Trump Lawyers Ask Judge To Block Tax Returns From Being Handed To Congress

Lawyers for former President Trump asked a federal judge to prevent the Treasury Department from handing over his tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee. NBC's Pete Williams has details.

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Trump Lawyers Ask Judge To Block Tax Returns From Being Handed To Congress


    1. @Kelly Divine …. But you’ve had 5 years to investigate PRESIDENT Trump. You spent 5 years IN SEARCH of a crime and never found one. Because he’s not corrupt. He’s not part of the establishment. His children aren’t crack addicts. His kids don’t have $100,000 a month, no show “jobs” working for oil and gas companies. His kids don’t have to lie on federal background checks to get a weapon. (BTW, that’s a FELONY) His kids didn’t take a $3.5 million payoff from the wife of the mayor of Moscow…. You know why?

      Cuz he’s not corrupt.

    1. He was not only incompetent to lead the American people, but a horrible human being, pathological liar, lifelong criminal, scam artist, and con man.

  1. From the man who said if he was elected in 2016 he’d be happy to release his tax returns. Same guy who said he’d be too busy running the country to play golf. We’ve all seen how both of those turned out. His word means nothing to him, it certainly means nothing to me.

  2. And we the PEOPLE SAY he should turn his tax returns over to Congress. Who is he to keep stonewalling turning over his tax returns. Hopefully someone will leak it for the honest taxpayers to see!!!!

  3. It has already been ruled on and he must turn them over. Can we just charge him with obstruction already? Seriously. He is literally just refusing to adhere to the law. What if I did that? How long would it take for them to throw me in jail?

    It is time to stop granting him special and illegal privileges.

    1. Geez, you freakin’ liberals never give up, do ya?? I smell FEAR fro liberals that he might run again, and throw a wrench into the liberal BS…AGAIN.

    2. @Wayne Green Why is Trump so afraid ? Why did he spend his term repeatedly lying that he couldn’t fulfill his promise because his taxes were under audit?

    3. He’s already been attempted to be charged for Obstruction of Justice, along with Russia Collusion but to find out, the Democrats needed actual evidence and failed. LOL If Nancy Pelosi has anything to do with this, I see failure and Adam Schitt has wet his pants speaking of the Kremlins again.

  4. Duh, we all knew this was going to happen and we all know that there is nothing a federal judge can do to stop it. All that is going to happen is a dragged out ruling that doesn’t favor Trump at all and then he will throw a hissy fit as he always does.

  5. Probably doesn’t want anybody to know that the bulk of his income still comes from a trust that his daddy left him. And I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the mother is broke.

  6. As a black man,ima tell them what they tell us

    “If you haven’t done anything,just cooperate and comply, there’s nothing to worry about”

  7. Did everybody forget 7th grade history in regards to the teapot dome scandal which led to requiring United States presidents to show their taxes???

    1. Presidents are not required to show their taxes. They simply do it to show that they’re not criminals.
      So naturally the one person who everyone knew was a criminal for years before he even ran came up with countless excuses for why he couldn’t release his.

  8. Trump’s tax returns have always been fair game. It falls under the same statutes instituted after the teapot dome scandal. The fact that mnuchin refused to comply it means he should be charged with obstruction

  9. Been waiting 4+ years for him to release them as well as the “healthcare plan” the Repubs promised. Aside from that, Deutsche Bank is the only bank that will loan him money. Trump makes Nixon look like a chump. The emolument clause IS a thing, it should apply to EVERYONE….Democrats OR Republicans.

    1. @Adam Taylor You just contradicted yourself and proved my point. What you have described in your last sentence is called a “constitutional amendment”

    2. @djo9C1 You said it’s “unconstitutional”. It’s not. Something that is unconstitutional defies Constitutional law. This would not.

      Yes, it would require an amendment. But something isn’t unconstitutional until the amendment is added. It’s only unconstitutional if the Constitution already has a statement about it being forbidden in it.

      So if the Constitution said “you can’t have term limits” then putting in a law to add them would be unconstitutional. The fact that there’s nothing in the Constitution that says there CAN’T be term limits, means suggesting to add them is NOT unconstitutional. It’s simply not a law yet.

    3. @djo9C1 no it wouldn’t!! Actually they were to volunteer for 2 years and go back to their regular jobs!! It was not set up to be a retirement!!!!

  10. It’s not like he didn’t voluntarily say that he would show them when the audit was done. Audit has been done for some time…. Well….. We’re Waiting.

    1. Plus his lawyers and the IRS both said that being under audit doesn’t stop you releasing your tax info.

    2. @Adam Taylor nothing but trump up to playing games again. Killing time. It’s really getting old. He has a lot to hide and he knows it. Pfft! Worthless pile of crap.

  11. Here we are again trying very hard to cover up the Grifter’s crimes! Why is it so hard to see his taxes?

  12. Taxes will sure show who what when and how. WE sure are happy to see Justice coming for old 45 and it is!

    1. I honestly doubt much will come out of it…we live in a 3 teir criminal justice system…he’s swimming in donation cash rn (like 80 mil) and in America, money is freedom…there will be some loophole someone will find for him, just as they do for all these people

    2. @Vic Melloni At worst he’ll get the rich guy version of prison where he pays for day release everyday.

  13. “They want to use the information to damage him politically”
    Ok Dumpster, what’s in the returns that can damage you?
    Have you been a naughty Dumpster?

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