Sketchy Trump Official Reportedly Hijacking CDC Scientific Reports On Coronavirus | MSNBC

Sketchy Trump Official Reportedly Hijacking CDC Scientific Reports On Coronavirus | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow reviews the peculiar work history of Michael Caputo before he was named the top spokesman for the HHS, a position he has used to exert control over the CDC's output of scientific reports related to the coronavirus, policing them for consistency with Donald Trump's messaging. Aired on 09/14/2020.
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Sketchy Trump Official Reportedly Hijacking CDC Scientific Reports On Coronavirus | MSNBC

77 Comments on "Sketchy Trump Official Reportedly Hijacking CDC Scientific Reports On Coronavirus | MSNBC"

  1. He needs to be fired and criminally charged for these threats.

    • 😘💛

    • @Yahu Senu I’m still blown away at one of Trump’s newest betrayals of our nation- he freaking leaked information on and the existence of a not so top secret any more nuclear weapons defense system to the world. What does he want another arms race with ww3 on the side?

    • @sara winter Well, Trump didn’t exactly tell Comey to drop the investigation. After Trump talked about Flynn being investigated by the FBI he said to Comey, and this is quoting Comey from the Congressional hearing, “Trump said, ‘I sure hope nothing comes from this. Flynn is a good guy.'” That was the cited reason by Comey as to why he (Comey) dropped the investigation. Comey stated he believed that was the intent behind that phrase.
      Does that mean the president told him to drop it? Because that is what Comey claimed that’s what he believed the intent was? No. What kind of Mafia ran administration do you have to work for to read into that statement like that? Oh right, he worked for Obama, who imprisoned journalists, whose Secretary of State was involved with Benghazi and used a private server to handle confidential material, and whose VP’s son was on the board of directors of Burisma, a corrupt gas company that was partly funded by US tax dollars.
      Yeah, I can see how Comey would read into that statement like that, considering the company he was around.
      So, did the president tell Comey to drop the investigation? No, and this is from Comey’s testimony.

    • @sara winter #2. Well, that would be true if he profited off of his property. He hasn’t. The funds his guests paid to stay at his hotel covered overhead and salaries but the profit that would go to the business has been donated to the DoT. You can check the DoT website.
      He funnels millions in tax dollars for his golf trips? Where is the evidence of this?

    • Aly ! 17 y.o I WANT SЕЕХ !!!! OPEN MY VIDEO !!!! | September 16, 2020 at 10:33 AM | Reply


  2. Trump CDC: Clorox, Drano, Comet

  3. ……….and the exploding trees!
    Joke country.

  4. are we talking about the United States of America????

  5. A weaponised miss-informer, that Caputo-bloke?

  6. ISN’T NOVEMBER YET??? My brain can’t take more of this!!

  7. Capito needs to be held accountable.

  8. I wish that people who deny science and scientists would start building their houses not using science or flying in planes whose pilots ignore science. How about getting into an atomic submarine with a captain who attempts to dive to 8,000 metres because he ignores science. How about the person who drives into the predicted path of a hurricane because he denies science.

    • Or take their meds. Get a urine test. Drive a car. Run the a/c. Stop at a traffic light. Call their mom. Listen to the radio. Watch TV. Use the ATM. Check out at Wal-Mart…..

    • It would be okay if they all followed Trump off a cliff because there is nowhere to fall on a flat earth – but – the momentum is taking the rest of us into the abyss with them.

    • it is science and to say that this is a major health concern but heroin , coke , crack and eating 1000pounds of food, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol has NEVER been a health issue. And that is millions and MILLIONS of deaths a year. STFU 🙂

    • Driving into tje predicted path of a hurricane? Oh, like the bridge to the Florida Keys!?

    • @Tommy Lopez you don’t get it tony… isaw a story today from Indonesia… the mask protestors are sentenced to digging graves as part of their ‘community service’ for the reckless endangerment of their countrymen… seems like a good idea

  9. Sientific community should not be for sale. We’re loosing everybody, the community intelligence, the Justice department, now the sientific community…

  10. CDC’s reputation is dead. Americans must get their advice from Fauci only.

    • He has been silenced, manipulated and pushed aside. We all know how to protect ourselves if we choose. Just carry on until the camel kicks it.

  11. Russia has invaded us without putting one single boot on the ground!

    • @Larry Johnson Uh yea, Its called Socialism, the gateway to full blown Communism! You ddint know that Democrats are all pushing for Socialism? Ypu do know that Russia and China are Socialists countries!

    • @Mr Hansen Uh……That’s not proof that is paranoia lol!Fearmongering B.S from faux news,take off the tinfoil hat and let your brain get some air!Sweeden is also socialist…just a horrible place!

    • Krista what planet are you from? Obviously not this one. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Mr Hansen Hey it’s all “Fake News”. The only thing is that the fake news is coming from your State TV Fox News. You do know Trump idealizes Putin and Xi. Oh wait for it……. It’s fake and we should read some Q 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      The Blue Shift is coming and the GOP is being run into the ground. Vote Blue and help save our Country 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Biden our next President

    • @Snizzy Town Looking forward to seeing you in crying and screaming at the sky videos to replace our AWESOME 2016 videos! Of course we will always continue to enjoy the 2016 videos forever alongside our new 2020 videos! Buh bye!

  12. Sir Gerbil Macintosh | September 15, 2020 at 4:30 AM | Reply

    I just want to disconnect until the election. It’s affecting my health and well being.

    • @O From my ears hearing the Democrats supporting Socialism!

    • @Mr Hansen your life is so pathetic you have to troll….😂😂😂

    • Mr Hansen I am sorry to read that you are hearing things. But rest assured, I was not looting nor incarcerated. I do not reside in the U S of A.

    • @O Awwwwww! You poor baby too dumb to realize it was a joke! So why are you in such A need to disconnect about an election in the US when you arent even from the US? I guess there are weirdos worldwide!

    • Mr Hansen Well, Mr Hansen I cannot tell with you. You seem so juvenile. How would I know that was a joke… 🤷🏼‍♂️. American politics is relevant to me because America was not competent to elect someone who was corrupt, and the consequence of that incompetence is felt internationally. I hope that answers your question.

  13. He’s certainly going to be Caputo if Biden’ wins, and FAST.

  14. To run for president, the brain not required.

  15. *My gad so it’s really true; everything trump touches die!*

  16. You don’t have to say “Sketchy Trump Official”. You just say Trump Official.

  17. to vote for this president, again, also brain missing

  18. He was probably chosen for expierence in making people believe what he’s saying

  19. Let’s cancel daylight savings time this , we don’t need 2020 to be even an minute longer than it has to be.

  20. Nice to hear again of an abundance of lunatic – liberals tears…. After November 2020.

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