1. The only country benefiting is China. Not Russia, not Iran, China. China is gonna get mineral rights to the area soon, thus allowing for them to expand

    2. which was probably a small price to pay for pulling out of Afghanistan in the grand scheme of things. What’s done is we finally left. It could have been better, but it is what it is now and I just wish Joe Biden could have handled it better instead of cowering behind a 12+ month old excuse. If 12+ months is not enough time to make a difference then how much time is? 20 more years? Joe Biden says this himself. So “Stop it. Get some help.”

  1. Republicans have made double speak, hypocrisy, re writing history and back peddling into Olympic sports.

    1. @Great Spirit You are trying to compare 4 years in office to 7 months and would likely excuse many of Trumps failings as caused by the pandemic, but ignore that Biden inherited a pandemic and was therefore similarly hindered from the beginning. That said.

      1: He drastically improved relations with foreign allies and reestablished the US as a threat to her enemies.
      2: Rejoined the Paris Agreement and took active steps to fulfill that agreement.
      3: The Covid vaccine program. (Could be argued as a negative, but definitely not for under doing it.)
      4: Covid relief program. (double dipping a little, but this was more economically focused)

      And well… 5: “Officially” ended the war in Afghanistan. (I use quotes cuz I don’t believe we’ll actually stay out and cuz lets be honest, he didn’t have a lot to do with it frfr)

      Mind you that everything and mean like EVERYTHING he has done or tried to do has been actively blocked or hindered by the GOP even to their own detriment.

      And that’s the other thing, I won’t cite it as an achievement, because it’s the weirdest and dirtiest double edged sword I’ve ever handled. I’ve never trusted the government or politicians, they do shady stuff on the daily, but the level of corruption Trump ramped it to was absolutely cartoonish by comparison. It’s a “relief” to have dudes in charge with “normal” levels of corruption. I think they got a good shake up though, maybe it’ll translate to realization of what they do can lead to when unchecked by morals. I doubt it though.

    2. Well if memory serves me right the southern democratic switch to republican party loyalties didn’t happen until the 1980’s and 1990’s. The southern strategy by Nixon to rally the democrats of the south to vote for him also failed because he wasn’t spewing racist stuff. I find if funny that the party switch of the south, the 20/21 supposed democrats turned republicans in the 1960’s and 1970’s, stayed democrats and died as racist Jim Crow democrats. Interesting how those seats after the racist democrats died turned republican. Just saying both sides re write history to look good or as good can be. Like Democrats of today are not the Confederacy of past years while having Kamal Harris (slave like labor lover it seems) as VP who shares similar qualities or sympathies for the Confederate model. Just saying. Maybe I am wrong, but I’m pretty sure the library of congress begs to differ if the historical records are to be believed.

  2. well…the articles of surrender in the Doha deal with the taliban was signed by trump and his cronies on behalf of America…wondering how much they getting behind the scenes for the deal.

    1. Well, theres reports that afghan president had so much cash some was left on the tarmac because his helicopter couldnt take the weight when he fled. Contrary to Bidens speech, the loyal afghan soldiers ready to fight were told to stand down by their government. Trump will get away with another crime and another bag of money. There are some people above the law.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis
      Biden had shred Trump’s deal long ago from what I learned unfortunately. It was Biden’s deal with Taliban that causes Americans facing violent deaths in middle east now

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis and it was. Biden administration who said that Afghan government could stand within 90 days which in fact collapsed within 9 days. Not Trump.

      and it was biden who promised that Americans will be safe, which apparently opposite of the fact.
      And apparently it was Biden administration have the withdrawal unplanned and recklessly prepared.

    4. Or you know Biden could just disregard that deal like every other deal. I don’t know why you guys think each administration HAS to go lock in step with the previous one. Isn’t the whole point of having Biden win over Trump to make differences and change. Clearly Biden didn’t want to make a change or refused. Stop blaming Trump when Biden could have made changes. Is Joe Biden not his own person?

    1. Trump was right to leave the Afghanistan but Biden was wrong to botched the evacuation. And shame on Biden to brag that it was himself to end it.

    1. @Régolute Arbre Did I mentioned “Trump”⁉️ You should “explain to me how Trump is Putin’s puppet” because you are very interested in him and you sound like you know a lot‼️

    2. @CandREntertainment Trump administration’s deal to withdraw American troops, “the Taliban committed to preventing other groups, including Al Qaeda, from using Afghan soil to recruit, train, or fundraise toward activities that threaten the United States or its allies.” Useless Joe just pulled the troops out first leaving thousands stranded. Democrats have no plan just chaos.

