Trump On Police Guidelines: ‘Chokeholds Will Be Banned’ Unless Officer’s Life At Risk | MSNBC

President Trump discussed the new guidelines for police departments in his executive order that include a ban on chokeholds unless an officer's life is in danger, "less lethal" equipment for response, and a requirement to share "credible abuses." Aired on 06/16/2020.
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Trump On Police Guidelines: 'Chokeholds Will Be Banned' Unless Officer's Life At Risk | MSNBC


    1. SouthSide Chicago – Hahaha! Trump only puts himself first. How do you not see that by now? He doesn’t even put America first. He puts Russia before us. (There’s no apostrophe in Americans, by the way. Why is it always Trump supporters who have grammar skills as bad as his? Russian troll?)

    2. Umcle Ed – Sore losers? Trump didn’t even expect to win in 2016. He actually planned a vacation for after his defeat. But then he accused Hillary of cheating – in a state she was already sure to win – because that SORE WINNER is so despicable he didn’t mind eroding confidence in our electoral process over a lie that didn’t even matter!

    3. Marcus Bryan – MSNBC has a lot of competition in the “liberal” media. FOX News doesn’t have any competition in their category, Einstein. And FOX News? Really? Their viewers are so stupid they don’t even realize that their content is literally nothing but throwing liberal names out there with no substance to their stories whatsoever. Seriously. Take an honest look at it and try to figure out what you just watched.

    1. no object ” no object”. It’s so funny listening to him read. Please branch into trump audio books.

    1. Actually, the stuff he is putting into affect were suggested by the Democrats. This is literally what the Democrat mainstream media, politicians, and general public wanted. Trump is literally giving people what they asked for…and they didn’t have to pass a bill. Other Words, you got what you wanted. All of it. Majority of the Democrats do not want to defund the police..

    2. @Scrypher Sure he is, because resisting wasn’t working lol. Just last week he was defending choke holds, I think it’s official, he is now on the campaign trail. It’s not YOU got what YOU wanted, it’s what society needed.

    3. @Scrypher no, what the democrats want is in the democrat bill.
      This is just Trump patting himself on the back for doing nothing and his braindead base sucks it all up.

    4. Ecactly.. he’s initiating a meaningless “change” with an exception so broad as to render the change 99.9% ineffective.

    5. @Scrypher he has given nothing.. simply accepted that he can’t stop a runaway train. Don’t kid yourself – like he’s magnanimous or something.

    1. @Marcus Bryan Your comment is just so asinine I had to reply to you twice.
      Here’s some advice. If you’re going to try to go on the internet and argue with people on a YouTube video, you might want to consider the following.
      Read the comment, multiple times to make sure you understand what it says. Say it out loud if you have to.
      Think about your response. Does it actually have anything to do with the original post? Maybe say it out loud to make sure it makes sense.
      At this point, you should probably delete what you wrote, put your phone down and stop watching Fox.

      You’re entitled to your opinion, and to share it where you please. Just, for everyone’s sake, try to atleast make it coherent. Have a great day.

    2. @Mythodica
      All officers feel like their lives are in danger. When this goes to court, the jury will hear about a lifetime of arrests and a rap sheet as long as we are tall… Then they will be told Floyd was on drugs, only one news outlet every mentions that fact. Then you need to understand, George Floyd is six feet six inches tall, that’s a very large man…
      If you notice in all the videos of the incident, there’s never been released a video showing the time before he was on the ground. They show when he was first handcuffed away from the car but to date no video showing what happened for four officers holding him down…
      The officer with his knee on his neck knew he was being taped and proceeded because he thought he was right in his action…
      My guess and it’s only a guess, bet when the video of the struggle missing beginning before the suspect is on the ground comes to light, it will show why 4 officers are holding him down…
      Most all officers do not throw you on the ground unless you are resisting and that’s what’s missing is the struggle…
      You can be sure, when the entire situation is laid out before a jury without any blank spots, they will acquit the officers and the jury will side with law enforcement…
      Just like throwing the officer in Atlanta under the bus, the suspect was awakend from his buzz dream, fought the police, stole their taser and fled but turned and shot at the pursuing officer at which time he was shot twice… Unbelievable watching four felonies committed on video tape and the Mayor fires the officer? Wow!… Then the Chief of Police resigns and Atlanta has been looted and is burning… That’s what happens when you empower the criminals and don’t support law enforcement…
      Finally, I remember NYC and the steady, almost daily reports of murdered tourists caught in the Gangsters cross fire… It wasn’t so long ago when there were more than 3,000 Murders a day in New York City alone…. I’m old enough to remember a lawless NYC but that was before these protesters were born… Be Careful what you wish for… The Criminals have been empowered before…
      I do thank you for your comment and appreciate you taking the time to discuss the issues at hand… again, I sincerely thank you…. Thanks,

