Trump Lashes Out As Criminal Charges Loom For His Company 1

Trump Lashes Out As Criminal Charges Loom For His Company


Without the use of Twitter, Trump issued a statement – clearly authored by him – in response to looming criminal charges against his business. We discuss the state of things inside MAGA world with Ashley Parker of The Washington Post.
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    1. It is a witch hunt!

      A investigation is based on the fact that there is evidence that supports that the act of a crime has been committed! The democrats and people who hate Trump have resorted to the Russian State Police system – used during Stalin’s era – in the US legal system of ….”give me the man and I will find you a crime!”….

      1) What has happened to the SDNY investigation into Trump’s company about 1 and a half years ago?

      2) The Manhattan DA started their investigation into Trump’s taxes – what was the predicate to this investigation and the basis of evidence?

      3) Then the Manhattan DA took Trump to court seeking the rest of Trump’s taxation information and won at the US Supreme Court! BUT what happened to the investigation into the taxation information that they already had on Trump – they found nothing that is why they sought court action to get the rest of tax information!

      The Manhattan DA was NEVER going to find any tax illegalities on Trump because of the IRS regular tax audits on Trump’s financial accounts and if the IRS had found evidence of tax irregularities they would have indicted Trump on tax charges yet to this day Trump has NEVER been indicted by the IRS! Therefore what is the predicate to this tax investigation and the basis of evidence?

      4) NOW we see the Manhattan DA going after Trump’s employees – why? What happened to the taxation investigation on Trump? The Manhattan DA investigation into Trump has NOW gone from a tax investigation to a investigation into his employees – on what predicate and evidence?

      5) This is the same Russian State Police tactic that Mueller used in the Special Counsel through perjury traps that the Manhattan DA is pursuing by pinning crimes on Trump’s employees in the hope that someone will “SING” on Trump by offering plea deals!

      Good luck with your witch hunt comrades!

    2. @Pashak de Scilly – ….”Sorry to burst your balloon, but several 2016 Trump campaign team members got charged and convicted for their illegal Russian contacts. You may remember them getting Trump pardons at the very end of his presidency….. Also that Mueller cited ten obstruction of justice counts as a result of those inquiries. Bill Barr lied about Mueller’s report. It details a whole lot of Trump crimes during that election campaign, and it is not dead”….

      What a load of rubbish!
      1) name the Trump campaign members charged and convicted for illegal Russian contacts?

      2) name the law that it is illegal to have contacts with Russians?

      3) prove that Trump committed obstruction of justice from the matters described in the Mueller Report?

      4) If you had bothered to read the Mueller Report, the report concludes in section II on the matter of obstruction that the Special Counsel was unable to resolve the issues of law and fact on whether Trump’s actions can be viewed with INTENT!!!! Have you heard of the principle of must be proved guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT? The mere fact that the Special Counsel was unable to resolves the issues of obstruction implies DOUBT!

      5) Where exactly did Barr lie about the Mueller Report?

      6) IF the Mueller Report details a lot of Trump crimes and it is not dead THEN WHERE ARE THE INDICTMENTS against Trump from the Special Counsel?

    3. @LollieVox (Laurie Webb ) – ….”Sidney Powell both admit that the the “election fraud” was a lie & BS. Wake up!”….

      Where did Powell admit that the election fraud was a lie?

    1. @Tammy Brothers The antiChrist is a man, with one of Jared Kushner’s address numbers…is it 666 Park Ave? Some such thing….strange🤔

    2. His hair is blonde not orange. This is just symptomatic of how distorted your perceptions really are.

    3. @Fake President TDS= a condition afflicting deranged Trump supporters living in a delusional reality.

    4. @John Whitt
      ” Trump became the most successful businessman in New York.”

      Trump doesn’t even break the top twenty.

      “Then he had the #1 show on television!”

      “The Apprentice” was #1 in week 16 of 2004 (the season finale). That was the only #1 rating the show ever had. After the first season, the show’s ratings plummeted.

      “Then he became the President of the US.”

      Yep…the lowest rated President in history.

      “Because he IS THAT GREAT!”

      “now, he is rooting out evil politicians and fixing an obviously corrupt election system.”

      He’s rooting out himself?
      And our election system is obviously not corrupt. Even Bill Barr stated that.

      “AND he will be back in ’24 MAKE VOTeS COUNT AGAIN!!”

      He’ll be in prison.

  1. When you say you will not flip you basically admit that Trump is guilty.
    If there was nothing to say, no crime to describe, then no one would talk about are you gonna flip or not.

    1. @Dwight Churchstone I think weisselberg is waiting to see the deal offered by the new DA in January. Either weisselberg and his children are going down or Trump and his are. Really, they both should, but it rarely works out that way.

