Fox News Hosts Push People To Animal Anti-Parasite Drug As Covid Medicine 1

Fox News Hosts Push People To Animal Anti-Parasite Drug As Covid Medicine

Rachel Maddow looks at reports that some people in Mississippi have accidentally poisoned themselves trying to follow the junk science advice of right-wing media figures pushing ivermectin as Covid medicine, against the advice of an increasingly exasperated medical community already strained beyond capacity by Covid patients misguided by vaccine disinformation. 
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  1. It makes sense they would trust a medicine meant for livestock. After all they are mindless sheep blindly following FOX hosts.

    1. @Dan Greene You’re preaching to the choir, Dan. Most people on this page have been guzzling Kool-Aid far too long.

    2. MAGAs are unable to adapt to a new reality and they’re dragging the whole country down. Let evolution follow its course. Nothing else we can do.

    3. @Abelis Thankyou , I cannot answer all your questions with absolutely assurance, I can tell you he was about six one and about hunderd and eighty pounds never had any underlying conditions. He was also a lawyer so he was well informed and aware what was going on. Now can I blame this solely on this vaccine ? No I can’t. When he died my brother and my sister in law were in such a state of shock, so they had him cremated without a autopsie. So I don’t know , but it makes me wonder . Thankyou for saying you feel my loss . He was like the son I never had.

    4. @Yank ee Like to many Americans , and I don’t know how you reach these people. . Facts mean nothing . Questioning means you are not informed. Follow the narrative and don’t question whats put out by the media. I fear for my country.

    1. @Al Greenwood Not good enough
      you do not let children do that stuff…
      they should be punished, until they are, this nation is DOA

    2. Sir Nut Job. Joe Biden just handed over Afghanistan to China because China needs minerals like Lithium. The unlimited supply of Lithium will enable China to surpass the US in electric car battery manufacturing in time for the CCP’s economic and military take over of the US in 2042. You are distracted and dumb and they know it and they are busy dividing this country by unfettered immigration, race wars and political affiliation harm. .

    3. He’ll NO We’re Mask Free Vaccine FREE!!! Y’all
      I’ll make the SMARTEST choice 4 Me ! Horse
      DEWORMER an Fabricated Cures , SIGN ME UP !

    4. FOX NEWS

  2. These Faux News anchors should be banned for encouraging people to take “POISON” instead of getting vaccinated.

    1. Hey I kinda gotten used to my Lysol Toddie with the Oleander Swizzle stick ! Seriously you PEOPLE what’s wrong with you , Jeez Dude, You Guys are Nuttier than ,,,

  3. If you remember Kathleen Freeman’s laugh in Support Your Local Sheriff, that’s the sound of my laugh right now

    1. Joe Biden just handed over Afghanistan to China because China needs mineral like Lithium. The unlimited supply of Lithium will enable China to surpass the US in electric car battery manufacturing in time for the CCP’s economic and military take over of the US in 2042. You are distracted and dumb and they know it and they are busy dividing this country by unfettered immigration, race wars and political affiliation harm. .

    2. @Regulatory Affairs Hey q what’s up? You are projecting. Trump and his crony republicans made China much stronger while severely hurting the USA and even hurting some allies. You have no clue what is going in the USA or the world, except to state fact as fiction, and fiction as fact.

    3. @Regulatory Affairs AND, you left out that Trump and republicans are the main cause for what is happening in Afghanistan! It was they that surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban, _for nothing in return!_ Just Like Trump did in Syria, except Syria was even worse!

    1. @Yank ee Wow, such hostility! I said nothing about Ivermectin being prescribed by any physician, or about Fox News. My reaction is towards people who, on their own, reject a proven solution for one that’s not intended for humans and is potentially extremely dangerous. Because I’m not an ignorant fool, and I care about others (whether they share my political beliefs or not), I don’t want anyone to get sick and potentially die.

      Maybe ask yourself what causes you become so angry, and react with such unkindness toward a total stranger who happens to share an opinion different than your own?

