Trump Lawyers Mount ‘Weird’ Defense On Third Day Of Impeachment Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Trump Lawyers Mount 'Weird' Defense On Third Day Of Impeachment Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. Cole Chillin: The fact is, acquittal was a foregone conclusion even before GOP Senators heard one single piece of evidence. They said as much prior to the trial.

    2. @Whitehorse Pictures I’m 99% sure it’s a bot because I saw the same comment by the same account over and over again in all the recent MSNBC videos.

    3. @Crow Bait All it takes is one dishonest actor and a small cast of supporting sycophants to disrupt the whole process. A house divided cannot stand long, it will either become one or the other.

    1. @DogeCoin Moon Trips What you are saying really doesn’t matter, since the Senate GOP had already decided to acquit even before hearing any evidence. This includes the essence of the prosection case you outline in your response.

    2. @Luke Mills don’t be surprised when they convict him, and if they don’t convict, they will bar him from further office.

    1. @Tseleng Botlhole ..
      Well, you know, it was late, and everyone was asleep. I had to keep a lid on my amusement.

    1. I think this is what happens when you don’t pay your bills – you end up with Lionel Hutz as your attorney. Cos these guys are definitely from the “I Can’t Believe It’s An Attorney” legal corps..

  1. Just lies. How can those lawyers look in the mirror just lying SOB’s. And I hate to call people that. Lowdown dogs

    1. @Pierre Swart No I prefer the truth. Not lies that were told by trumps so called lawyers. Deflection is away they can save face put it w was lying

    2. @Cathy Anders trumps lawyers showed the unedited videos and proved that democrats edited video to suit their needs. They would be in prison if this was a regular court hearing

    1. That scene in The Lion King where the cub keeps saying “Papa wake up”: that’s incitement to resurrection.

    2. @My Tale Hey! His Lawyer has a certified JD from Trump University.
      They only admit the best. *

      * (Must have $100,000 to apply)**

      **(No Refunds Applicable)

  2. Defense Counsel van der Veen imagined himself as Robert DeNiro, in his great film role: _”Mr. Bickle goes to Washington.”_

    1. I thought it was funny. Whatever the defender was going for then, but he surely failed to make a point.

      Or wait, did you actually incite river floddings after that? For we had a flood here only weeks after that. 🤤

  3. lol and here I thought Rudy set the bar all the way down to the ground. These guys take it down much further.

  4. This is absolutely hilarious (despite the serious nature of the situation). Shame the bit about the ‘calvary’ was not included.

  5. The man sounds like he wrote a bunch of stream of consciousness notes and read them off without weeding out the crazy dream parts.

  6. The fact that he isn’t under ‘oaths’ means that he can lie as much as he likes whilst knowing full well that the corrupt GOP will not convict Trump.

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