Trump Trial Nightmare? WH Aides Have Legal Duty To Testify | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Donald Trump’s impeachment is teeing up a clash over whether the Senate will call witnesses to testify about his Ukraine plot, and in this special report, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down how cabinet officials have a Constitutional obligation to testify. The segment reports on basic fact often overlooked in recent impeachment debates, many of the witnesses key to the case have already testified before Congress several times over matters far less important than the Ukraine scandal that got Trump impeached, including current government officials like Sec. Pompeo and Atty. Gen Barr. Aired on 12/20/19.
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Trump Trial Nightmare? WH Aides Have Legal Duty To Testify | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. “WH Aides Have Legal Duty To Testify” – the key is they have a legal duty. They purposely ignore that duty.

    1. @Kevin Mcneil Yeah….hilarious. The same imbeciles who claim – ‘Why can’t be have witnesses?!?!?’ And now that the Senate has to host a trial…magically – ‘No witnesses.’ Imbeciles.

    2. @Chase Rayfield baseless really ! fuckoof you Russian POS…trump and the entire GOP are corrupt and acting in the best interests of Russia, you supporting trump makes you an enemy of the state. Congress should declare trump an enemy of the state!

    1. @a. barker That I will admit was uncalled for and just plain stupid. One of his unforced erors. At least I am fair and objective, unlike liberals who are craven idiots.

    1. Republicans be like –
      Investigators: We’re collecting evidence.
      OJ Simpson: No. Your investigation is a fraud.
      Investigators: Alright. Sorry for bothering you, sir. Here, take this parking ticket. Your vehicle was illegally parked at Nicole’s place.
      OJ Simpson: Those bloody gloves are going to stay in my safe until I can burn them.

  2. Why even spend any time talking about fricking legal duty. There has been and will be none from the WH. Have you not been paying attention?

  3. A ‘witness’ can be a lot of things. Of course there have been human witnesses already who the GOP calls career-burocrats, in line with their Führer who has to insult good people every day. But there are enough other substantiating, circumstantial, non-disputed tv/radio/interview/tweet material witnesses.
    This sham of a president should be ttied himsélf, he’s in hiding behind lawyers and court-cases.
    Trump must be grand-juried himself. I bet ya, after max. 1 minute he’ll already have perjured himself. Not that he would realize it. He’s just a pathological f*cking liar.
    And before he takes the stand there must be Bolton, Mulvaney, Barr, Pompeo and Giuliani.
    And all requested documents must be released.
    All of this is witness material so all of it should be brought to the trial.

    1. Exactly!!!… The Only way you could Possibly get the TRUTH out of T-Rump would be to hook him up to a LIE DETECTOR TEST MACHINE!!!!… but then you run the chance of it Blowing Up the Entire Machine!!!😜😝😣😒😡

  4. So many men shamelessly willing to sell their soul, betray their oath of office and be emasculated by a con-man which will surely end up in the trash bin of history.

    1. So many & WOMEN willing to $ell their soul? Yes it’s what the people Voted when they put their Trust in others instead of Controlling our Society😉

    2. 1952mclean ; “That incompetent , lying ,
      extortionist, corrupt, Illigitimate excuse of a president is already in a trash bin 🗑 that he has created “. That, my fellow Americans is writing on the Rational Wall of Honesty !!!

    3. You should meet the guy’s at work that voted for Trump I told them from the begining .He was more corrupt than Hillary .that was before he was elected .

    1. McDonalds need to stop selling those “Obama Meals” order anything on the menu and make the guy behind you pay for it….

    2. @Billy Cole II but then the guy behind them paying for it is paying for it without his own money. He’s paying it with a pocket full of lunch money given to him by his daddy. And what’s funny is you’re trying to be smart Obama and his wife does not even eat fast food. So there are no Obama meals more like Trump dump meals. You’re so dumb it’s pathetic I might be going to laugh at you,you’re just sad.

    1. @bulldog Brown You were correct on many points, but robust stock market? Past two years I’d say its fairly volatile. Trending upward slightly, but hardly “robust.”

    1. What is with our justice system? If any American ignored a supeona or didn’t show up in court there would be a bench warrant out for our arrest. So the White house says don’t testify and they listen to Trump instead of the law or God forbid their own morality?

