Trump takes mic at a wedding and pushes 2020 election lies 1

Trump takes mic at a wedding and pushes 2020 election lies


TMZ obtained video of Former President Donald Trump giving a speech at a Mar-a-Lago wedding where he continued to push lies about the 2020 election.

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    1. @Mom Of4Kids
      So you’ve never listened to Trump try to speak? A con-man tossing a word salad pretty much describes Donny. “Covfefe?”

    2. @Wrong Hole Seriously? Still defending this sorry excuse for a human being after being the main reason 550.000 people died due to his pathetic response?

  1. This so reminds me of a furturama episode where Calculon says to the married couple that its there day, then starts singing “who’s singing at your wedding, its Calculon, its Calculon, its Caculoann”

    1. Biden spread misinformation about the intervention of Russia in the election, without any evidences…CNN: “That’s fine. No need for Fact Checks”.

    1. @Dawn Sullivan Grow some manners. Your comment absolutely had nothing to do at all with the original exchange. You just decided to find somebody that you could, in the former officeholder’s favorite word, be “nasty” to.
      One is so sorry that apparently the only emotion that you are capable of expressing yourself in is hatred and vitriol for no reason whatsoever other than to be desperately contrary.
      NRN EOD – One does not engage in further discourse with those who present such infantile behavior.
      ‘bye now

    2. @Queens Rule – you need to pass on that advice to CNN. They can’t be bothered to report from the immigration facilities because the dear leader Biden has not given permission but you leftists are wasting time on trump speaking at a private wedding?

  2. …The oldest and strongest human emotion is love. The oldest and strongest form of love is not just of self but of others…

    1. Na he’s the goat hold yourselves to the same standard you hold trump lol anyone against him will lose

    2. @Richard Reese I’d argue that “tds” is actually a symptom that his own supporters suffer from. .. a lot of y’all actually believed he’d still be inaugurated after losing the election lol

    1. Bass player says “Can we start playing Dancing Queen?” Or bass player says “Can we just get paid and leave?”

    1. @Boom ds Graduate?? Trump never graduated from anywhere. He is so ashamed of the fact that Americans FIRED HIM, that he’ll never stop lying about it.

  3. Groom to wife, you said Jon Stewart was going to do the comedy, The Bride, he said he was Jon Stewart.

  4. Why have your wedding at the BIG TENT if you didn’t what to see the clown act?
    An about me toast to y’all bride and groom!

  5. The couple, just starting their lives together, subjected to the big lie. That’s bad juju and completely tasteless. I would demand a refund.

  6. POV: it’s your wedding and the best man had to cancel last minute so you hire a local lunatic and hope for the best

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