    3. @Régolute Arbre True but a Trump had a plan. Now we have chaos and Americans, gays and women should be very worried especially when catching planes. Trump administration’s deal to withdraw American troops, “the Taliban committed to preventing other groups, including Al Qaeda, from using Afghan soil to recruit, train, or fundraise toward activities that threaten the United States or its allies.” Useless Joe just pulled the troops out first leaving thousands stranded. Democrats have no plan just chaos.

    1. @RAZORBL879 I’m so sorry you’re European. We can’t all be superior!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. She should have also mentioned that the RNC refused everything from their page mentioning that Trump and his administration said or did any of that.

    1. @maria schultz There is plenty of evidence that supports exactly what she said. Mike Pompeo actually had his and the Taliban leaders picture taken together right after signing the agreement with them. You can watch the video right here on YouTube. P.S. Trump let that leader out of prison.

    2. “WE DON’T WANT CENSORSHIP!…Excuse me while I scrub these old statements that would make me look bad.”

    1. @2510cp Weak Joe and woke Democrats are more concerned about putting transgenders in the military than world peace. Pathetic.

    2. @Bigbradwolf I hate the term “woke” it just goes to show the ignorance of some people,if you knew anything about the war in Afghanistan then you shut your mouth, the war was started by the bush administration, as a result of 911. Trump started the pullout in the most stupid way he announced to the world when the troops would be starting to withdraw. What kind of leader does that? The kind that wants to give the enemy a heads up.

    3. @Charles Pierce Blaming Trump now is pathetic and typical of leftists and the media who won’t take responsibility for their weak puppet leadership. Gays, women and Americans catching planes should be very worried from now on. Biden has caused chaos. Democrats seem more worried about putting transgenders in the military than having world peace. Liberalism is causing insanity

    4. The American citizens and allies are grateful to Joe Biden for being left behind….
      They’re both equally bad at this point.

  4. It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer victims parts. Got inside Dahmer refrigerator. So Dahmer blames his victims s. As well as Ted Bundy blames his victims got in the way of his psychotic way. It’s like Hitler blamed the JEWS of the Economy.

    1. THAT comment barely sounds even semi literate. As a crime tv buff, Jeffrey Dahmer apologized repeatedly & cried while he was in court. He said he didn’t even understand why he did the things he did.. JS…

    1. Well the Democrats have the next closest Confederate lined up to take the office once Joe Biden leaves if at all. Kamala Harris so their is that as well. Neither party is great. One is “Broken on Purpose” and the other let the Confederate walk into D.C.

    1. When you sign to retreat with the enemy, tell your home country “A government that wouldn’t last. The only way they last is if we’re there… the whole thing is ridiculous. We’re bring our troops back home,” then its a surrender, not a retreat. Trump signed to surrender to the Taliban.

    1. Cmon now everything is trumps fault. Even the 50th president will be blaming trump for the world’s problem

    2. Regardless of who’s fault it is as standing president biden should have handled that situation alot better

    3. Exactly! Its NOT that they pulled out, it’s HOW. And in the process, handing the Taliban billions of dollars of your OWN equipment. How can this stupid Woman defend that. Absolutely unbelievable.

    4. Trying to turn this on trump looks pathetic. Im actually cringing, and embarrased for this Woman. Jesus.

    5. @edmundo oliver and so your saying Biden had no ability to address the situation and make changes to the agreement? I guess he is the weakest most pathetic President in America’s history. This wasn’t Trumps plan or fault he’s not the President, Biden is

  5. I live with a narcissist. There’s no logic or winning with them. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t…all for their own interest.

    1. Biden has no excuse. MSM has no excuse. BLM, no excuse. The hand of God is coming for the evil ones.

    2. @Jack Offsenberger I’m sorry you’re upset. I hope you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.😔

    3. True of all narcissists, but this doesn’t work to help Joe Biden either since he had 12+ months of advance notice and 7+ months to plan and execute it. Neither side gains a point and we are all dumper for having heard and witness them both.

    1. Well either you hate or love Trump they sure cannot stop talking about him like a cult.

      It is truly disturbing to see the human mind regress so much that reality isn’t a physical notion for them anymore.

  6. Urban dictionary has a definition for it already but it is time for Merrian- Webster to add forgainst as a word and credit it to Republican political speak or Sarah Silverman.

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