    2. Raymond – are you asking trump’s DOJ to do the right thing? Not gonna happen as long as Barr is trump’s AG.

    3. He never committed a crime. It’s call executive privilege. Dems have to go to the courts and let the judge decide who testifies. That is the process. Dems don’t have time to go to court so they just charge him with obstructing Congress.

  5. No matter what happens the GOP has lost credibility for at least a generation, until people forget this debacle.

    1. Considering that Trump only win by a small margin the three or 4 states that gave him a majority electoral votes, ha may not survive 2020 if only a small margin of Republicans, independents, and DINOs change their perspectives and vote Dem. It will be real close. However, the Republicans are very good at cheating, so…….

    2. Republicans be like –
      Investigators: We’re collecting evidence.
      OJ Simpson: No. Your investigation is a fraud.
      Investigators: Alright. Sorry for bothering you, sir. Here, take this parking ticket. Your vehicle was illegally parked at Nicole’s place.
      OJ Simpson: Those bloody gloves are going to stay in my safe until I can burn them.

  6. hold their feet to the fire until all their flesh is burnt, lousy, no good rotten scoundrels. Are we great yet people?? i believe not.


    2. @Rich .D they are to you but they are profound.only idiots would have witnesses to exonerate them and not use them.

    3. @Rich .D Why are you saying this to Dana?… You’re talking to Ari, not Dana. I think you are very confused here. This is not the place for you.

  7. How can the Republicans blame the Impeachment trial for NOT having any first hand witnesses, when the first hand witnesses are refusing to testify. And to top it off they are NOT testifying because Drump told them not to. Isn’t going against a subpoena against the law, and isn’t Drump party to the law? If that’s not pots and kettles I don’t know what is.

    1. To all the morons, Republicans are using this as a political stunt, they are withholding testimony till they can come uncontested in the senate and also they don’t have to follow subpoenas unless Supreme Court rules so

  8. Fact check: Trump and his cohorts don’t care about the law so you better start impeaching and arresting EVERYONE!

    1. @voodooblue61 blue I think it was your boy obama who said, “There are consequences to elections” House Dems ran a kangaroo court, now Nancy can send it to the Republican senate…what do you think will happen? buwhahahahahahha and Trump is still your president…Merry Christmas…

    2. @Billy Cole II Oh how cute- you are repeating deranged Chump’s talking points- like “kangaroo court.” Yes elections do have consequences- like when a lying, cheating, draft dodging orange baboon somehow gets elected fake president than the baboon sh*t will fly! Maybe you would like to go to court and have the jurors openly say they think you are guilty and do not want to hear any evidence. See how you like that! Talk about a “kangaroo court!”

    1. @Patrick Bullard Im positive you have no judgment skills or common sense and I bet it takes you an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.

    2. @Keoki Ciervo The only point you make is that you are a sore loser. The president was put into office like every president before him.

  9. #45 isn’t a king! We as the people have right to hear testimony of all involved! Put them in jail if they don’t testify

    1. this mad-dog Trump doesn’t realise or fully aware that he is a crazy dog that barking were worthless,,he is not worth a single taxpayer money to a trial, throw him into the Guantanamo Prison without any trial,stop BARKING to my CHINA,,you are a deceiver,a cheat,a betrayer and BORN a liar,,Trump`s wife love my CHINA

    2. @Rod Allen and let Trump and his cronies tamper with yet another election? Do you read history? This has been done before. This is the beginning of fascism. Our elections are what sets us apart from Russia. We seem to be floating downstream in murky waters toward Putin. WHY do I think so? Trump’s OWN WORDS. The Mueller Report did not exonerate Trump. This Ukraine call tells us that this President is dangerous to our national security. He has yet to condemn Putin for what he did in our last election. He’s invited Russia into our White House several times. He’s had private meetings where he does not allow American press or transcripts released. He’s begged to our allies to have Putin readmitted to the G-7 – the guy who tampered with the symbol of our democracy. What else do you need to convince you that this President is not working FOR AMERICA- he’s working for himself. He’s a corrupt conman. His narcissistic ignorance is a danger to our country. We can’t wait – he needs consequences. I don’t know about you- but I do not accept a man of his moral character to be the President of my country. My bar is much higher than a man like Trump.

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