Trump Isn’t Where Republicans’ Authoritarian Problem Began | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. I wish I could hug you. SO true. SO simple, but NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. people like the tribalism

    2. Right; we need Trump back and people with enough brain activity to recognize a good thing when they have it…

  1. When the Birch Society was denied takeover of the Republican party it took over Christian fundamentalism instead, which took over the Republican party.

    1. @ByeByeDon – When did America stop being great? In 2008.

      But what Matt S said about the Democrats being Nazis, you are going to be ashamed that you didn’t see it coming.
      Let’s start with the List that the Democrats made of all the Trump Supporters. That’s what the Nazis did in their rise to power. Would you like to hear more? Are you sure? LOL!! Your smartazz responses will stop, that’s for fcking sure.

  2. Now on to the next logical question: Why is one of the two parties so inclined to turn to conspiracies, outright lies and projecting their own radicalism onto the opposition?

    1. @Calvin Parish Yep and we found out just a month ago that that Christopher steele Created the Dossier as Disinformation to help cover For Hilalrys own Email scandal. He admitted it.

  3. we have turned into the country we separated from………………in the beginning…England if any can remember why that happened

  4. The authoritarians in power are terrified of the majority of Americans awakening to their divisive game, and unifying…

    1. Americans need to watch what happens in Myanmar to see how they handle the same problem over there. We both have a Chinese installed regime.

    2. yes! and hopefully soon they will rise to the occasion instead of like some who turned coward the night of the capital invasions’.

    3. @truthinesssss It’s the truth. Now don’t take it personally and plz just stop believing in fox

    4. @The Football Planet The assumption that I believe in Fox reveals a bias, but not mine. Also, I’m not a Republican; and I don’t respect any “journalists” who foment division (including those on Fox). How about you?

  5. *Rumor has it that vast sums of wealth was on the move for the last four years! Hmmm! Can’t imagine such a thing….can you!*

  6. End the Federal Reserve for the Rich. They create the wealth gap. Boycott Walmart and Amazon also. We’re all libertarians now.

  7. Military service members have to pass the ASVAB to get in. Maybe elected officials should have to do the same. Think that would screen out the bottom 31%.

  8. Just to be clear. DJT is sitting at HOME running his mouth, because his dysfunctional political strategies are ineffective and irrelevant. He held huge loud mouth political rallies that resulted in complete and utter FAILURE.

    DJT played the “victim” card for 4 years, even though he was in charge of the repressive federal government. So in essence, DJT was arguing that he was a victim of himself. STUPIDITY.

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