Trump Is 'Swimming Against The Tide Of History' On Racial Justice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Is ‘Swimming Against The Tide Of History’ On Racial Justice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Is Trump "swimming against the tide of history" on race relations in America? Donna Edwards and David Jolly join to discuss. Aired on 7/01/2020.
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Trump Is 'Swimming Against The Tide Of History' On Racial Justice | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. The one good thing about Trump swimming against this historical tide, is that guy can’t swim…

    1. @K Coup I always thank them for pointing out I’m a commie, only interested in their well being, and not a Capitalist, in it for myself, with no regard for their lives at all!


    1. @DeedsterDoo it’s not surprising that you have no comprehension…
      Vote CHINA on November 3rd!!!
      I’m Joe Biden, and I’ve forgotten this message………

    2. Trump’s trick: creating propaganda & conspiracy theories to scare the world, specially Americans, and highlighting himself as the only savior of US against the fake news he creates. PERIOD. Read my report on how he is running the biggest propaganda machinery under the umbrella of Falun Gong’s media channels

    3. @zama202 Replacing Trump with a DEAD PERSON would still provide better leadership than he has shown!

  3. Comrade in Chief Trumpski peddling populist propaganda, racial rhetoric, chaos and division. Russia’s greatest asset in destabilising Western democracies.

  4. I feel pity for this girl. First day she said she would never lie and so soon she found out that she need to lie everyday. I wonder how she live with it everyday.

    1. Hi, all. I didn’t mean what I said. I was being sarcastic about her lieing everyday. I hope she feel guilty lieing everyday.

    1. Dozo G yes my dad as he getting older, has become “ how can I say it nice” less politically correct, but I will always pull he up over it, so will his grandchildren. But in Trump’s case, my statement is true.

    1. I guess we now know who let the dogs out _(and who opened the obama gate . . . and left it open)._ And they are not just frolicking in the autumn mist . . . .

  5. “Trump* continually condemns hate” OMG, did she just land on planet earth today? Trump* is full of hate. He spews it every day with his childish nicknames. He bullies any one who disagrees and opposes his idiocy. It has been a long six months and it will be forever until November 3, but the true American Patriots will prevail and we will save this country for all! You’re welcome!

    1. Unfortunately, Trumps childish, moronic behavior seems to appeal to an inexplicably large group of people in the USA.

    2. @G Guest yes cry babies and morons who are under educated pointing fingers for their misfortunes at others. He’s their inner voice of hate and prejudice at the rest of humanity, in a guise of making a country that never was needing to make great.

  6. Trump’s racism doesn’t speak to a “certain segment of his base” his entire base is racist. Trump understands what BLM stands for, he just doesn’t like it. He’s a card carrying racist.

    1. @REV IEW the media controls these useful idiots. It’s sad to see fellow Americans throw all logic out the window because they hate Trump so much.

    2. @NPC #1337 — yup.. sooo @brian prue – do you retract your previous statement or what? It’s a logical contradiction to say what you’ve said, and it’s impossible for you to believe both statements. So which is the statement you actually believe? Is everyone who supports trump a racist or not?

    3. @NPC #1337 – this is the type of hand holding reasonable adults must engage in with the left.

    4. @REV IEW You do not have to be a racist to still be guilty by association. Just as the getaway driver can face a murder charge if his robber buddy kills the bank guard. It’s a logic that works in law. ‘Were you helping the bank robber?’ Driver answers ‘Yes’, and goes to jail for being an accomplice Hey voters, ‘Do you support Trump the racist?’ Guilty, because you are choosing to vote for and accept Donald’s ‘little handicap’.

    5. @NPC #1337 yea thats why i said that the very few black and brown people your talking about are ignorant to the fact that they are supporting a racist. Trump does not have a huge following of black or brown people supporting him. Maybe alot of his supporters are just ignorant but when you talk them the majority come off as very racist. I do not know not one black or brown trump supporter as they are so few but i do know white ones and the things they say are racist like i have said.

  7. A sign that says “Black Lives Matter” is denigrating to this “luxury Avenue” in Spanky’s mind. That pretty much says it all.

    1. He’s talking about the value of his real estate being dimished by this, that is all that matters to him. If he’d come up with the Slogan, he wouldn’t have any issue with it.

    2. It does. The extremely wealthy would rather not be reminded about the true source of their wealth. The sweat and muscle of the downtrodden.

    3. trump’s obviously aware that BLM painted in front of his 5th Avenue property is criticizing his racism. He may not want to own up, but we all know he’s a racist.

  8. Trump : The confederate statues, white supremacists, Qnon? Beautiful symbols…
    Trump again : BLM ? Hateful symbol…

  9. Trump’s father was arrested by New York police in 1927 when he was part of a KKK parade. So, is it any surprise that Velveeta Vesuvius is a racist? Like father, like son, ne c’est pas?

    1. @foundthecreek damrights Yeah right. There is plenty of evidence that Trump’s father was a racsist, especially in his role as a landlord. Donald Trump did not become a racist from watching Saturday morning cartoons….he got it from his father.

    2. @Leif Johnson so getting low income people evicted to capitalize on your property is now evidence of racism. get out of here lefty john and dump your phony country boy pic

    3. @foundthecreek damrights No. But putting special markers beside the names of people of color and specifically turning away/mistreating people of color is…
      This is _very_ well documented. This is not up for debate. It’s *fact.*

  10. Hey Republicans, in case you haven’t noticed, your 2020 candidate has melted down to a puddle of chicken grease.

  11. #OutTrump — Biden should refuse to debate Trump unless he releases his Taxes! Share!

  12. “Trump Is ‘Swimming Against The Tide Of History’ On Racial Justice”. Spoiler alert – he doesn’t care.

  13. I don’t know about Trump swimming against the tide, looks like his drowning, no life jacket for him Trump is a complete disaster!

  14. Every American should be calling for his resignation. Waiting for November is a dangerous delay. “The Donald” is not a well adjusted human being.

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