Trump Still Has No Plan As COVID-19 Surges In 41 States | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

With The New York Times reporting the coronavirus is surging in at least 41 states, the president offered no new plan to combat the pandemic at his first COVID-19 briefing since April. Aired on 7/21/2020.
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Trump Still Has No Plan As COVID-19 Surges In 41 States | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Jesus Christmas
    The Chosen One has no plan


  2. He has a solid plans. For his re election. Not to save American lives. Tens of thousands more will die because of him. Many Americans won’t even have the chance to vote for his removal. They will be dead before September !

    1. Trump seems to think only Democrats are dying.
      He also seems to think that only Democrats would vote by mail.
      Of course, Trump supporters are more than happy to vote against their
      own self-interest.
      Go figure.

    1. @Manuel I am amused with your support and limited responses . Trump will surely lead you off his cliff, and will never leave you behind.

    1. @j welsh And saying anything and everything he thinks will get him re-elected. He’s so transparent it’s pathetic

  3. No plan, no care in the world. Trump is more focused on throwing out shiny objects to try and distract people from his failures.

    1. With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
      Here we are now, entertain us
      I feel stupid and contagious
      Here we are now, entertain us

  4. Trump’s plan is the same plan he’s always had, which is to keep lying, deflecting, scapegoating, gaslighting, and distracting.

    1. What this lack of plan shows me, is that the wealthy of this country view the economy we all depend on to live, as “overhead”. Something to be cut, culled, trimmed, minimized and marginalized. They don’t need us anymore, in their world, bidding up pieces of paper or digital entries and extracting wealth from American citizens is the real economy. What Trump is doing is following their plan to cull the excess and unneeded population.

    1. A plan to fight the virus would require an American president to spend long hours discussing points of science, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, purchases, budgets, new rules and their enforcement laws—in other words, a huge amount of work requiring long days and nights of endless thinking and planning. Does anyone really believe Trump would choose that over golf?

  5. Know how we can tell Trump doesn’t believe the words he’s reading? Because he has to read it! In his monotone that he reserves for things he feels forced to say.

    1. And to hide in his bunker if it gets any worse. Not to mention calling any news that wants him to take accountability as fake news.

    2. Well it’s mostly old people.. and minorities.. who don’t really contribute to the economy.. easier way to cut social security & welfare.. get rid of the dead weight. I’m sure this is how Trump & the Republicans view it.

    3. @Waryaa Wariiri I have also noticed this, and more importantly I have noticed he never uses “virus free”. What’s that about?

    1. Every day that goes past seems more unlikely that schools will reopen or the economy, until a vaccine is available. The economy will still be closed with gatherings of people for any activity being limited because of the Trump Virus.

    2. Was that BEFORE OR AFTER he identified the camel & elephant???????????????????????????????????????????

    1. I blame NBC, they should have put him (trump) on some back lot with a camera rolling. Telling him his ratings are going through the roof!!!! Instead of cancelling the aprintess…

    2. I would love to see all the reporters stand up and walk out. Don’t give bunker boy an audience once he starts to spout rubbish!

    3. Who STOPS him from getting TV……the REBUTLICANS who get his kick-backs; back-door deals; VLAD’s paychecks; ?????? THOSE ARE THE ONES WE MUST VOTE OUT IN NOVEMBER OR WE W I L L N O T E X I S T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Who should we trust? Dr. Fauci? A man who has dedicated his life to the research of infectious diseases? Or Donald Trump, a man who stared at an Eclipse? You decide. πŸ€ͺ

  7. Cheeto von Tweeto’s plan is to lie about coronavirus, rage tweet, blame others, watch TV, make himself the victim, play golf, lie about everything and figure out how to rig the election.


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