1. We are living in the 21 century. This is a tragedy. This is a nation without basic humanity.
    A nation of such technological and scientific advancement and a supposed leader of liberal democracy in the free world.
    Yet a nation cowered into submission by a strident, threatening minority who have misinterpreted the meaning of the second amendment, and will not submit to regulation and scrutiny of weapons control.

    1. @Nexus Six can you read? You told Doris that nothing she wrote would have stopped that school shooting. Maybe not. But if he wasn’t sold two assault rifles because they were outlawed, then less people would have died. And if the law in Texas is that gun purchase isn’t legal until 21 ( same legal age as drinking in Texas ), then it wouldn’t have happened at all.

    2. @Dorota Zapolnik you are wrong. America is the 11th country when adjusted for population in mass shootings between The US Canada and Europe.

    3. @Dorota Zapolnik “self loading assault rifle”??????? Lol 😂 You have never held a gun before have you.

  2. Reagan didn’t mean civilians, he meant to say Black people. There were black panthers hanging out on the Capitol steps in Sacramento prior to his bill being passed.

  3. Let’s keep in mind here as well.. NO GUNS ARE ALLOWED IN THE NRA CONVENTION IN TEXAS.

    Pro gun organization, not allowing Guns into their party. That should speak volumes

    1. @Autistic Fieldmarshall Tell me, other than a shooting range, a farm, or a hunting zone, why does anyone need a loaded gun in their possession?

  4. The school security guard saw the shooter go into the school but made no attempt to stop him – wtf!

    1. They should replace “protect and serve” with “overarmed, untrained and unaccountable”.

    2. @Antti Kalpio I feel the parents of the school kids need to show this person not getting paid enough to be hero a lesson in not getting paid enough to be a hero!

  5. Damn. Thought it was COVID 🤦‍♂️ I guess we’ve moved past that stage. Even then, I thought it would be drugs. But they must mean young kids specifically

  6. And there lies the problem. Look at the percentages of Americans who want reform yet our “Representational” government no longer represents the interests of its people. Why? Because they feel obligated to vote along party lines even if that candidate doesn’t represent their interests. It’s dumb

    1. @RobertusMaximus Got to study the history of this country and how the two parties came into being. This wasn’t an overnight thing considering there were no political parties when the Constitution was finally approved and became the basis for the laws we have today. It all begins with the original planners having disagreements on the best way to rule the country. From that beginning, it morphed into what we presently have. This country had lots of smaller political parties, but over time they condensed to just two major parties. We do have two smaller ones which are the Libertarian and Green parties. Their policies/agenda are way off and are really a niche for some to gather around. In some cases, they act as a spoiler, (a reference to the 2016 election.)

      I don’t subscribe to either party and that’s why the Republican party, which is actually a minority party, is acting the way it is. They need Independents and disgruntled Democrats to vote for their policies. But, if you can’t get them to do that, you need to fix the voting process to make it harder to vote. When you toss in the Electoral College which is biased against the popular vote, you get results like 2016 and what Trump was trying to get in 2020. He was never popular and he knew it, especially after the C-19 fiasco. To this day his fraud comments are based mostly on what the lockdown did to stand in line voting. He spread lies about mail-in balloting and drop boxes or voting by car.

      Right now the Republican Party has a sickness within that will take a “VERY” long time to remove. All you can do is listen, use common sense, and don’t blindly believe in what the politicians are feeding you. I do all of these before I start marking any boxes on the ballot I receive.

  7. Imagine if guns were invented today. And the government said, you need to have a background check, do gun training in order to get a license to purchase this machinery.

    1. @shirox11 The town I live in has a culture of gun ownership. EVERYONE owns guns. Kids grow up learning to shoot and hunt. We have ZERO gun violence. ZERO. Before i lived here I lived in North Long Beach CA, and they had strict gun laws, and there were drive by shootings all the time.

  8. US must change Gun‘s law immediately otherwise there will be more incidents like this in coming tomorrow. Gun with teacher is absolutely not a best solution. More Guns again???

  9. I wonder if Congress would take action on gun control if a politician gets killed by a deranged gunman?

  10. the saddest thing is we been thru this before , we been thru this many times and those gun reform hating Gop’s senators keep putting innocent American lives onto this deadly loop facing this predictable flaw over and over again , it was avoidable , preventable

  11. Just lower the age of owning a gun to 10 years old. Imagine, if every single kid in this school had a gun, this would never happend. USA, USA !!!

  12. The solution is obviously more guns to protect yourself from other people with guns. And if that doesn’t work then try bigger guns. How could that go wrong?

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