Trump Is Reportedly Crashing Mar-a-Lago Memorial Services

MSNBC's Brian Williams shares the details of a new Bloomberg report detailing Trump's tendency to wander into weddings and memorial services at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
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    1. ​@Nelson Helmutt Election interference by applying improper pressure on Raffensburger to find more votes in Fulton County. Tax fraud seems probable. Felony obstruction of justice is on the table, especially with new evidence coming to light. Racketeering is very possible.
      Notable, but not sufficient for being locked up includes: Campaign finance violation, gross misuse of the Trump foundation charity, and running a fraudulent university.
      Sexual assault is not out of the question, but there is probably not sufficient evidence for indictment.

      I decided to let him off the hook on the Ukraine scandal, collusion with Russians, and incitement of insurrection, as prosecutors are unlikely to want to open up a case that the Senate chose to not remove him from office over.

      And not in the clear on Russian collusion. We’ve now got a link between Manafort and Kilimnik, and Kilimnik to the Kremlin, which was not uncovered during the Mueller investigation. Regardless, bringing this up against Trump, while not technically double jeopardy since impeachment isn’t part of the judicial system, runs uncomfortably close, so I expect prosecutors to mostly stay away from this one.

    2. Why don’t they investigate Hunter drug addict, traitor with his father’s help and commuted a felony when filing out paperwork for a gun. Quests he forgot he’d a drug addict

    1. @The Tweatles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best laugh I’ve had in days!! What’s big, grotesgue and ugly, and sounds and smells like 🐎💩?? donny trump.

    2. Why would ANYONE want to book an engagement of any sort at his crappy OVERPRICED resorts, and then have to listen to a lying blowhard spew the same boring trash over and over again. If they REALLY NEEDED to listen to a psycho babble on, they could book their affairs at their local Psychiatric Institute and invite the permanently insane residents….better deal than Mar A Lardass can offer.. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. @farnyone… I think you directed your ? to the wrong person… I never said anything about mail-in fraud nor do I believe there was any significant amount of it…

    4. Ahhh John, those who can AFFORD such things. I’m sure you’re content with taking your wife to Waffle House and motel six on your Biden stimmy money. Does she allow you a kiss on the cheek after you simp?

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 I can imagine him shaking his security detail to barge into these events, but I also assume people still have events there hoping he’ll show up.

    2. @cc 1k he probably gets paid to spew his nonsense as part of his circus there. I live in D.C. and he was always courting anybody who he could shake down.

    3. In 4 hours this ex harmonica player can round up 500 people! Such excitement. Doesn’t take much to entertain a Trumper.

  1. I say let him continue to live in his fantasy world where he gets to be king of the “upscale trailer trash”. As long as he keeps his brand of crazy out of the White House let him make all the meaningless speeches he wants.

    1. Wish he’d just fade out of existence. If he gets in owner again we are doomed. I even wish they’d cut a deal with him to never ever think about running for office. He is as crazy as crazy gets and let him stay out of jail. Just stay out of politics. Forever. But the 1/6 was his fault and he should be jailed for it. The GOP are dismissing it. Unbelievable they sink this low. Get trump out of politics or put him in prison now

  2. To be fair, if you decide to book an event at mar-a-lago, you at least expect this to happen and kinda deserve it…

    1. @Nelson Helmutt Well there is a clip of him at someone’s wedding whining about his election being stolen and he won bigger than anybody.. Undeniable. Just what every newly married couple wants to hear on their wedding day. But I guess if you get married there you’re a Trumper and maybe it’s an honor. Pugh!

    2. I want to book an event at Mar-a-Lago just so I can tell Typhoid Trump to go away when he tries to crash my party. lol

  3. This is so hilariously sad, until you remember all the armed kooks who fawn over this spray tanned side of pork

    1. Joyce Duncan : Now he isnt president , she dont have to be around him and distance herself and the son away from the bum since he was with Stormy Daniels while she was pregnant.

    2. Bidum in the UK tried touching up boriss wife she told him to f off and called him a prv she’s not wrong

    3. @Joyce Duncan Trump doesn’t do child-rearing, though he has expressed interest in doing his daughter.

    4. @pks The lies and dishonesty you Trump creeps come up with in an attempt to make Lyin’ Crooked Sleepy Donald look less awful is astounding. Have you no sense of shame?

  4. this is just sad, a failed pathetic man-child looking for something to add meaning to its life.

    1. @DCMB DCMB also i know you did your best to sound smart here, valiant effort, but my guy….”morally superior in terms of race”…. might want to rethink that phrase cuz it doesnt make any sense lol

    2. @DCMB DCMB it would be like saying “they are much smarter in terms of how fast they are able to run” get it? Smarten up HAHA

  5. Which is exactly why he’s never learned anything and is so delusional. He’s never been exposed to reality so he’s completely unaware of it.

    1. @The Tweatles well pink face…there are MORE of us than you radicle s that think it is ok to attack our Democracy…

    2. His Twitter was the only thing he ever saw people making fun of him on & now hes insulated from even that! No wonder he believes the election was stolen from him

    3. @113 charlie They are too damned stupid to do so. I wonder how outraged they are about the MD ” Psycho psychiatrist from Yale Medical Schl. who stated that she fantasized abour emptying a revolver into a white persons head,
      hates white people etc. etc.

    4. @113 charlie so we should be worried now that we have sanity back in the white house? You should stop worrying about Biden considering he’s doing a decent job and start worrying more about if the FBI has your picture from the insurrection.

  6. Probably said “Sorry for your loss.” Then went on to claim he too “Suffered a loss.”

    1. He doesn ‘t understand that it’s a funeral. He thinks it is a special event set up just for him.

    2. Sadly this wouldn’t surprise me in the least, everything is ALWAYS about about him. What a pathetic little man-child.

    3. Yes…but, trumps loss was a “tremendous” loss…a ” bigly” loss, the worst loss in the “history of the world”….
      “A lot of people think so…”
      Generally, most former Presidents are invited to give speeches….they are handsomely paid….the orange menace shut can’t shut his mouth, and forces his unwanted presence on the unsuspecting crowds.

    4. @JEANNETTE HOPE Yes, he’s overjoyed to think that people die for the sole purpose of giving him the spotlight.

  7. Alice Roosevelt Longworth said of her father, TR, ” He was the baby at every christening, the bride at every wedding, and the corpse at every funeral.”

    1. Alice Roosevelt once said about her father, President Theodore Roosevelt: “My father always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding, and the baby at every christening.” Of course, there was much much much more to Theodore Roosevelt than narcissism, whereas narcissism IS Trump in a nutshell.

  8. “The only way I can fail this exam is if the professor rigged it” Donald Trump in college

  9. The old adage, “There’s nothing sadder than an aging drag queen,” comes to mind here.

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