Berman presses Texas official: Fathers were willing to go in. Why were they stopped?

Lt. Chris Olivarez, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety, says "there was an immediate presence from law enforcement" at Robb Elementary School, but investigators are still trying to establish a full timeline for the mass shooting. #CNN #News


  1. The victims, the survivors, the loved ones of the victims and the community deserve an honest break down of what happened.

    1. Yeah this guy should go into politics…because he has sure mastered the art of talking for a long time without actually saying anything. Why can’t they just answer the questions??

    2. Armed officers arrive to set up perimeter and protect active school shooter from unarmed parents for a full hour.

      That’s what happened.

    3. they sat for 1 hour until the Swat came and established a plan instead of going right in. Similar shooting happened where every sat for 45min-1 hour while they could clearly hear the shooter firing at people. With the element of surprise catching the shooter off guard isn’t farfetched and it should be their duty to go in whatever the risk to save the many.

  2. I can not believe they do not know the details surrounding the engagement with the School Resource Officer. How difficult can that be if you talk to him?

    1. @jusadude This stuff is universal believe you me there are all backgrounds of victims I’d be careful carrying a heavily cantered opinion ( to each their own ). The primary issue is the availability of firearms by 18 year old high schoolers that’s the scandal!

  3. Get the details and be honest, this is not the time to make excuses or cover up any deficiencies. TELL THE TRUTH.

  4. Bottom line, the “good guys with guns” failed miserably. All this guy’s job is to defend police action.

    1. @Reapermack The shooter had an AR15 while police carry 9mm pistols and body armor that won’t stop 5.56 rounds. What do you expect for cops to do?

  5. That chief knows everything, he just won’t admit his officers failed. That school resource officer was a coward who had a chance to do something and did nothing. And the rest of those cops who waited 40 minutes should all be fired for cowardice.

    1. @Gerald I’ve just heard a report that the gunman was engaged before entering the school and the school police officer was hit. Still a coward?

    2. @frasertones That was the Utility officer…and now they’re denying he was there. There were two cops that tried to enter and they both suffered superficial wounds…and then left the killer to murder 19 children. Yes, in my mind, still cowards.

    3. Semms like the action within the raided schoolroom was allowed to burn itself out, then same taken.

  6. The fact that it is not yet possible to present an exact timeline after this time sounds suspicious. And this cop is answering with a lot of words to hide the fact that he doesn’t really answer most questions. Something strange is happening.

  7. what is sickening is watching him squirm and make excuses for his fellow officers that let those little kisd get slaughtered

  8. So sad that they wouldn’t let the dad’s go in, can you imagine how scared those kids had to be in there for an hour? That’s why there wasn’t more kids that made it to the hospital. I’m shocked.

    1. @Random Duderino if they let parents in kids wouldn’t have laid there bleeding out because somebody could have gotten them out, the gunman was in a classroom locked for how long? & The unarmed mother who hopped the fence & got in the school got out just fine.

  9. If the cops were not willing to rush on there and risk their lives to save children then they should have let the parents risk their lives …
    Setting up a perimeter while a madman is inside a school killing people is not acceptable .They know what they signed up for…to protect and serve ….if they are not going to risk their lives to stop school shooters what good are they ? Setting up a perimeter ,waiting for swat ,putting together an assault team all the while children are being executed seems to happen again and again…..were any of them even intelligent enough to warm the school to lock down while they were chasing this idiot and how do they not cut off his retreat into a school or pursue him with all available resources into the school and engage him immediately ? Even if it would have saved one of the kids it would have been worth it..
    This should be a story about dead adults who saved children not about adults making sure they didn’t didn’t take casualties while children died like at columbine …

    1. Technically they have no legal “duty” to protect if they fear for their safety.

    2. @Dante Attenborrough surprised that some of the fathers that wanted to go in weren’t shot because the cowardly cops were in fear for their lives.

  10. The whole “we were trying to evacuate the other kids” makes no sense. Policy for classes during lockdown is to hide and stay there. We were instructed to not let ANYONE in even if they said they were police. And also it is policy for ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT to immediately engage the shooter. Not to wait for some other team to get there

    1. Find the video of the witnessed surviving child who tells the truth. Officers were yelling to kids to scream if they needed help. And by so the gunman heard the kids from their hiding places and shot them. Who did they save?!

    2. @James Gaston watch the video of the little kid who says cops ordered kids to scream if they needed help. The shooter found them from their hiding places and shot them.

    3. @James Gaston Not always. If someone’s going to spray bullets, you do anything necessary to save lives. It’s likely teachers knew there was 1 shooter. There are intercoms, cell phones, walkie talkies, and the police were in contact with administration who was/were in contact with staff, I’m assuming. You can’t always stay still. The shooter can’t be in all places at once. They had a chance and time in this case to evacuate.

  11. This is an utter failure by those we entrust to protect us. Once the shooting started this was not a hostage situation there was no need to stay outside.

  12. How does a man get that job, put on that hat, get in front of a camera and say absolutely nothing. That’s a guy with no shame 🤦🏾‍♂️

  13. This guy’s inability to differentiate the meanings of the words “cooperate” and “corroborate” gives me total confidence in the great state of Texas.

  14. Anyone who says “factual information” that many times doesn’t want you to have the facts.

  15. First a armed 18 year old and now a smell to the heavens coverup. Unbelievable! The parents and citizens who pay your salary deserve so much more.

    1. I had to appear in court in Texas in 1975. I had been arrested for a DUI even though I had had one beer hours before. The day in court none of the cops involved showed up. The judge said “Well we don’t need those liars here anyway.”

  16. As a father, there is no way that I am letting them stop me from going in to save my baby. I would either get shot by the police or by the gunman but I am NOT letting them tell me “we’re setting up a perimeter and it’s too volatile in there” F all that. It’s so sad for the families that these people who are supposed to serve and protect them can’t even get their story straight. Praying for those families 🙏🏿.

    1. @631knm I think her children were in another class, he was barricaded and most like stuck in that one classroom. He wasn’t going anywhere else. Thank God! The cops would have shot him dead if he did try getting out to harm more children.

    2. If parents want to risk their lives for their kids they should have that right. Obviously the police weren’t doing anything!!!!

    3. @Molly Love cops did not handle the situation though. If parents want to protect their children when law enforcement wont they should be able to do so!

  17. The officers lack of action is going to cause a serious breakdown within that community of people against cops. No one will trust law enforcement to help them ever again

  18. I side with the parents who were willing to risk their lives to try and save their children. If they did not succeed , their relatives could honour their memory by knowing they tried .

  19. I hate when people say something “could have been worse”
    That applies to every incident in the history of mankind.

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