. @Sandra D “Dems keep bringing up Jim Crow, he was a DEMOCRAT!” Where are you all hearing this? Does FOX say it? I’m getting tired of rebutting it. Do a little research Sandra: Jim Crow was a racist theatre character performed by white people in blackface. It is not a historical figure, just a racist emblem. Maybe look up how the democrat and republican parties switched sides over the years (the democrats were split in half by the civil war), something republicans don’t seem to want known. Here’s a quick quote from Wikipedia, but any real history book will say the same thing: “Since Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal coalition after 1932, the Democratic Party has promoted a social liberal platform. The New Deal … caused a decline of the party’s conservative pro-business wing. Following the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the core bases of the two parties shifted, with the Southern states becoming more reliably Republican in presidential politics and the Northeastern states becoming more reliably Democratic.”

      OTOH, the republican party “was founded in 1854 by opponents of the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories. The party supported economic reform and CLASSICAL LIBERALISM while opposing the expansion of slavery.”

      So the democrats are NOW “social liberals” and the republicans are no longer “classical liberals”, but “Its 21st-century ideology is American conservatism, which incorporates both social conservatism and fiscal conservatism.”

      “You’re ignorant of history apparently” Really? I hope this Canadian has helped with your own ignorance of political history. But, you’re all SO SURE you’re right! Kevin McCarthy is lying. He must know the truth, surely; how could he not? You are being trained by liars.

      [EDIT added a missing “]

  11. Mccarthy: By your own logic, Republican support for racist voter suppression laws is also wrong.

    1. Is he a robot, a clone, animatronic puppet, or a zombie?
      I like going with zombie. He seems brain-dead to me. And he seems out to eat other people’s brains with the garbage that comes out of his mouth.

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