Mulcair: What kind of finance minister can't keep track of his own finances? 1

Mulcair: What kind of finance minister can’t keep track of his own finances?


Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair thinks that Finance Minister Bill Morneau will be forced to resign over the growing WE Charity controversy.


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  1. It was an illegal move,so you have a choice,get charged and step down or get charged and straight to jail.

    1. Bruce Bright U are mistaking….U missed one more option… They will apologize ( like it was before several times) and will be working for Canadians prosperity

    2. Engaging in a conflict of interest is not a criminal act. If it was, there wouldn’t be any conservative politicians.

  2. A $41,000 cheque won’t bury this scandal. This is blatant corruption. Cronies the bunch of them.

    1. @alongfortheride84 Don’t mind them. They have no notion of scale. False equivalency is their bread and butter. So of course they’ve already forgotten the mess that was the Harper gov. Pretty sure Gazebo Tony wasted more than 40k, and his mistake was barely a drop in the ocean.

  3. The $ 41,000 was just the first payment for his $100,000 contribution. We may now never know the amount of the big payoff, but with almost a Billion dollars for grabs the sky would have been the limit.

  4. He knew exactly what was going on and who was paying for what. The guy just looks crooked. Like a Bond villian.

    1. @BoscoHemi Bosco ya he was well liked and respected by most
      probably why the ndp didn’t pick him

    2. @Matthew Matthewq I myself am conservative. I don”t care if it’s the cons, NDP or the Liberals in power. I just want a party that cares about Canada and not their pockets.This batch of Liberals in power is bad news. Not all Liberals are like this bunch.

    3. Wonder why they didn’t boot Jagmeet after the election, I think he lost more seats than Tom in 2015

  5. 40 million in Toronto Real Estate purchased on Queen St.W. This has to be investigated. Morneau should step aside…

    1. @Rory McDonald Tuesday both brothers will testify…than non confidence motion but NDP and Block won’t bring down the liberals. Elections are expensive for the NDP and Block parties.

    2. I listened to Pierre mention this earlier. I have not heard a word about buying prime real estate in Toronto. Could you please be so kind & explain?

  6. 3 strikes you’re out. Or at least that’s how its supposed to be. Trudeau voters will keep voting him in…

    1. lets be clear here Eastern Voters and more specifically Ontario Voters. That lot of idiots re-elected the most corrupt provincial Gov’t in the history AFTER is was exposed. They are just not that bright simple as that.

  7. Complicitly ignorant of the law is no excuse for any breaking of the law. Greed and disrespect are rampant among the top leadership of the standing government. Stealing is stealing even if it’s just for a minute or a second.

    1. Such a broad brush would be needlessly expensive and disruptive. There are better ways to hone in on fraud. Nonprofits should not be overlooked either.

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