Trump Puts Climate Science Denier Atop NOAA As U.S. Faces Climate Change Consequences | MSNBC

Trump Puts Climate Science Denier Atop NOAA As U.S. Faces Climate Change Consequences | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow reports on the deadly wildfire crisis incinerating huge swaths of the West Coast of the United States and notes that long-time climate science denier David Legates has been hired to serve in a top position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Aired on 09/14/2020.
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Trump Puts Climate Science Denier Atop NOAA As U.S. Faces Climate Change Consequences | MSNBC

78 Comments on "Trump Puts Climate Science Denier Atop NOAA As U.S. Faces Climate Change Consequences | MSNBC"

  1. fourthqtrplayer | September 15, 2020 at 2:44 AM | Reply

    Putin……Good job comrade trump, u have infiltrated and corrupted ALL the federal institutions w/in 4 years!?

  2. I’m only surprised trump did not make this hack the director of NOAA right away.

  3. Bunker Baby dRumph | September 15, 2020 at 2:50 AM | Reply

    Record highest temp. ever recorded in Death Valley at 130 degree’s F. Siberia recorded a record temperature last month at 106 degree’s. 2 huge glaciers have just melted & broken off from the diminishing Arctic Ice-Shelf & waters levels will inevitably rise. A sandstorm in Africa made it across the Atlantic ocean for the 1st time. Now we have record amounts of drought recorded, hurricanes so strong they make it inland & infernal forest fires here in America. I live in the northern part of America close to the border & we have had another record hot summer. Last 2 1/2 months its been humid & hot as if in the tropics. You’d have to be a fool to deny Climate Change with evidence like this staring you sq. in the face.

    • My Dude – ride it out baby. If you are interested there an interview with William Catton on YouTube. His perspective is useful.
      He say ALL species given a surplus of resources and a deficit of predation will breed until their niche is poisoned. His view (and I concur) is that humans are just doing what comes naturally. Sadly we have an illusory sense of being able to set our own destiny, but the rules of nature apply to us as well. Due to evolution we cannot respond to slow developing threats fast enough to avoid them.
      It’s not because of ‘greedy capitalism’ or ‘third world babies’, it’s due to nature.

    • Hello Human Being | September 15, 2020 at 6:36 AM | Reply

      @My Dude The ice age happened because meteorite hit the earth. Haven’t you experienced how the climate and the air got soooooo much better when the quarantine was going on? Weill we did in Europe. There was a drastic change in quality of air and water.

    • @Andy P I agree, but arrogance and a misguided sense of self importance also play a big factor. Well put though

    • @Hello Human Being lol, bro… there have been 5 major ice ages and several smaller (but still highly impactful) ones. That many meteorites haven’t hit the earth guy… do some reading on the subject for the love of god

    • and magically there are no large fires in ANY OTHER STATES besides CA, OR, WA and Canada.

  4. One more unqualified mega donor I’m sure¡🌲🍊🙈🙉🙊🔥💀

  5. Nature revenge with covid19 and fires because
    Everything Trump Touches Dies.
    ‘Member he hugged the flag?

    • To be honest, at this point I’ve given up on America. Trump is the worst symptom but the whole country is rotten. Trump did not happen in a vacuum. And if he helps to destroy America I say good riddance. Maybe get should hug the flag a few more times.
      You had a good run, try not to nuke anyone on your way down.

    • @Lily Jade – It was clear from the pictures that the flag Trump hugged was not even real. It was a plastic flag just for a photo-op. The picture with the flag, like the one with the Bible, was a completely staged misrepresentation.

    • Do you agree with Nancy Pelosi that “Mother Earth is angry”?

    • @Jeff Gibson – We have seen for ourselves that Trump knows how to stand on a “down” escalator colored gold so that he looks rich. We have seen for ourselves that Trump can pepper spray citizens and cross a street with taller retired generals so that he looks religious. This is what life is like for an old narcissist. He’s lived for what he sees in the mirror, and he can not accept now that the reality is that he is old, fat, ugly, and the horrible faces that he makes on camera just make him look like he has lost his marbles. Trump apparently bought enough people off before the last election so that most of us had never heard about his terrible business history until it was too late. America was a youthful forward moving country until people like Mitch McConnell “put their knee on the neck” of the country. Trump just came in to assist and to take advantage. Americans might not have recognised what Putin/McConnell were up to except that Trump was so flamboyant, they could no longer hiide. In the 1950s, spring was filled with the songs and sights of birds of every color under the sun. Ten years later, almost every bird species had disappeared because of the dirty air. A national resolve to reclaim the quality of our air, water and soil was bearing fruit until Trump’s administration. His short-sighted “what’s in it for me” attitude has birds literally falling out of the sky enmasse once again. Policies of land management and conservation that have been in place for over one hundred years are being ignored, and protected land is quietly being sold off without the discussion ever reaching the public debate or the windfall ever reaching the public purse. Grandpa Trump found a way to take advantage of a bunch of gold miners in SW Canada. Fred Trump found away to take advantage of New Yorkers who needed housing. Now, Donald Trump has found a way to take advantage of an entire nation. To save the nation, Americans must remove these pirates from our White House. We require true leadership from someone who does have allegiance to our country, our people, our ways and our traditions. Ethics are essential to our American way of life.

  6. How trump finds these people that push his agenda is so amazing~🤬😡🥶🤘😤🤯🧐🧐

  7. We’re in British Columbia & we are covered in their smoke!

  8. Will you look at that? David Legates has also had his “research” funded by Koch Industries, the American Petroleum Institute, and ExxonMobil. He’s a bought and paid merchant of doubt.

    • What did he say that’s incorrect?

    • @Jeff Gibson Denying climate change.

    • @Michael Gibb If the earth is warming, why did they change the name to “climate change” ten years ago?

