Trump reacts to bombshells from John Bolton’s new book

During an interview on Fox News, President Donald Trump reacted to the stunning accusations in former national security adviser John Bolton's new book, calling Bolton a "washed-up guy."
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  1. Who’s with me Impeach the president this week we should start protesting that hard on social media to the news at the pep rally’s

    1. Well the GOP saved him in the Senate. In return for their service they’ll loose majority because of Donald Trump. The Republican party needs to jump off Trump’s sinking ship before he completely collapses the party or plan on loosing alot of seats in the Senate.

    2. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 004

    3. I’ve suggested the same. Impeach Trump again based on asking the Chinese to help him win the election and force the Senate Republicans to make fools of themselves again. At some point, it will all come crashing down on Trump.

  2. If I didn’t know he was lying, and had no ideas of who he was. He did sound like he believes his own lies.

    1. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 003

    1. He already did, it’s called “How to solicit foreign influence for dummies”. Pretty sure it’s on Amazon.

  3. So if Trump wants to go to the Supreme Court to blocks John Bolton’s book” that’s mean Trump already proves that he is guilty like hell”.
    What people cannot understand right there ?

    1. You gave your daughter and son in law a non Senate confirmed position too and they’re both running at the head of the pack of criminal stupidity. So show some consistency and fire them.

    2. Doesn’t mean he’s guilty as hell it means that somebody shouldn’t be giving classified information

    1. @Andrew Walton you must only watch CNN because all they do is try and tear Trump down and devide the people… they never cover the stuff that Trump has done to help our country and it’s citizens….

    2. @Andrew Walton Oh, I forgot. Donny Bone-Spur, the miracle worker. And all these years, I’ve been wasting my
      time praying to Jesus……

  4. The book should be called “the room where I witnessed crimes but decided to do nothing about them until I could personally profit from them”. Bolton and trump are both scumbags.

  5. For a “president” who claims to only hire the best people, he sure ended up with a lot of ‘washed up losers’.

    1. @Kathleen Pacha he has retained a lot of people😆you should think before you speak oh that’s right you are liberal

  6. “The argument is that he breaks the law by revealing confidential information. In other words, Trump is telling us John Bolton is telling us the truth”.
    yeah, the truth you would pay for it. lol

    1. World’s Netizen,
      Don’t be fooled by his indignation. He must love Bolton’s book (which Kayleigh reads to him before beddy time). After all, Lies are the new Truth!

    1. So many literary references apply! Where to begin and end? Kind of orwellian 1984ish with a touch of catch 22. Ah the irony that is life! All I know is I am going camping in the finger lakes of NY with my nurse and going to tune out, turn off the computer and phone and live and love for a solid week🖖

    1. if silence among the population purpetuates racism
      then silence in the Senate purpetuates our corrupt leadership,

  7. How is it that everyone he hires is a washed out loser the moment they quit? Why then does he hire them

    1. Because he figures out they are scum and you love the people he fires, what does that say about you?

    2. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative.

    1. The Trump supporters never get exhausted from making excuses for Their precious king. Loyal to the bitter end.

    2. He is building a wall along Mexico dummy and the WH is secure for all presidents. Are all liberals brain damaged?

    3. They should show pictures of Trump wetting his pants….or the closet where he stores his diapers or “Depends”.

    4. this is what Trump thinks. if you contribute to society at zero and then commit crime, then your life is valued at negative. 002

  8. I just wanna know did Dötardbunker Boy ever got that Elton John CD to his lover in North Korea.

  9. Who would have ever believed that the BIGGEST traitor in US History would be the current sitting President????

    1. Wait a minute it was you liberals that were so afraid that Trump would take us to war. But in reality that would have been Bolton’s wish. Liberals are like a bunch of trophy wives never satisfied with what your rich husbands gives you. I guess Berkin Bags and Bombs was on you wish list. Trump kept us from using the military.

    2. Trump’s personality and “issues” are his and America’s biggest enemies.
      RE: I would tolerate a Mike Pence/Florida Senator Rick Scott ticket.

  10. When people voted him in office they knew he was a bad boy. However, if you vote stupid then you get stupid

  11. America has turned into the story, Animal Farm by George Orwell. Quote: “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

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