Trump Calls Russia Bounty Intel A 'Hoax' As White House Passes The Buck | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Trump Calls Russia Bounty Intel A ‘Hoax’ As White House Passes The Buck | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The president is blaming the media and Democrats as he faces tough questions over reports on intelligence Russia put bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan as the White House is blaming a nameless intelligence official who didn't bring it up with the president despite the information being in Trump's written intelligence brief. Aired on 7/01/2020.
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Trump Calls Russia Bounty Intel A 'Hoax' As White House Passes The Buck | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Warm Violet your the one listening to Trump lies. Totally ridiculous. If it’s in the briefing then it’s already been established as credible.

  1. “We must be disciplined about our own personal behavior….”

    America: “Thanks but no thanks. That makes WAY too much sense.”

  2. When Trump calls anything a HOAX this means its TRUE, all other times he used HOAX its turned out to be true.

    1. but they still believe that its ongoing! they had their chance to prosecute and it was an epic fail!

      they put mueller on a pedestal as their saviour and in the end, he turned out to be a mumbly, stuttering liar who started an unlawful investigation to grant themselves permission to spy on a duly elected president.

      it’s too bad most ppl who listen to MSNBC won’t know about #obamagate until its well underway. but i bet they’ll know your white privilege and the current percentage of covid tests administered!

    2. @Mike Szabo so if it was an epic fail, why hasn’t Barr released the full unredacted Mueller report. Surely that would clear trumps name?

  3. Of course everything is a hoax just like the virus lies lies lies and more lies let’s get this election over with and get him in prison he can lie all he wants .

  4. Didn’t “rise to the occasion?” he’s really not very clever or literate is he?

    1. Didn’t “rise to the occasion?” Melania says the same thing about Donald I believe. That explains some of his irritability.

  5. Say this quote MSNBC: “Literally ANYTHING that requires Trump to do his job is a liberal conspiracy and a hoax”

    1. Am I the only one who believes Trump has confused “Hoax!” and “Fake News!” with “I take the 5th.” ??

    1. Leonie Romanes trying to salvage 2020 election. They see the numbers and this could cost the GOP the senate.

      And mark my words, after trump loses and gets that 1-term stink on him, his own followers will say “he was never a conservative, he was a NYC liberal”.

  6. These people are full of it, if they found the money trail means they conducted an investigation and corroborated every piece of human intelligence about it. This isn’t a hoax.

    1. it must be something really disgusting that Putin has on trump, why else would he cry hoax? he is scared to his rotten core of Putin.

  7. He calls anything he doesn’t understand a hoax, if caught, it’s a witchhunt….patterns.

  8. Trump’s definition of the word Hoax – true but makes me look bad so I’ll pretend it never happened and call it names.

    1. it is Laughable how these antiTrump news “outlets” constantly attempt to swindle their viewership with False Reports … so obvious that MSNBC is biased against Our US President Trump and throw imitation Meat at the TDS sufferers >> Enjoy your “Nothing Impossible Burgers “

  9. He’s a sociopath. No conscience, no value except money which he’s happy to betray his own homeland for it.

    1. We had a sociopath in the family. We all disowned him 51 years ago. A sociopath is a person that is born hating the world, they like to do nasty things, like hurting animals, they hate everyone and think they are the smartest person living. You need to be careful with these people, they will stab you in the back IF YOU TURN AROUND. They are very sneaky. Absolutely no conscience as you stated. this is the man that the idiots voted into office to run or rule. You want to be a slave, you got it. Do you see all the other sociopaths he has gotten to come out, WATCH OUT

  10. Everything that is said against this evil man is a “hoax”… It’s become a pattern…

  11. Climate change: HOAX

    Coronavirus: HOAX

    Russian bounties: HOAX

    Russian election interference: HOAX

    Impeachment inquiry: HOAX

    75 y/o protester bleeding from his ears: HOAX (probably was antifa)

    Old white people screaming white power and holding trump 2020 signs: RETWEET


    1. Really compelling arguments there. : / Seriously are you messing me or what, or were those your best arguments?

      Seriously, how did the media convince so many people that anyone with a differing opinion must be an evil rssian bot trying to control popular opinion. Are you really that insane believing in something so nuts? We used to make fun of conspiracy crazies in tv shows, and your emulating one.

      How did so many people’s mindset get reset to Cold War era paranoia?

    2. No, seriously, how did this “you must be a russian bot’ meme ever take off, and how do some people actually take it seriously? It defies all definitions of common sense.

  12. This is like Groundhog Day”, this administration using the same sequence of denial and blame, over and over and over and over etc, etc, etc.
    The aim is to tire us down.
    Hope “we the people ” are remaining diligent in our efforts to reign in and dismiss this authoritarian nonsense.

  13. Trump: What’s this?
    NSC: It’s your morning intelligence briefing sir.
    Trump: Where’s the lunch menu that I asked for?

  14. *WH:* We slam the WH officials who leaked this confidential information to the media.

    *Trump:* It’s a hoax. Fake News!

  15. I really feel for Joe Biden. He is going to have to spend so much of his term just cleaning up Trump’s mess.

    1. What’s the big deal. Every democratic president comes into office with a broom and dustpan to clean up behind republicans.

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