    • @Jeff Gibson Who do you mean by they? Because the term climate change has been in common use amongst scientists since the 1980s, almost as long as it has been referred to as global warming.

      Truth be told, the only concerted effort to favour the term climate change over global warming in order to serve some partisan agenda, came from the Bush administration. The belief was that climate change sounded less dramatic and scary than global warming.

      Nevertheless, the average global temperature is increasing, with 19 of the 20 warmest years on record, having all occurred since 2001.

    • @Michael Gibb There is no such thing as an average temperature over the earth where there are NO THERMOMETERS.

  9. Oh, great! Mobile morgues!
    President Death.

  10. USA 🇺🇸 is Worlds Public Enemy Number One


    • @Kris Helfferich *NO!!!* It’s on you. You let it happen. You can’t wash your hands that easily. Only 63 million people voted for Trump out of more than 330 effing million people.
      You voted Green, it’s on you! You refuse to vote for Hillary because she wasn’t pure enough, it’s on you!
      80% of America acted in a way that led to Trump presidency. You can’t hide behind Trump supporters. It’s too easy.
      Did you march when they put children in cages? if not (And I know you didn’t) IT’S ON YOU!

    • Kris Helfferich | September 15, 2020 at 6:14 AM | Reply

      @Trucmuche Whats wrong with you?

    • ​@Kris Helfferich What’s wrong with me is that America is destroying the world. And Half the Americans are happy and the other half blame the other half instead of doing anything about it.
      For Christ sake. Read my last comment again. Those are facts. Trump was elected and could act the way he did not only because of his supporters but also because the rest of the population failed us.

    • Americans have been conditioned for decades to be mindless drones of their corporate owners. Reagan made it so corporations were regarded as people under the law, then removed the individual caps from political donations, which began the wholesale sale of America to corporations. The corporations want people only just barely intelligent enough to do the work they want them to do, and hire from abroad for all other positions.

      Look at how America’s standings in international education rankings have been so poor, and worsening. They keep putting lobbyists in charge of protection organizations that they had been lobbying against. From what I gather while the whole flat Earth movement has its origins in the UK, back before we started putting satellites in orbit, these days it has its largest base in the US, so it’s not just climate change, entirely too many Americans are against modern science, as they want everything very simple, so it’s plainly observed. All of this isn’t new, it’s been going on for decades, including under Democratic administrations, so it’s not just Trump, and it’s not just Republicans, the whole of America is a danger to the whole of the world, due to wilful ignorance, and the corporations that run it.

  11. Trump building his team of demon sperm doctors, flat earthers and bully lawyers. Oh and don’t forget the zombie squad of fans and schizoid hordes of conspiracy theorists.
    Let the madness begin!

    • It’s a fire from poor forest management by the state Government. Nothing to do with climate change. MSNBC is a pack of morons.

    • The madness began in earnest 3 years ago. But it really began when Ronald Alzheimer’s Reagan came to power.

      I’m so tired of winning.
      Are you tired of winning too?

    • Don’t diss Zombies like that! Zombies actually WANT brains!

  12. “Some people just want to see the world burn” some people are trump….

  13. When the world was on lockdown a few short months ago – everyone could see the massive changes in air and water quality when we humans weren’t polluting the planet.

    • Hello Human Being | September 15, 2020 at 6:23 AM | Reply


    • Even the evidence right in front of their eyes won’t convince them, though.

    • ThaGemini Goddess | September 15, 2020 at 8:36 AM | Reply

      truly one of the most amazing things ever!!! talk about truth in ur face….

    • I-C Group
      Environmental protection is totally necessary.
      We need to go green.
      But those „we are the virus to nature“ comments are not helping anything.
      What perspective offers it, you want someone to wipe you of the earth?
      All this selfpitty is disgusting.
      Nature is no entity nor does it have a moral.
      We do as humans.

    • @Ant Man is your view the only right one? Why do you make so many assumptions (selfpity etc..).
      Call it how it is we are the destruction factor of the environment global warming etc. Bless your heart be well!

  14. 190 years of Colonialism is one of the causes of global warming.
    Ask the First Nation for advice. They are like the Maori in NZ.
    People of the land. Tangata whenua.

  15. There’s going to be a *lot* of ranking positions that will need to be filled again in January. These Trump yes-men will need to be removed and new credible people with relevant experience will need to be hired. This *idiocracy* needs to end.

    • Meanwhile, those credible people with relevant experience, including all in science and healthcare, are getting smarter every day. How society in USA treats credible people is teaching credible people that USA is not the place to be credible.

    • wade stanton Nailed it unfortunately for our country!

    • They need to be imprisoned.

    • Please don’t make that assumption. Vote as if your life depended on it. Vote as if our democratic republic depended on it, as if our planet depended on it. We really need to understand this isn’t just Putin, it’s the 1% who do not care one bit about their fellow humans.

  16. WOW…Trump threatens every American’s health and we’ll being..It’s all about him… Greed and Power

  17. The Native Americans have been warning this!

  18. A flat-earther even?!?
    Jesus Christ I really hope people wake up.

  19. “His government was constantly in chaos, with officials having no idea what he wanted them to do, and nobody was entirely clear who was actually in charge of what.”

    “He procrastinated wildly when asked to make difficult decisions, and would often end up relying on gut feeling, leaving even close allies in the dark about his plans.”

    “His “unreliability had those who worked with him pulling out their hair,”… ”

    “This meant that rather than carrying out the duties of state, they spent most of their time in-fighting and back-stabbing each other in an attempt to either win his approval or avoid his attention altogether, depending on what mood he was in that day.”

    This sounds like Trump and his administration.

  20. Hey. Comrade Bonespurs has a new “magic sharpie” for those hurricanes that are coming to wash away his other disasters.

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