    2. @Jo W. Just like they claim there was no stolen election and there is not a shred of evidence when there are mountains of it. The big lie is coming from CNN. Now lets have all you fools ask me where the evidence is because you are to stupid to see what’s right in front of you.

    1. @infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch
      Amen 🙏
      Thank Goodness 😅 it is not ILLEGAL …..

    2. @Xcris crosX
      There are LOTS of crazy Leftist conspiracy theories. Only a very small percentage of conservatives believe or even follow the Q nonsense.

    3. @infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch I will. Thank you 🙏 , KEEP SAFE and God bless you…..

    4. @Favour Bridgette
      Thank you and same to you. And say “Hi!” to Trump for me. ☺

    1. @humbugs100 Yeah,he knows something big. Big Mac!🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍟🍟🍟🥤🥤🥤🤣🤣🤣

    2. @the fobbie II Clearly you never read the Mueller report, only Bill Barr’s “nothing to see here, folks) bastardization of it. You didn’t notice the takedown of the fraudulent Trump University and Trump Foundation. It got by you that the Mueller investigation led to 23 indictments and seven jail sentences (the rest of them were Russians). You weren’t listening when Mueller said that Trump could be indicted on 10 counts of obstruction of justice once he left office. He orders the entire executive branch to disobey congressional subpoenas and has not released his tax returns despite repeated promises to do so – and it has never occurred to you to ask “what is he trying to hide?” He was impeached twice, on evidence that everyone got to see, and the second time even 10 Republicans voted to convict. His whole “stop the steal” grift, his refuisal to conceded, are in line with his obvious and openly stated desire to be installed as a dictator. He uses the language of dictators (“I alone can fix it”, “lock her up”, “the enemy of the people” – a direct quotation from Lenin). When Zi Jinping was declared president for life, Trump said that sounded like a good idea ,,,, But none of the every got through to the right-wing echo-chamber that is obviously all you listen to..

      “None are so blind as they who will not see”.

    1. well there was that health care plan that no one seen, and the wall that could be breached with a homemade Mexico ladder

    2. Trump became the most successful businessman in New York.
      Then he had the #1 show on television!
      Then he became the President of the US. Because he IS THAT GREAT!
      now, he is rooting out evil politicians and fixing an obviously corrupt election system. AND he will be back in ’24 MAKE VOTeS COUNT AGAIN!!

    3. @John Whitt Trump was given 100’s of $millions by his Daddy, starting from his infancy. He ran many businesses into the ground, but he always had Daddy or Daddy’s connections to bail him out. What Trump has been good at is self-promotion. In the 80’s and 90’s, he loved to get his picture in the NYC tabloids. As POTUS, he spent most of his time watching himself on TV. He didn’t really accomplish anything, but in his mind I’m sure he thought he was successful, because he was on TV all the time. More and more Americans are sick of the Trump show, though. If you listen, it’s all just the same old re-run.

  2. Arrest everyone of em” , ” CRIMINALS AT IT’S WORST CORE” Even the dust on their shoes 👞

    1. Now dust is illegal too. Unless you’re a dusty colored. Then it’s brave.
      -Natural birthing being logic

    2. @Eric Hargrove trump university, attempting to coerce election officials in Georgia, using prosecutors to harras or arrest his enemies (like nixon ) threatening journalists, threatening michigan governor gretchen whitner for lockdowns, tax fraud ,tax evasion, threatening g sovereign nations with military invasion, supporting dictators like North Korea who he claimed he loved, non payment of services to many organisation he hired and cities were he had rallies, allowing criminals like his son in law access to the Whitehouse, hiring relatives who had no experience in government , running a fake charity , shall I go on???

  3. I like the fact that if Trump gets indicted on ANYTHING, every debtor in the world is going to instantly call in their debts.

  4. I’m writing a new Children’s Christmas Book titled:
    “Donnie The Snowflake”.

    Spoiler, . . . he was the Biggest Snowflake of all.

    1. did you read jonh lithgow’s book about donny? snowflake is too good a word for him….cowpie , wet, smelly and loose.. like to rub his face in one

    1. It’s been a very long time coming. It would prove not everyone can be bought or scared off .

    2. Yea, the authorities are zeroing in, they have him cornered, yea, we got him this time. You’re just another lost ball in high weeds. Dem’s have you trained.

  5. Why’s everyone picking on lil’ ol Donnie. He never does anything wrong, it’s all a plot against him. If you believe that I have ocean front property for sale in Arizona lol!

    1. If you still believe MSNBC, you probably really do think you have oceanfront property in Arizona! 😂

    2. @Rod here come the trumpies defending their main man to the end and calling everything they don’t like a lie

    1. The only one taking anybody down rabbit holes is MSNBC how many have they taken you down in The Last 5 Years about Trump but yet Trump still walks free and lives in your head rent-free

  6. how is he paying for these rallies – doesn’t he owe money to every city where he’s held rallies in the past…???

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