Will the deepening WE controversy force Finance Minister Morneau to resign?

McGill's Daniel Beland breaks down the new revelations around Bill Morneau and the WE Charity, including repaid expenses and his family's donations.


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  1. 5:15PM

    1. @Bill Holder Keep in mind, every organization has it’s own definition, so please… be careful.

  2. Just what other funds have elected officials received…that they forgot about…that should be out in the open?

    This whole liberal government is corrupt!!

    This is the guy that called small business owners…crooks!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Gabriel Sagula Nice try but Constitutional Monarchies have proven to be the least corrupt form of Gov’t..

    2. They’re all corrupt. What’s interesting about politics nowadays is a lot of politicians go into government either broke or in debt and come out millionnaires.

    3. @Gabriel Sagula Any form of government is corrupt. It’s the same regardless of who is in power. That’s why declining confidence in government is the main trend right now.

    4. @wifferste ss The cry of the those that see their parties being corrupt.
      They are not all corrupt. There is difference between corrupt individuals and a corrupt party. The Liberals as a party are corrupt. here is question for ya name the last liberal gov’t whose leader was not found guilty of ethics or corruption breaches..

    1. Correct, elitists with off shore accounts, with a dash of narcissistic, socialpath tendencies!

    2. The LIberals are not only corrupt, but sloppy corrupt. Pierre Poilevere really hammered Morneau.

  3. He will be lucky to be able to simply “step down” if there are enough evidence of wrongdoing.

  4. This government needs to go, the rot and corruption runs deep, its leader believes he’s above the law and the taxpayers of Canada.

  5. He should resign…as a finance minister he cannot even provide Canadians the Federal Budget that was due last March. Did he forget about the budget like these trip receipts?

  6. this is embezzlement which is illegal. forget the ethical and moral implications to how wrong this whole relationship is…..actual laws have been broken, OUR MONEY has been used to make these guys and their families richer

    1. That’s what I don’t understand. They have more than enough evidence to prosecute for various financial crimes, why the weak-wristed parliament show?

  7. The funniest part is that they don’t even have a majority so if all of the opposition parties could get on the same page they could have a non-confidence vote. But it seems the liberals have made the calculation that the opposition parties are not going to get along with each other so they’re going to do whatever they want because they’re safe. Some of the anger needs to go towards the majority of opposition seat holders for not voting together and ending this government.

    1. The Liberals keep buying votes from the NDP and Bloc. They sell out their own values for favours and easy wins.

  8. One can only hope so. The corruption in this government know no bounds.
    An independent criminal investigation should commence asap.

  9. Morneau inherited and then married into huge fortunes. He shouldn’t be responsible for handling taxpayer money and anything he does should be 100% transparent.

  10. Morneau is a crook. I figured that out 10 years ago after his company stole the lions share of my pension money after the Nortel bankruptcy.

  11. The bus is coming and Morneau is at the curb, waiting for his buddy Justin to give him a friendly shove.

    1. ‘member berry
      Bill Morneau’s French villa controversy couldn’t have come at a worse time: Editorial

      By Star Editorial Board
      Fri., Oct. 13, 2017

      Bill Morneau failed to disclose to the federal ethics watchdog one of his private corporations – a company that, in a dreadful bit of optics, owns a villa in the south of France –

  12. Resigning would require a strength of character and integrity that they both simply don’t have .

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