Suez Canal back open after crews free giant ship blocking it 1

Suez Canal back open after crews free giant ship blocking it


The Ever Given container ship has been dislodged and is now floating after blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week. CNN's Ben Wedeman takes a look at how crews managed to dislodge the massive ship from the vital shipping channel.

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    3. @Deleted Being I think you need to acquaint yourself to a concept known as “surface area” specially in relation to wind and sail.

    4. @Ozz Lee ohhh HA! Your absolutely not on point with any circumstance of that situation, bahhhhhahaha! Oh no I’ve got to meme this we are all around the world going to enjoy this one! let me screen shot that real quick like we do most CNN comments that you all base your facts on

  1. Maybe they should make it wider and put in buffers so if a ship hits the side it would bounce off instead of getting stuck

    1. @Michael Garrity just an ideal,something should be done to keep this happening again,I’m no expert.Gas has gone up by $.30 in a couple days

    2. @Joe Schmoe
      The Suez canal. is 120 miles long and about 205 metres wide. I wonder how The Ever Given hit the canal’s east bank.

    3. I think people still don’t understand how BIG the Ever Given is. It’s basically BIGGER than the Empire State building, it’s bigger than any of the US battle carriers, it’s too big for this canal. And these ships are growing bigger faster than the infrastructure that are available.

  2. I heard that a particularly high tide, due to a full moon, was very helpful in raising the water level and freeing the ship. Other than that report on the Weather Channel, I haven’t heard any more about the role of the high tide.

    1. That would figure. The work ethic exhibited on this one was shocking. Rather, the lack of one.


    2. hm. I bet, nobody had seen this (tide and the moon) coming. tides usually come surprisingly. hear hear.

  3. They keep talking about the “lost revenue” for Egypt but I’m wondering if it’s just “delayed revenue” since most ships are still waiting to get through and they will eventually…so they will pay. Yes, some might have diverted to the horn of Africa but I don’t think that’s a large number.

    1. I remember doing Pirate Operations. It’s just a system of Submarines gathering sound signatures that some engines make and let’s the Government’s know what we see. If you have a satellite dish you can actually receive that information if you buy Martine transit equipment.

    2. Judging by the queue, I think there will be many ships that can still find it cost less to sail around the Cape.

  4. Interesting they congrats the Egypt, boskalis/smith dutch company freed the ship. The same company who also does work on the canal before.

    1. 1- The Dutch salvage company SMIT contributed only ONE tugboat out of almost a DOZEN Egyptian tugboats.

      2- Egypt singlehandedly excavated and dredged thousands of cubic meters of sand before the tugboats started pulling and pushing.

      3- The salvage plan was developed by the Suez canal authority two days before the Dutch arrived, and when they arrived they commended the plan and suggested no further changes.

      Credit goes to Egypt, though Dutch and Italian contributions are hailed as well.

  5. “Alp guard” and “Carlo Magno”, these were the two high-sea mega tug ships that participated in the salvage

  6. The enormous container ship blocking the Suez Canal finally sailed away on Monday, after spending nearly a week blocking billions of pounds of shipping through the vital trade route..

  7. The Ever Given container ship sailled away and said:
    I’ve never forgiven my self for it..
    It’s Ever-Stuck from now on.

  8. The Suez Canal is important because it is the shortest maritime route from Europe to Asia. Prior to its construction, ships headed toward Asia had to embark on an arduous journey around the cape of good hope  at the southern tip of Africa. Because of its strategic location, the canal is both heavily used and heavily protected.

  9. Good grief!
    Supply chains notwithstanding…we’ll survive.
    This “early release” IS of course a bummer for 24/7 news.
    3 cheers for the MOON by the way.

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