Trump Pardons Two Connected To Mueller Investigation And GOP Allies | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Trump Pardons Two Connected To Mueller Investigation And GOP Allies | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The president pardoned former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos on Tuesday, along with over a dozen other people, including several former congressmen who have long been Republican allies of the president. Michael Schmidt, Washington correspondent for the New York Times, discusses. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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Trump Pardons Two Connected To Mueller Investigation And GOP Allies | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “I barely know” “the coffee boy”. He’s a “young, low level volunteer” that has “proven to be a liar”.

    1. @James Benson In the UK damages are awarded for no reason all the time. If a publication repeats a rumor and clearly identifies it as a rumor they can be subject to damages.

  2. This country needs to create a strong, independent party, or whatever you want to call it, to root out all the corrupted politicians.

    1. In Obama’s time, there were right wingers that used a phrase from a letter by Jefferson talking about the Shay rebellion, since youtube hates liberals using those words but allows right wingers to do so
      Seek out the letter

    2. @Cliff Medina trump screwed up. He should have indicated this prior to now. He hasn’t been interested until now. Trashing the Republicans is neat though.

      It looks like trump is trying to get revenge on the Republican Party for not supporting his coup attempt to stay in power in spite of losing decisively.

  3. Any pardon that is directly related to friends, family or partners in crime should be instantly nullified after Jan. 20th. This should not be allowed in a democracy.

  4. The fun part about these pardons is that now these pardoned men can be served subpoena and can testify without self incrimination. Gotcha

    1. @Ann OwensThis is a well known trope. It is a metaphorical phrase from an earlier Age. No reasonable person considers pitchforks to be anything of the sort you refer to. Relax or it’s on you.

    2. @Chris Smith …. Read Wally Censorship’s comment. I am aware of of the colloquial “pitchforks” generally accomplished by Tar and Feather. And I agree with your comment. I simply was avoiding addressing a possible 3 week old Troll directly. I am sorry if you were confused.

    1. Yes, baby killers, and they were not serving military people, but were private individuals acting for a security company that has not had a contract with the US government since 2009, that just happens to be owned by the brother of Betsy Devos. It’s all sickening….

    2. @E Toma The US had NO business being in Iraq in the first place. And worse, she let the war mongers walk away free to enjoy their lavish retirement, while the fall out of their illegal war rages on. But it’s thousands of kilometers away, who cares?
      I’m glad these murderers got the conviction they so rightly deserve. They should be doing their time, too. There are too many just like them, walking free. And now, so are they, thanks to a traitor. This is better than a banana republic now, here, every scum bag can walk.

    3. You are confused. Its your DEMONRAT party that has slaughtered over 70 million unborn. Its your DEMONRAT party that formed the KKK. Try reading real history.

  5. fox news even defends those corrupt politicians and mass murderers who got a pardon

    i say let then now what you thing of them (fox news)

  6. He’s executing Black people on death row we’re still fighting their cases and letting people who profess to be guilty go. All white people what does that tell you

  7. Trump knew he can not remain in the government. So he intends to create a disastrous mess for Biden to deal with. Also he knew he can no longer enjoy free car service, free housing, free golf course. And he can no longer touch any part of the government resources. That is why he needs more money, he demands now for a larger amount of stimulus payment, which is not because Trump is caring for the people, but it is from his own desperate needs for more money.
    Remember he stole more than $127 million through Ivanka and Kushner and other kids. And that he took the illegal money from the Campagin funds of $8.1 million, still trying to collect more donations.
    And he is planning to create his own thug empire by releasing those corrupt “pro-Russian thugs” from the prison.
    Instead of telling lies, now he is actually doing the treasons. Coup d’etat!

  8. In terms of political culture, the US has transformed into a mixture of Russia and Latin America. The US is now very different from its (former?) allies in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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