    3. @rtorres81rc
      When a suspect is awakened from a buzz dream, fights with the arresting officers, steals their taser and flees turning and shooting the taser at the pursuing officers the Mayor fires the officer? No wonder the Chief of Police resigned because some Mayors want to empower the criminals and so we watch Atlanta looted and burning… Go figure…
      …..Blue Lives Matter….
      …..Support your Police….

    4. @rtorres81rc
      Also, I shoukd add, I support banning chokeholds unless your life depends on it…
      You say, well they’ll always say they feared for their lives so I’m assuming you think they never do, they’re just lying?

  1. This guy never misses a chance to give a campaign speech, does he?
    He’s in so far over his head. He can’t do anything meaningful or it’ll irritate his racist base and liberals would know he’d just reverse it on November 4th anyway. And he can’t do anything too pointless or he’ll have to spend more time in his bunker.

    1. Norm alice You hit it right on the nail’s head. That’s how he rally. Incredible but so true of this man to take advantage to talk about himself how great he done better than any other president in history; he sure is full of 💩 and finally he keeps talking about Obama, that’s because he’s jealous of how great of president he was.

    1. I listen to this man speech and never heard the name “George Floyd” or did I miss it.? Besides, like always, he starts to say something and before you know he derails from the most important issue.!

  2. They keep talking about retraining how do you retrain someone that hates you simply because of your skin color

  3. The tone of his voice when he is reading from the prompt board, and his stance are always so annoying. After 2/3 minutes My teeth are grinding. Gives the impression that he couldn’t care less about the words coming out of his mouth. So insincere.

    1. lesley wall
      He’s drugged up, to subdued his impulse enough to read… squinting, cause he thinks wearing glasses or a mask detract from his blindingly handsomely orangy radiant glowing face…
      (Excuse while I puke!)

  4. Did Trump actually say “pursuing common sense?”
    This is the same man who suggested injecting disinfectants into your body as a good way to fight the coronavirus.

    Trump: “The new professional police standards in my executive order, will be as high and as strong as there is on earth. They will be as high as the summit of Bull💩 Mountain. I built that mountain myself, so you know it’s high.”

    1. @mateowey Like he said he’s not a doctor and we know he doesn’t always use the correct words but a nebulizer with a diluted hydrogen peroxide or colloidial silver has worked along with intravenous vitamin C, and sunlight is always good for immunity. However if you’re looking for perfection from a politician and want to find fault all day MSNBS is your home. Follow Bill Gates vaccine into nano tech DNA changing bliss because what he has in mind as he said is always population reduction.

    2. The greatest personal flaw is not being aware of any. Trump is oblivious.
      Trump talks about people with mental illness, without one thought, that he might need help.

    3. @David’s Garden Colloidal silver “worked” like hydroxy chloroquine “worked”. Isn’t it odd that if they work so well, both “treatments” have been shut down?
      That stuff is quack medicine that would only have been thought up by folks, like our president, who have the functioning logic and reasoning of an 11 year old.

  5. Trump is the law & order president of the Special Victims Unit, where he is the sole eternal victim.

  6. “Draft dodger, what about watching the heads of those in cuffs entering a squad car? Should officers still not be too careful and allow their heads to hit the roof of the police car? Thank you John Barron”.

  7. What a joke. There is absolutely no sincerity in his tone. Unlike when he’s attacking Governors or anyone, anything that doesn’t concern him personally. No heart, empathy involved. Just reading whats in front of him as if its something he has to do. You can always tell if hes genuinely concerned. Which this subject he is not. I’m so sick and tired of this narcissistic A-Hole. Election can’t get here quickly enough.

  8. So just like George Zimmerman the police can say they felt their life was at risk and never be charged for murder!

  9. I’m sure there are a great deal of people who would like to show Trump what a chokehold feels like. 🙂

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