Laying Civil Rights Icon John Lewis To Rest | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @bigmitch1961 doesn’t matter just like his claim to throw out the pitch at the yankee game HE WASN’T INVITED 😡😡😡😡😡

    2. @Horror Gamer I see humans I dont see any baby killers why would you even bring that up right now troll elsewhere !!!!!

    3. @bigmitch1961 If he wouldn’t spread the hate trump would be there I guess he like being outcast and placing the blame

  1. Obama and Lewis! Two great men! I’m so glad that trump will not be in attendance, he would only diminish the moment!

    1. Same for Kemp. While he was speaking I went to another video. Unfortunately the people in attendance didn’t have that luxury.

  2. Congressman John Lewis spent his whole life preaching and fighting for True equality for all Americans, but our president just yesterday was speaking and preaching about making sure that minorities can’t move into Suburban areas. Let’s keep Congressman John Lewis Legacy and fight alive by voting our racist president out of office in 2020!

    1. all americans? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA oh stfu with this lie. all he cared about are blacks. he did nothing for everyone else.

    2. @Jamie Cox it (tw) is more like a toilet paper, just use him when you feel like relieving yourself…….it is only good for that

    1. Skylar Bluue I’m sure he is with the lord. I’m as sure that the lord is well please with John Robert Lewis and the life that he lived. Well pleased.

  3. Thank You John Lewis For Everything You’ve Done For My Generation And Generations To Come!!! May God Rest Your Soul In Peace!!! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜”β€οΈ

  4. Gov. Kemp should have been told at the last minute that his remarks were not required and to leave the premises.
    I am offended by his being there and detest the sound of his voice. A voice that we all know is insincere as he just says the words written for political reasons.

    1. So Proud of the Mayor though because she reminded him; as he has a lawsuit against her for mandating masks! She’s following John Lewis, wirh Good Trouble!πŸ’―πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ™

    2. Maybe you should go burn the city to the ground πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Maybe go steal some things?

  5. Rest In Power John Lewis! We need your guidance now more than ever. Help us over the bridge



    1. United we stand. United we will overcome. Trump cannot destroy what thousands of people stand for! The sooner he is out the sooner we can begin to heal

    1. @Alexander Vollmer One more point of the lack of intelligence you show. Not one word of what you just said is proved or it would be on every new station. The fool speaks in conjecture and rumors and once again you have more then proven my point lol

    2. @Horror Gamer , that’s nothing that’s needs proof, it’s basic mathematical logic. One cannot become something if it already is that something. That’s the basic structure of the causality of our universe, known since Aristotle, refined by Schopenhauer and Kant. Start educating yourself by reading this introduction:

      And the latter was proven by himself, just look at his cheap garment in the appearances before the inauguration. Look at the button and the names of the designers or tailors on them. No name on them? They are cheap plastic ones, 5 Β’ each? The fabric doesn’t fall easily like fine wool or silk? Guess the rest of the suit is the same price class. Who wears such thing if it’s not because of a lack of money. Look at the pics with Epstein, even Epstein’s leisure ware is in the four figures. Or better look at his golf clubs before 2016.

    3. @Alexander Vollmer Again you babble trying to make yourself intelligent and continue to fail with liberal logic….if you dont have his tax returns you have no clue what he is worth. Thats why6 they want them so bad lol stop clowning brain lol

    4. His real estate is listed, his businesses too. And his loans also. You can just do them on your own.

    5. @Alexander Vollmer lets have the links…you trying to make trump out to be broke is some funny stuff man but TDS is a strange thing on how it affects people lmao The guy dont take his president pay check and you think he is broke….obama stole the soup in the white house on his way out the door and it was cup O’ soup to boot brah! lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Callie Mae Bordley I’ve watched quite a few funerals,but not in their entirety like today….John Lewis meant a lot to me and the cause…..Cried a lot….laughed a few times and enjoyed everyone who went there to speak….Even Bush looked good…Who would have thought that,huh?……Clinton gave a good speech,but I gotta say–…..Obama ripped the knob off with his beautiful words of hope and prosperity for this nation…..All the words and praise for John Lewis from everyone……Well deserved…..Now don’t make me cry again…lol!..Much Love to you,Callie! #staysafe

  7. Not only do we need to protect the movement that John Lewis helped to create alongside Martin Luther King, we need to further expand on it and push it forward.

  8. His example was one for all people, all people world wide. There is a great country song ” who’s going to fill their shoes ” . It may be about the greats of country music but it can be translated to these men – the Giants of our age are passing. But we have Malala, we have Greta, we have the Parkland children. We have The Dalai Lama. It is so beautiful to see his remains transported over the bridge, the horses and people walking on rose petals. In the past , men would unhitched the horses and put themselves in the traces .

  9. The Republicans should not have the honour of mentioning his name… They were a desgrace in the Senate..
    THEY made excuses for TRUMP & BILL BARR…

    1. Horror Gamer I have a low IQ ??? Compared to a trump supporter I’m a genius , and compared to trump , well my dog is way smarter ……SAD

    1. Rumor has it Kemp is being blackmailed by Epstein/Maxwell/Wexner Mafia which is why he is so Pro-lsraeI. Kemp is way-deep in human trafficking…

  10. They should not have let one racist Republican say anything about John Lewis he would just be lying

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