Trump Makes Voter Suppression A Part Of His Post Presidency | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Joy says that Trump looks like he wants his post presidency legacy to look like George Wallace. LaTosha Brown says ‘it’s indicative of who he is. He built his entire presidential career on being a divider.’ Aired on 03/09/2021.
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Trump Makes Voter Suppression A Part Of His Post Presidency | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Hurtarte Salazar Diego Jos� the poor lose it all but the rich get richer and are barely punished.

    1. Anyone catch Biden’s speech when he forgot the Secretary of Defence’s name, LMAO! The poor old guy is sinking fast. Everyone in the White House that realizes this to be true should be brought up on charges of elderly abuse.

    2. @Hurtarte Salazar Diego Jos� LOL a Latino who trolls for Trump. YAH OKIE DOKIE. If you are, you are laughably stupid. if you are not, you are laughably corrupt.

    3. @The Alpengeist everyone has forgotten a name it’s normal from kid to seniors…blaming or judging a person for this is childish and lame …you sound like a kid plaging tag

  1. They have to suppress the votes because they know they would never win again after Trump helped expose his and the GOP’s corruption and racism.

  2. Not if you show up in 2022 despite that and STILL outvote and vote out Republicans. Keep on them until they stop being cheaters. Make them learn a lesson.

    1. Republicans don’t learn the lessons that better humanity. Make those who might be duped into following deplorable examples learn a lesson. Keep the future of humanity going down a better path. It’s too late for the deplorables of the past.

    1. @Mary Ann M Just the lie that Trumpers were being screwed out if their votes led to them overrunning the Capitol.

  3. You know I lost all faith in White Rural American voters when Jodi Ernst got reelected. When she claimed to be a farmer and yet didn’t know the prices of crops grown in her state. They just vote for an R and anti-minority speeches.

  4. He should know that his time has come to an end. It’s undignified. Like a whale washed up ashore.

    The night has ended, now it’s dawn.

  5. He’s a nut 🥜 and we are worse by continuing to allow him to do as he wants 😡 Why would we keep letting this go too far👎😡

    1. I’m so scared that Trump may win in the 2024 election I feel the GOP are doing all this voter suppression and passing all these bills may pave a way..

    1. When? I give up.
      But there’s one thing I’m certain of: the Postmaster General would appear more kindly if he wore the robe of a Buddhist monk.

    2. @David Drake Not quite. Conclusions on what the law is must be based on what the law is.
      This is NOT a defense of DeJoy. Not by a long shot.
      Slowing the mail down isn’t election fraud unless that conduct meets every one of the elements of the relevant law — state or federal — and the evidence such substantiates each of those elements can be proven to a standard beyond a reasonable doubt.
      Each state has its own election laws. Without looking at the relevant statutes and the facts, it’s impossible to say that slowing down the mail, so that ballots are not returned timely, is “fraud.”

    3. @C Grey That will be his defense for sure but will see what the Postal Inspection Service and the new AG got on him soon. Mr Garland is in FOP just like the Postal Inspectors and Postal Police and many others.

  6. Voter suppression is just one more step in Trump’s persistent descent into authoritarian tyranny.

    1. What Trump does is to try to keep foreigners and mass produced fake ballots from voting in our elections. That’s a good thing.

    2. @Tapajara Trump’s plan of a coup attempt failed. He isn’t trying to do anything for America. It’s all about himself and you know it.

    1. Its kinda everything our constitution is based on. Only men with property could vote. A slave is only 3/5ths a person. Its against our ideals of today.

    1. Yes, plus my child who will turn 18 in 2022. We must make sure to keep the Rev in the Senate and send Stacey to the governor’s mansion!

  7. The Good News:- Even Draco’s Laws were repealed. Take heart folks, keep beating the Drum of Freedom.

  8. During the 2020 Presidential Election, voters were standing in line eleven hours. Voters were required to go outside their own precinct, because their poll places were closed. Voters were blocked at the entrance with gangs of armed thugs in red hats. So, don’t tell me y’all want ‘integrity’ in the election. You want to prevent certain people from voting.

  9. Make sure the Black vote get’s out there with more fervor in the 2022 mid terms…Dems…let’s dominate the vote !!!

    1. The Southern States are so good at this. Also voters tend to vote much more in Presidential races than in the midterms.

    2. Get Stacy on that task. She got Georgia to send two Democrats to the Senate. Changed the entire situation on The Hill. Most important: sent a message to McConnell: you’re not in charge any more.

    1. Well, it has been happening in the US for decades. Everybody knows about it, not much is changing. It is an integral part, if not even the most important aspect of the GOP long-term strategy.

  10. Dejoy now has purchased stock in the company he just awarded a large contract to, is this not insider trading? Ethics committee needs to look into this.

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