Trump reacted with approval to ‘hang Mike Pence’ chants

A former aide to Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told the House January 6 committee that then-President Donald Trump had suggested to Meadows he approved of the "hang Mike Pence" chants from rioters who stormed the US Capitol, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN. #CNN #News


  1. Only these people are above the law. They said; no ones are above the law but their actions and their excuses show differently. Unless you’re blind like the Bible say.

    1. Yes, excellent question! Or is justice just for the rest of us, the “masses”? This is so unjust to all Americans it’s unreal.

  2. “Mike I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you don’t overturn the 2020 Election results for me.” Donald tRump Quote to VP Evangelical Mike Pence

  3. “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and (Donald tRump) carrying a Bible upside down.” Sinclair Lewis

    1. “It is from principally white, racist Christians that we have the threat of fascism in this country. Because, you see, they have a religion which…is not the religion of Jesus – which was the realization of Divine Sonship (of all men), but the religion about Jesus, which pedestalizes him and which says ‘only this man, of all the sons of women, was divine. And you’d better recognize it.’ And so it speaks of itself as the ‘church militant,’ the onward Christian soldiers marching as to war.” ALAN WATTS
      “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” JESUS CHRIST (John 8:44)
      GOD’s prophet, the prophesied return of Elijah, reminds you.
      Want to know more? Click and ye shall find.

  4. “Not surprising, but stunning nonetheless.” And this from a professional writer.

    1. I am not surprised. I have always thought from inception that when he saw how bloody thirsty his rioters had become that is why he waited over 2 hrs to see if they would have delivered on their chant.

    2. The last time I spoke to my father, on July first 2020, I told him he voted for a fascist and he knew it, and that trump was going to lose the election and then there was going to be a coup.

      I literally said, “he is going to lose the election and then there is going to be a coup. I hope you’re happy.”

      I only hope my father remembers that conversation and I wonder what he thinks about the fact that I knew both events were going to happen four and six months ahead of time.

    1. Trump hates being told he’s wrong (Nor will he ever admit he’s wrong) as in his own mind (Such as it is) he’s never wrong.

    1. @Lydia Hamilton READ a Dictionary : Synonyms for republic

      democracy, self-government, self-rule
      Words Related to republic

      pure democracy

  5. The real story is on who built the gallows and by who’s order. Hanging Pence was an actual tactic that just didn’t work out because he wouldn’t get in the limo. Following the facts to wherever they may lead is what Merrick Garland said and he needs to honor is word, our democracy depends on it.

    1. @Ryan Rickaby do I see towards the end of your comment you just decided to try and save face and run away like all the other right-wing trolls. And to elaborate and not be vague on that, cuz I know how much that bothers you LOL you’re trying to find a face-saving excuse not to have to respond to any of the substance because you don’t have an actual just turns for those actions. Is that clear enough for you or do I need to use smaller words?

    2. @toxic wastetoid its the same with right wing propaganda on you tube. I cant show my dislike. However i don’t feel entitled to have everyone know my opinion all the time on a private company’s platform. I don’t get air time on fix news either. That would be socialist.
      You can thank Ronald Regan for dismantling the equal time rules.

    3. @toxic wastetoid I don’t care what you say. You’re still supporting the channel in the process. Thanks for your support 🤭

    1. @Lydia Hamilton “Sorry” … i em SORRY because in September of 1991 i did NOT habe a COURAGE ( a will ) to go and SAY GOOD bye to pupils in elementary School Vladislav Ribnikar in Belgrade Yougoslavia Then , with whom i did spend TWO years : september 1989 – 1991 june … that s my big big big regret ….

    2. @Lydia Hamilton generally my regrets ought to be linked with something that i could have done , but i didn t …..

    3. @Lydia Hamilton At Christine Achaz place in 1993 in Paris Bld Emille Augier … maybe i could have ACCEPTED a spontenous ask from a nice girl to dance , every body did dance , maybe i could have accepted , thought i was afrais , and i ended “dancinn” barelly with Christine Achaz in personn , thought the first girl was more atraktive than Christine …..

    4. @Lydia Hamilton Maybe in conection To Sara Kocovic a 20 years old girl from Montenegroe , maybe , when i asked HER to send to HER 50 euros via Western Union , maybe i could have had insisted MORE , when she said “do send to those who need it” , because i wanted to send on her name and surname , but then , i asked myself , she will have to go to a local post office in Montenegore , it s a small place , all know each one , they ll ask WHO is THAT Svetozar Milosevic ….. and FROM nothing because people are EVIL they would have ended destroying HER , and after indict me , myself and i , that i am to blame for her perishness …..

  6. “I just want to find 11780 votes, which is one more than we have.”
    —Donald Trump, former U.S President.

    1. Mr. Rhodes I’m going to ask you the same question I’ve asked my brother who is an ordained Bishop how come that 70 million people can’t see that he is of the devil but I can see it you can see it and 80 million other people can see it why can’t they see it I know that I don’t walk in our Lord and savior footsteps everyday but I can still see I know that everyone is not perfect but I can see please in the name of our savior help me to understand why they can’t see


    1. Everyone should assume that 45 thinks of himself of some kind of king! I think of him as the emperor in new clothes.

    2. Pench said im not getting in that fucking car,he knew trump would’ve had his security team ride through that angry mob

  7. What a despicable man…he needs to be arrested and tried for treason on multiple charges.

    1. Why WHY is he still a free man???? I’m so sick and tired of this hate and hypocrisy… only WE can change it people

    1. People used to joke that purging Trumpers are a legitimate form of self-defense. Sadly Its not a joke anymore. 🙁

  8. Nothing matters when the laws are not enforced.
    Apparently laws only apply to peasants

    1. slaves. 1% has all the money. half of it. and the other half well it aint for u or ”normies”.

  9. My confidence in the United States as a country of law and order and equal justice under the law is dwindling. Trump and his buddies tried to overthrow the government of the United States of America and the Constitution and still, after 2 years are still walking free. Where is the justice?

    1. @Elizabeth Grogan It seems you are preaching to the choir, I am regretfully also in despair at what is happening to my society and the democratic institutions that I have been proud of all my life, like everything else I guess nothing lasts.

    2. @Elizabeth Stanley Look up the word treason in the dictionary. There you will find a picture of Donald Jughead Trump.

    1. @Fat Man 75%? Just cause there’s a lot of rural land in the US doesn’t mean there’s a lot of people.

  10. “Inappropriate handling of documents” is the polite way to say they destroyed evidence of their wrongdoing.

    1. The toilet in the oval office ate a lot of it. “Feed me, Donald. Feed me!” It would say.

    2. like emails, laptops and personal phones being used for sensitve government communications? Don’t throw rocks in glass houses.

  11. Trump is all about personal power, not law, he expected his VP to follow suit. This was his kingdom and his serfs should do as they are told.

  12. So many times I’ve realized that my feeling that “Trump can’t shock me any more”, is never true. There is ALWAYS a lower place he will descend to.

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