1. Those Afghan soldiers who have deserted and surrendered without a fight, will have the chance to redeem themselves by guerrilla warfare , to protect innocent Afghans left behind. By being incognito, they have the same advantages as the Taliban, Their American training gives them the skill sets to fight with the same weapons as the Taliban and there are loads of them hanging around. We should not write them off yet.

    2. @hilton sue I think they surrendered because of the leader ship, its impossible all 300K men surrendered

    3. Those are the old anti-soviet mujahedeen. They put together a rag tag army of abandoned soviet vehicles for the fight there’s about 6,000 troops up in there. When I first read your comment my mind went to ISL, glad I was wrong

    4. yeah if they are able to use that as a way to encourage others to fight back they’ll get their country back.

  1. It’s back to the Dark Ages for Afghanistan, and back to the Taliban reign of terror for the Afghani people. But Biden bears little responsibility for what is happening now in Afghanistan; he was stuck in a Catch-22 situation with no good choices left to be made. What needs to be studied and rectified is how it came to that point, rather than just trying to scapegoat onto the current U.S. President the inevitable results of two decades of bad policies, which is counterproductive and unlikely to accomplish anything.

    1. Yes Wily, the chump did and deliberately i have no doubt, make and leave a royal mess for Biden to clean up, but here is what i’ve posted elsewhere:
      Look, Honestly, it doesn’t even really matter, who is or is not, “MOST” to blame for the utterly insane Dysfunction of what’s happening with Afghanistan right now (yes, chump is again, a POS and a BIG phat hypocrite); or we could even blame the Neighbor’s Ferret, but bottom line, this is just SOP for the u.s. of a.

      We cannot truly expect, that suddenly the ruling klass is going to do ANY better, for even their own Military over there, when look what its done to returning Vets from all other Wars, here! So many are now Homeless and/or physically and/or mentally messed up with not alot of good care. Some are too stoned most of the time to even notice what their condition(s) truly represent considering what they sacrificed for “their” america.

      And just look at what we do to Bodies of Color, and Women, and other Minority Groups, right here, in the united states: if we can’t do better than we tragically (don’t) do RIGHT HERE – then Please, don’t have any illusions of how little we are really going to accomplish near half a day – away! And this kountry’s MIStreatment of all the Aforementioned has been done by All types of Political Parties and POTUS. Its just not gonna be any more than they calculate it will take to quiet the Public Outcry (what’s politically expedient)! 😭

    2. It didn’t help that trump and his cronies signed the Doha deal with the taliban (while leaving the afghan gov’t with very little say in the negotiations). Wondering what trump also got as a “reward” for the deal…everyone knows trump won’t do it unless there is something good for him.

    3. First you blame him for open borders at Mexico now its this Afghanistan evacuating mess you fks don’t give up.
      For a 4 star 🇺🇸 general to be clueless is deeply concerning. For a potus and vp and press secretary to be AWOL during this is also appalling.

    4. Really!? Bidens had the intel and power for over 7 months. This was poorly executed and that is what history will say.

    5. Even if President Biden decides to run in 2024, he is acting like a one term president, doing what needs to be done, regardless of the pushback by cowardly Repugnalants. God bless him. He deserves the Golden Shovel Award for cleaning up Trump’s dungheap. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. Totally NOT surprising we’re doing secret reconnaissance missions to pull people out. Even if it isn’t a secret, we’re smarter and more advanced than just holding everything down to one airfield.

    1. Who says there isint and they’re just not broadcasting it bc you know the Taliban is watching & listening!

    1. Taliban won’t do anything. No one will give them any money if they don’t obey. India is threatening them openly. This won’t be like before.

    2. It’s called extremely bad planning and execution…..thanks joe !!! Not millions billions of dollars in weaponry Left behind for the Taliban even Blackhawk helicopters ,tanks..

  3. This is a good thing. We must get these people out. Americans and Afghans that have helped the US while we were in the country. This is a big job and I thank the many solders that are currently serving there along with the diplomatic people also. Keep up the good work.

    1. 11, 000 Americans can’t make it to the airport and Joe had no plan to go get them ? Well the British and the French troops go after their own people and bring them….. Just planning and execution of this or go down history as his biggest blunder…. World news are turning the United States evacuation into a joke !!! Joe should resigned before he gets impeached !!!

    2. @Martenson Lee … they can try, but this is just clean up time once again for the Republican mess left for a Democratic administration to fix.

    3. @Martenson Lee Oh, yeah. Let’s not forget that G.W. Bush started this war, based on faulty intel. I suspect he wanted to get Saddam Hussein, because his father, Bush, Sr. didn’t do so in Desert Storm. Just wondering how old you are. We’re you even alive in the mid-1980’s, when Desert Storm took place? Hussein was trying to overtake Kuwait, as his country was landlocked, thus he’d have access to the sea…and the ability to use military ships.

    4. @Martenson Lee Oh, my. Someone removed my first comment. No surprise, really. Truth hurts, but truth matters. And justice matters. Just ask Glenn Kirschner, a former Federal Prosecutor in D.C. Just look up his name here on YT, as well as Ruth Ben-Ghiat and the Dangerous Case Now channel.

  4. THANK YOU, Americans, for supporting South Korea during the Korean War to fight the communists from North Korea and China!

    My father and oldest uncle enlisted right after the war started and received help (food & firearms) from the US military and my youngest uncle served as a medic in the South Korean army that was supporting the US troops in the Vietnam War.

  5. I wish operations would not be reported real time in Afghanistan like the helicopter pickups. There was a time when you could ask the Press just shut up for National Security reasons and they would comply out of a sense of Duty.

    1. @Daphne Lull I’d like to think it was a plan, but the predatory nature of cable press makes me long for 3 networks 1978 style.

    2. Helicopters aren’t exactly stealthy. They probably know, but my guess is there is some sort of negotiating going on to keep any firefights from breaking out.
      If you recall even though we used the still secret stealth helicopters for the Bin Laden raid, one of the neighbors in Pakistan still heard them overhead and recognized them at least as helicopters, even if he couldn’t make out anything else.

    3. @Larry Jensen yeh exactly! They clearly waited until the military ok’ed their reporting it – which logically they would do after a few days of f’ing loud helicopters flying around the country. Not like the Taliban wouldn’t have noticed them by now!

  6. I dont think the news should be reporting on efforts to get ppl to airports. That might be Special operations. I’m just saying the Taliban watch the news too.

    1. I’ve always said that we don’t need to know everything but I’m sure the Taliban noticed the helicopters and soldiers outside of the airport. They kept it under raps just long enough so that the Taliban wouldn’t have a heads up.

    2. The reporter was pretty clear that they had been keeping it secret, as required & now had the authority to be reporting it

  7. I’ll just say it….told ya so…just because you don’t see it or are told what’s going on…doesn’t mean stuff isn’t going on behind the scenes

  8. Clip of Biden Saying People Won’t Be Lifted Off Embassy Roof in Afghanistan Resurfaces as Just That Happens

  9. Joe: “there will never be a situation like in Saigon, where are you see American helicopters removing people off rooftops”. Meathead.

  10. My uncle flew for _”Air America.”_

    The resources to get these people out are beyond tremendous.

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