Trump Niece Mary Trump: Donald Is A ‘Very Sick Man’ Responsible For COVID Death Toll | MSNBC

Trump Niece Mary Trump: Donald Is A 'Very Sick Man' Responsible For COVID Death Toll | MSNBC 1


In her first televised interview since Trump became embroiled in scandal for downplaying the danger of the coronavirus, Mary Trump joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to react to these Trump-Woodward tape bombshells. She explains his mindset and asserts “he will do and say whatever he feels he needs to in order to benefit somehow, even if tens of thousands Americans die.” (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 09/11/2020.
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Trump Niece Mary Trump: Donald Is A 'Very Sick Man' Responsible For COVID Death Toll | MSNBC

68 Comments on "Trump Niece Mary Trump: Donald Is A ‘Very Sick Man’ Responsible For COVID Death Toll | MSNBC"

  1. The “news” has become a melodramatic soap opera.

    • @Don Winslow the tape of him saying he wants to play it down to svoid panic makes sense. People were mass buying toilet paper and caused a national shortage. We didnt need ANY more reason to panic

    • @Don Winslow how will trump rig this election? Russian collusion? Keep in mind Democrats get half a million illegal votes (non citizen) from california alone, plus the ccp and iran both interfere and china already said they want biden.

    • @luvbig41 Trump is theater. The outrage mob has no idea they are being jerked around like puppets. You think Trump says stuff because he is clueless? Hah, far from it! He makes controversial statements on purpose in order to continue to occupy and preoccupy small brains.

    • @Don Winslow We did not have enough masks for everyone. Even now the vulnerable cannot purchase N95 respirators. Our population differs from East Asians. Many of us are descended from nonconformists. What works in Korea will not work here.

    • @Carpe Diem America is a mix race Korea isn’t

  2. She reminds me strongly of Christine Blasey Ford .

    • @Papa Wheelie Who wants to convince you? I am trying you to stop misinforming

    • @Juan Aguedo So you can misinform them yourself? Keep up the good work.

    • ​@Papa Wheelie Your comment is misinforming. Trump is a liar, he lies daily in national TV, multiple times, he is guilty of misinforming Americans how deadly the virus was. He was even pushing for Meat packing workers to go back when hundreds of workers were infected and seriously ill. He ordered the withdrawal of our troops from Syria and the Turks took over, but just after 1 week the Turks give pass to the Russian, I can go on and on and on. So don’t even try to portrait this corrupt president as victim. Thank god the election is less than 2 months now.

    • Christine Blasey Ford aka “Garth” from Wayne’s World

    • Mary Trump is courage personified.

  3. Susan Bradley-Boartfield | September 12, 2020 at 10:14 AM | Reply

    He still is putting all of us as risk by continuing to have super spreader events as well as continuing to down play it

  4. Psychosis takes many strange and unexpected forms in modern America

  5. Why is it that every single person speaking out negatively of Trump is coming out with a book? 🤔

    • @Mr Hansen Are you saying that the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” written by actual mental health professionals isn’t credible? Aren’t you a Flatearther?

    • Gina Hill | September 14, 2020 at 1:27 PM | Reply

      To document his crimes.

    • why dont you question why Trump because president in the first place?? Youre talking about these books because you know they are honest unlike Trump. They are writing the books to tell their story obviously and to explain in further detail about this so called man who is unfortunately president.

    • @Dan Dan go on Amazon , it is shocking and makes for a great read

    • @Leon SO TRUE LEON

  6. Look at the smirk on her face. She LOVES the attention she’s receiving.

    • chestnut127 it’s funny you defend and attack people when you know nothing about them.

    • @Keegan Beaver I don’t want to know any Trump supporters, only hoping you all wake up before Russian Tanks are rolling down our streets, we have no healthcare (where’s his plan after 4 years) and no Soc Security which is what disappears with no payroll tax. wake up!! once things slip away it’s not that easy to get them back. why should we live like 3rd world country because you like Trump’s racism

    • chestnut127 third world country? Like Venezuela cause that’s the result of socialism. He’s helped our economy a ton way more then Obama did. And you want free health care yeah well nothing is free, they will just raise tax rates which means your still paying for it and also paying for your neighbors.

    • chestnut127 also how as trump been racist? People have been claiming this since before his election and have shown zero proof.

    • chestnut127 Russian tanks rolling down our streets. Takes your meds little boy you’re literally insane. Absolutely positively insane. This is what we call stage 7 TDS. There is no cure. Permanent quarantine required.

  7. I studied Nazi Germany in college. Never thought I would experience it in the US. Fascinating to watch an entire generation be co-opted into tyranny without even knowing it.

