Trump Reviving COVID-19 Briefings After Suggesting Ingesting Disinfectant | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I think Trump’s new cure for COVID-19 will be GOYA beans…Trump says… Goya beans are “MUY BUENO”

    1. The GOYA bean cure will be on UTube soon . Donald will make America great. The Virus will just vanish. Go Trump

  2. He’s doing this in place of his rallies that flopped. This way he doesn’t have to worry about attendance. It’s as obvious as water is wet

    1. @sassy oh, he’ll find a way to still embarrass himself. That’s why I’m looking forward to this

    2. Trump has to “stay relevant”, or he would loose that last rattling marble πŸ˜…πŸ˜·βœŒπŸ½

    3. @Ry Doyle Martinis I love to drink them, 2 at the most, 3 I’m under the table 4 I’m under the host. Not my quote

    4. Also he thinks he is not being heard when he says that there is no virus in the US, so he figures if I give a briefing everyday and say there is no virus, eventually people will believe me.

    1. #LieMachineTrump will be spreading during his briefings lies and disinformation as always and his base/voters will be fooled without knowing so being as always

    2. For a guy that is so proud of the ratings he achieved with all those pandemic briefings, it sure looks like any attempt to mitigate the human toll was an abject failure. The reason, of course, was Trump’s domination of those briefings with all sorts of claptrap about how well he and his task force were doing in controlling the virus; how he was the ventilator king and no-one had ever seen anything like this, that or the other. Whether he was in denial all that time or whether he truly believed it would”magically go away” is anyone’s guess. On the positive side, reinstating the briefings gives him more airtime and therefore more opportunities to bury himself even deeper politically – at least as far as rational viewers are concerned.

    3. @Emily Moss exactly. All he cares about is how he looks. If he cared about something else he’d look a lot better. There’s a lesson to be learned there but he’s not going to be the one to learn it. He’s an example to us all of what not to be

    1. @louis albert My life was going to shπŸ’©t since the clown stopped the COVID-19 briefing.I’m alive now . Can’t wait for the fun and hilarious laughter to his rambling, innate bumbling speeches.If you want to join in on the fun just watch him.

    2. IKR? He’s such a buffoon … Individual#1’s Comedy Hour …. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠ

    3. @masterblackthorn Shame Napoleon didn’t heed his own warning ,was fooled by Nelson and thus met his Waterloo.Trump is in the same boat being fooled by his RED HAT MAGATSπŸ˜†

    4. Just leave a camera running with no one else there except for a voice telling him his got the best ratings ever. Even Lincoln’s rating were not this good.

      Hold it inside a federal prison, just to save time.

  3. Wanna bet his briefings turn political and he attacks the Democrats and Biden! I don’t pay attention to Trump. I listen to knowledgeable people. Trump lies like a rug!

    1. Bulls**T Tony…
      At least a rug can lie straight.
      Trump could not lie straight if he was stretched tight on a rack.

    2. I think it’s something more sinister. Ever since the numbers got sent straight to the whitehouse rather than the CDC the curve has begun to ‘flatten’. Every other country had to lockdown in order to get their curve to flatten but apparently the US is doing it just by closing bars in a few states.

      I don’t buy it. I think Trump is faking the numbers to make them go down and he’s gonna use these briefings to basically brag about what a great job the US has done in getting the curve to come down!

  4. Briefings are back baby! I don’t know how I’ve managed without the daily lies, campaign rhetoric, and Sharpie-modified death charts.

    1. Now trump has all the Covid data. There’ll be NO data (that we can see) to contradict anything he says.

    1. @Steve Naranjo Barboza
      It’ll be crazy if Trump starts citing data no one is allowed to see or verify. “Data” That’ll support his downplaying the virus. It won’t be believable except to his rabid followers.

    2. @75joev there will be data… tampered by the WH mind you, but there will be data.
      And he will say…” see there is the data, the data is what we say is the data”.
      And all of the sudden the numbers will drop to “close to zero” “like a miracle” it would be “beautiful”.

    3. EXACTLY! The curve has begun to ‘flatten’ ever since they got control of the data. I give it a few days before the numbers start coming down! Trump is going to use these briefings to brag about what a great job he’s done!

    1. you overestimate the intelligence of at least half of american voters. they rely on spectacle, and a pure hatred for China, Trump will use this to potentially win the election.

    2. @afrofaerie And of that 30%, 1/2 of them aren’t even entirely sure why they’re supposed to hate everyone under the sun. They’re told who to hate but not so much why.

  5. Trump’s criminal incompetence got us here, only our vote will get us out.

    1. @unseenoutdoors s or the orange lying pig who does nothing for the pandemic and sending in Troops to Chicago and Portland even though there haven’t been that ,any violence there

    2. @StevenIsHere I get you have a lot of hate in your heart but I’m just trying to say that they are the same. We need to find someone better!

    3. Lol
      Yeah we’ll get some Gun Confiscation going.
      The Politicians don’t work for the people.
      Pull your head out your bumm

  6. Just a way for him to spew more lies and confuse the public. This kind of propaganda is what you would expect in a fascist regime not a democratic nation like America πŸ§πŸ€”

    1. Thanh Mai. Any member of the public who is still susceptible to confusion with this president is beyond saving.

    1. We got Pompao here today. Mini Trump invited him, we the public don’t want him here or his so called Trade Deal.

    1. jay bomb. True, but we can play games like guessing how many times he mentions the name “Biden” in each briefing. It could be a bookmakers dream.

    2. They won’t quite live up to Trump’s beer hall rally’s usual tenor because the reporters in the audience are not the misinformed rubes who are silly enough to show up just to see Trump live.

    3. If he even talks about anything that’s not the pandemic these ‘briefings’ should be cancelled immediately

  7. Why aren’t media making more of cans of beans on Resolute desk when Trump used the Resolute desk as why he wouldn’t wear mask. Should show vids side by side. Dump sociopath Trump !

    1. How can you say that! He has a tremendous vocabulary. Someone even said that they haven’t met anyone with a better vocabulary than Trump. Haha 🀣

    1. Trump views the world through the lens of a reality TV show. Good ratings are everything in Trump’s shallow mind.

  8. I love the way trump talks about honouring the resolute desk by not wearing a mask behind it, but then uses it as a supermarket bean display. πŸ˜‚

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