    2. Never took chemistry, eh? Probably should. You’ld look less ignorant. Ivermectin and chloroquine are drugs used to deal with non-viral infections. Any antiviral effects they might have would be unintended. It’s rather like the idiots who go to the doctor with the flu demanding an antibiotic. The difference between a drug prescribed by a veterinarian and by an MD is dosage, and potentially quality controls during production. It _is_ the same drug. You take ivermectin, and if it doesn’t poison you, it will atleast clear up any intestinal parasites you might have had.

    3. @Yank ee She never said it was prescribed. No physician in their right mind would prescribe it. But this does not stop the stupid viewers of Fox from getting at their feed store and using it. She provided proof, with actual video of Fox hosts promoting it. More proof from the Mississippi dept of health encouraging people NOT to use it because they have had to treat people who have.
      But of course, if you can be fooled into believing trump won the last election, that my pillow guy has access to more resources and information than the federal government and can prove it, then you have been trained to ignore what you see, ignore what you hear and believe what you wish for.
      Just another Marshmallow snowflake.

    4. @V V both drugs you have listed have been on the market for years, unlike the vaccines, and are found to be safe and effective for humans at safe doses. These drugs, are even sold without prescription in low doses. Why do any of you watch this crazy woman, who comes up with half truths? I am sure there were some people that did take these drugs meant for horses, not everyone can be as smart as people who watch Rachel and who think everything she says is honest to God’s truth!

  4. Fox host love to say “we’re not doctors, who are we to push the vaccine “. Then turn around the very next day with promoting horse deworming meds .

    1. @Stone Men Exactly, ivermectin is cheap and old so they’ll never admit it works. Once a drug gets so old they can’t patent it anymore so they discard it and invent something new and expensive that makes you need other pills for the side effects

    2. @J Rich Here’s another;” Efficacy of Non pharmacological interventions to prevent…” You’ll see masks were found to have “no significant effect” on flu transmission since before covid. Now they claim masks completely wiped out flu worldwide, but not quite enough people wore them to affect covid.

    3. Yet, the YouTube ‘doctors’ think they know all there is to know about COVID. It’s strange how thst works.

  5. When is FOX gonna be held accountable for their dangerous “News”?! These poisoned people should sue FOXnews

    1. Unfortunately they’ve already admitted in court that they are not new, they are entertainment. Late last year Tucker Carlson attorneys said the same, that no one in their right mind would think that they are stating facts. I think they should be required to run a disclaimer ahead of their fake news to inform their viewers that it is hyperbole and entertainment and should not be taken as factual news. That would easily remedy the problem.

  6. ‘Survival of the fittest’ isn’t just about the physically ‘fittest’ amongst us…

    “Stupid is as stupid does…” – Forrest Gump

    1. You’re an ignorant fool and so is this pseudo-journalist. No one has prescribed the equine Ivermectin formula and no other news venues, Fox included, is suggesting that that’s the Ivermectin that’s been found to be effective against Covid – no one! No one suggests that the formula for pergolide that controls equine Cushing’s is the same pergolide formula that keeps Parkinson’s Disease under control – no one!. This so-called female is liar! She spins, twists (skews) and prevaricates everything she reports on. Everything is filtered through her diseased leftist brain. If you buy into her or her ilk, your life is a mess, or soon will be.

  7. Maybe when someone actually dies, their excuse of “nobody sane listens to what we say” will stop holding up in court. I doubt it, though.

  8. The irony is that these people are the same idiots saying “don’t be a sheep” YOU’RE TAKING HORSE DRUGS

  9. While admitted to hospital after taking Ivermectin the doctors attending gave the good news first … you are clear of worms.

  10. Hannity and Carlson: Where are the wire fraud charges? Throw these frauds and liars in prison for the next 20 years.

  11. “They love the poor and uneducated” lol. Just heard Alabama poison control gets alot of calls from people doing this

  12. This is why the “No reasonable person would take what we say seriously” defense does not free Fox News hosts from responsibility towards their gullible audience. By now they know their audience isn’t reasonable and they still do this stuff.

  13. Downing horse dewormer while claiming the vaccine is unsafe, lol. Stupidity of this caliber deserves to be weeded out.

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