Trump Suggests Delaying Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Kids have to go back to school at all costs but we can’t vote?! GTFO!!!! 🤣 He is terrified!!

    1. That’s a good point, Dragonfly84. Trump says the virus is a hoax and now he wants to use it as an excuse to stop the election. lol

    2. John Lightfoot well he’s going to try, and do whatever he can… but no it’s just not possible. This will no doubt be his new favorite talking point until long after elections.

    3. Ty Cox Yes all of us here are hoping we can go to home depot on Election Day! Wooo Home Depot!😏

    4. @Jim B I know this sounds cruel, but either way he will be out of office and that pleases me just fine

  2. If he were confident he was going to win the election he would never have said this.
    Trump knows he is done.

    1. Trump is not leaving office. You should get use to that. He is going to do whatever he has to do to make sure that happens. Do you think trump got to power to do just one term? Hold tight. The madness hasn’t started yet. Putin will come to his rescue

    2. @A pierro Oh, he’s leaving alright one way or another . He can go by his own account or be dragged out by the powers who can.

    1. @Mamma Roma He’s already cleaned house. Filled the WH with crooks and cronies. Sadly, I am in a severely solid blue state. My vote won’t make a difference. As Mayor Daily said, vote early and vote often!

    2. @Cameron Davis a 12 year moratorium on the presidential election is the only option to prevent more democrats death due to the covid through voting. .

    3. @Priyam D the obungler never did anything in a timely manner. Actually he wanted Hillary Clinton to finish us off.

    1. Is that like Pelosi saying “Ya’ll come to Chinatown”.. a week after Trump restricted flights coming from China..???

    2. He’s still trying to stop testing and he’s still holding small spreader rallies and he’s still going maskless.

    1. @Fred Freddy Show the world you are the strongest country on the world. We don’t hate Americans. WE still love your country. How is this even possible?

    2. @barcelonnette It is very much so about Republicans being crazy and corrupt.

      They undermined the 2000 election to place Bush in power. Bush and Cheney used 9-11 to start wars and paint their opposition as terrorists.

      During the Obama years, they became comprehensively obstructionist. They even turned against their own health care plan Obama implemented, The Affordable Care Act.

      trump’s corruption and Republican cult support is just the latest iteration of the Republican Party, which is driven by rural under and miss educated zealots.

      AND, most of us want trump out of power enough to give up a limb if it would aid the cause of his removal.

    3. @barcelonnette We’re worried too. Belgium is a beautiful place. The Benelux countries were my favorite places in the world to visit. Spa and Bruges (pardons if you prefer the Dutch spelling) are fine places.

      It’s a concerning time. I’m pulling levers and turning knobs as best as a lone Oregonian can to thwart authoritarian rule here.

    1. @GSh%t Yep. He’s just gotten a small bump in the polls in the last few days though, but the polls have gone a bit weird. I’m looking at the average for where things are poll-wise. Rasmussen has gone completely nutty. Maybe it balances Quinnipiac, which is too optimist for Biden. I don’t know.

    1. If people can wear masks ti shop at Walmart, then tell me why mail in voting is being pushed so hard by the le ft?

  3. He got rid of the Postmater General and put his own flunkey in he’s reaching to pull a delay. Leave Already! Pathetic

  4. Biden predicted this a couple of months ago. He actually wants to rig an election in the US. This is not Russia mister, we will defend our electoral integrity this time, your Putin tactics won’t work, we are voting you out.

    1. Authoritarians never have the authority to do all sorts of things………….until they do.
      We’re not guaranteed a democracy. It’s not a given. And it’s not permanent.

    1. Yes, if it wasn’t for your strength and defiance think of what he would have done in the past 3 1/2 years? Tell us how you saved us from the Trump, o’virtuous and wholesome one?

    2. Vincent Conti Vincent Conti why? It is a frightening tome in history. The comment did not say the worst. You need to study the comment

    1. My premier did, i have been back at work since April 🤗
      It is sad, i always looked up to America, i thought if any country can control this and help the world, it would be America. What a difference a president makes 🤔

    1. there will be no election dictators dont leave peacefully you have an dystopian dictator ship think the unthinkable dont under estimate a cornered rat

  5. Trump is overwhelmed and knows he is a loser. In 2016, he did not have a track record. Now he does, he is a failed and Impeached President.

    1. @Edward Iannarelli why orange man? biden has been around to fix those problems as a politician for 50years, orange man was a private citizen like you and your mom and therefore not his responsibility

    2. @MR DEW If you have to ask the question tyou would never understand the answer… but why you gotta’ call my mom into this, Trumpette?
      So… If I am not a fan of Trump you assume that I’m all for Joe? 😄
      Give up. You and your man child are lost.

    3. @Bernard Wilson Nope. Wrong, sorry but you are literally describing The Donald’s grandfather.
      Obama was and always will have been born here in the United States and has always been a US citizen. Wanna’ know how I know? Because he freely produced his birth certificate. His whole platform was based on transparency in government being a focal point because that’s what honest people do and government should be honest and not be constantly working an angle to “Trump” the people.

    1. Check out Saudis Arabia sword dance, Trump visits Vatican, isreal Jerusalem us embassy, North Korean no more nuc threats, Soros antifa blm migrant buses to us border, just honestly look at some YouTube videos and think for yourself

    2. there will be no election dictators dont leave peacefully you have an dystopian dictator ship think the unthinkable dont under estimate a cornered rat

  6. Because he knows when he no longer has the protection of the presidential mantle he’s going to P.R.I.S.O.N..

    1. _I’ve been saying that for months now. I’m willing _to _*_BET_*_ he was told_ _there’s a sealed_ *INDICTMENT* _waiting on him and he is terrified._

    2. I hope he goes to prison, but we all know that the rich and powerful get a different treatment from the rest. Privilege is real! Unfortunately there’s no Justice but Just Us

  7. Trump is not stunning, he is unfit. Everything he says is says to cause trouble–and to be the center of it. Unfit. There is no more to the story.

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