    • As a German American who grew up in postwar Germany and had to listen to my mother’s rantings and ravings about the twelve “nightmare” years for years afterwards, and was asked by Americans numerous times “WHY did Germans stand by and do nothing?” I am now asking Americans WHY DO YOU stand by and do nothing? ” There is no concentration camp, no firing squad and no guillotene (the Scholl siblings were guillotened after distributing leaflets against Hitler and the war) waiting for you, and yet for nearly four years Donald has committed one crime after another against his country and his people and Americans have stood by helplessly and DONE NOTHING. And to make matters worse 50 percent of Americans voted for this criminal, while in Germany the few elections that were held before Hitler gained power hovered around 33 to 38 percent only. Since you have studied German history during those years, you know that.
      And we all know now that the Republicans in Congress and those appointed into positions in the Trump administration would have ENABLED HITLER just as they now enable Trump. They would have pressed the gas buttons on millions of innocent people just as they are now doing Trumps bidding.

    • @Lydia Bell you are 100% right. This is exactly what Trump wants. Is Trump as bad as Hitler? he might be on target. I can not compare Trump, to Hitler yet. Hitler
      had so much hate, it was unthinkable what he did. Trump has so much hate also, if he gets his way who knows what will happen. History repeats itself. Here is the difference,
      We can vote him out. Why people still support him? WE all need to stand up and fight, before its to late. Doing nothing, gets nothing in results. For even someone Like
      Biden, hes nationally up by only 10 points or so. That is disturbing. If we learned anything, we would put our parties aside, and get rid of this Dictator. To even think of Trump
      having the majority, or cheating? getting away with it? WE all lose. Know of right from wrong, it is that simple.

    • @Marie Fragoso How can one be so illiterate? Are you Italian living in the US?

    • Yep and they have finally came out and admitted they were communists and socialists. I tried to tell my parents years ago but they got mad at me, but they know nothing about history.

    • @Nicholas nearly two third of the grownup population in the US, don’ t know about the holocoust , or think it’s a myth!!!
      Thats really scary!!! Don’ t You learn this in school!

  8. People in here talking about burning books never read half of one

  9. Don’t forget he also called it a democratic hoax.

    • @Gregory Taylor You’re full of “trump” and you need a laxative.

    • False.

    • @Gregory Taylor And, he was absolutely wrong when he did that!

    • Kevco- Wait wats my last name again? | September 12, 2020 at 11:53 PM | Reply

      Gregory Taylor so apparently if Trump downplayed the coronavirus in his own words with an interview, it’s keeping America safe from terror, even when he actually DID call it a hoax. Also blamed it on China in March. Then saying New Zealand has too many cases on the day they got 14 and we got 14k. If they shut down the cities cause of Covid-19 it is a smart move.

    • All the while he LIED deliberately. He KNEW it was NOT a “democratic hoax.”

  10. I can’t wait till it’s not embarrassing to fly the American flag again !

    • and where is biden’s leadership, other than cowardly stay put, afraid and wet of his pants??? if biden is afraid of real debates with drumpft, he doesn’t deserves to be president…that’s really how bad hillary 2.0 (biden) is: any barely halfway decent candidate would drool wanting to get drumpft face on face… but dnc doesn’t really wants to win the presidency more than they wanted to defeat bernie… priorities I guess…

  11. He don’t really love his kids, and he don’t love you.

  12. The last part sounded like describing or talking about Hitler. Wow.

    • Good indication of how sick this deranged woman is

    • Dustin Richards | September 14, 2020 at 3:25 PM | Reply

      Because trump wants to be like Hitler

    • Dustin Richards It’s simple and logical. Americans supported Hitler financially during pre-war WW2 period and now karma came back to the US. Now you are witnessing the rise of Hitler Donald. Be careful and prepare for the worst. Failed architect (Hitler) , failed businessman (Donald) , both wished good for their nations, both became insane. But this time America suffers.

    • dictators are sociopaths – thats how they’re able to do what they do without remorse, evil!

  13. This is the kind of niece we all pray to have

  14. Steven C Highley | September 13, 2020 at 11:13 PM | Reply

    Someone in the White House needs to pick up a blunt object and put an end to this nightmare.

  15. Got to love all the russian bot/Qrons that comment on here.

  16. the people who thumb downed the video are in the trump cult for sure because he definitely is responsible!

  17. I have the utmost respect for Mary Trump. She has great courage and integrity.

  18. I would have voted Democrate if they didn’t allow the burning down of my city and other cities in the United States. So it’s Trump 2020 for me

  19. 1:30 “…he knows, when he is lying…”: has Ms. Trump detected specific mannerisms/”signals” when he knows he is lying? (example: deep nostril inhaling)

  20. As always, he cares more about money than the safety and well being of citizens. 200k dead. His super spreader rally in Phoenix defies any kind of regard or common sense. Putin’s pawns. I 100% believe later on he’s going to proclaim ‘look at how many were willing to die for me?’ It’s
    like witnessing the reincarnate of Jim Jones followers as he leads them to their deaths.

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