Trump Asks Biden To Pass A Message To His Old Friend Putin

Ahead of Biden's meeting with Vladimir Putin, Trump released a lengthy statement about his relationship with Putin and asked Biden to give the Russian leader his 'warmest regards.' Jeremy Bash breaks down what message Trump was really sending to Putin.
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    1. @V for Wombat really so China all but called for nuclear war on us when Trump was in office??? 🤔

      No they didn’t 🙄 you’re one of the reasons that this is happening

    2. @J M Leaf Did you get my Reply with links? I don’t know if Youtube is blocking my comments or what.

    3. @Boo RADly Hii,
      Raise the voting age?
      Our young people can be sent to war and fight for their lives and every American and you want to stop them from voting?
      We went through this back in the Sixties. That’s when the voting age was lowered.
      We also went to court and won our case against Walt Disney.
      We no longer have to get a haircut to get into Disneyland.
      You need to think more clearly about somethings before you write.


    1. Yep, so this is just standard ‘i respect world leaders’ b.s. Don’t know why these people are being so crazy about nothing

    1. Great idea! Of course, “t” is an acronym for “those with Trump Derangement Syndrome” and we know those brainwashed idiots are incurable

    1. Turning a future president of the US for Russia was the old KGB’s greatest feat, and probably the intelligence coup of the century.

  1. Anti-Democracy, Anti-Rule of Law….. what more do people need to hear before they understand what an enemy of the state looks like? Lock him up!

    1. @Helen Brown Democracy is a form of government which the US does not use.
      It’s also the concept of electing representatives, which the US DOES use and it’s what people refer to when they say ‘democracy’ in the context of the US.

      Sometimes words have two meanings. I know, shocking right?

    2. @Helen Brown No Bush took the intel and twisted it as a pretext for invasion.
      So stuff traitors trumptrad.

    3. @Helen Brown Don’t forget corporations/businesses have the same rights as individual citizens especially when it comes to buying and selling those elected politicians who have the privilege of making laws.

  2. How would we know if he had a productive meeting with Putin? There’s no transcript of any of it. All we know for sure is we got a soccer ball out of it.

    1. @Angel Martinez You are correct. And obviously Tump continues to be an asset to Putin. He is still using him to divide our nation (just read the comments). I can’t wait for the day Trump becomes useless….because that’s when we’ll finally learn what he has on him. 🙏

    2. @Oscar Moreno Looks like he’s deleted his comment? I’m chalking that up as a victory for our side. Lol

    3. It was productive alright,Traitor Trump and Putin agreed on how much Trump would get for selling out American citizens

  3. So he’s now self-righteously admitting that he trusted Russia more than US intelligence. Yea Trump, that’s what we said the whole time.

  4. And yet the cultists still insist there is no collusion between their “dear leader” and Putin.

    1. @Redfern Pitcher People refuse to accept the evidence. The Meuller Report. The fact multiple Trump cronies went to Federal prison. Etc. Bunch of farm animals!

    2. @silverpairaducks Remember THIS:
      *_Rep. Ken Buck, REPUBLICAN-Colorado: “Could you charge the President with a crime after he left office?”_*

      *_REPUBLICAN, Mueller: “Yes.”_*

      *_Rep. Ken Buck, REPUBLICAN-Colorado: “You believe that he committed – you could charge the President of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?”_*

      *_REPUBLICAN, Mueller: “Yes.”_*

      And, on and on and on! Why do you think Trump was doing so much to obstruct justice? Oh yeah, because he loves the USA! LMAO!

    3. @silverpairaducks Among many others: I know for a fact Russian collusion has already been proven. For instance:
      *Paul Manafort – Trump Campaign Manager – Convicted, 12 counts.*
      Manafort committed conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, unregistered agent of a foreign principal, (RUSSIA), false and misleading Foreign Agent Registration Act statements, (RUSSIA), false statements, and seven counts of failure to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, (RUSSIA).

      EDIT: Bad YT formatting.

    4. @Truth91 Yes, trump campaign chairman manafort delivered sensitive internal polling data to a russian military intel officer (SSCI #5) the Mueller report had already told us the data was in relation to “rust belt states” (MI, WI, PA). Also in Mueller we find that he IRA (FSB/KGB) ran mirror image suppression campaigns with trump’s in those states.
      The “fair election” tally told us that drumpf won those states by a combined 70,000 votes, thus giving him the electoral college while losing the popular vote by over 3,000,000

      These trumptraitors better sit the eff down, stfu up and learn how to act. The ONLY reason trump and his coconspirators has not done the necktie dance so far is we have a real president who doesn’t want a civil war – but if they try some sh*t again like J6 or even close, we have no reason NOT to start rounding them up and giving them tickets to their new home, Russia – you love it so much? Go there

    5. Scam report. propped up by fake news, and supported by deranged never trumpers infected with a language virus.

    1. @Randy Fuentes Trump wont see one day in jail for a simple reason all ex presidents have secret service and I doubt they will be put in prison with him.

  5. Vlad, I wasn’t able to get everything done before the election cycle but help me get back to the office and I will be able to affect the changes you need.

  6. How long will this great Country be held hostage by this existential threat pose by the greatest enemy facing it from within.

  7. The ORANGE one is paving his way to emigrate or ESCAPE to Moscow where he can finally build his tower. When is the conviction date? Can’t wait

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