Trump Triggered Surge In Fraud Complaints: Duped Donors Misled By Repeat Charge Scam | Rachel Maddow 1

Trump Triggered Surge In Fraud Complaints: Duped Donors Misled By Repeat Charge Scam | Rachel Maddow


Shane Goldmacher, national political reporter for the New York Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about the huge number of Trump supporters who felt they'd been defrauded by the Trump campaign, and how the campaign took advantage of the extra money. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Trump Triggered Surge In Fraud Complaints: Duped Donors Misled By Repeat Charge Scam | Rachel Maddow


  1. Give me your money so I can pay off some of the ppl I scammed in my last fund raiser. Sort of sounds like a ponzi scheme to me.

    1. @Juju Rellama So, it’s OK for someone to rip you off because you have to pay taxes? Taxes pay for your roads, schools, bridges, cops, fire stations, crews and equip etc. Why do ppl keep making excuses for The Orange Moron? He’s a criminal and a traitor.

    2. @Juju Rellama How do the “tax people” (what a childish way of speaking…) rip you off???
      Do you know what taxes are used for? Police, infrastructure and repairs, firefighting equipment and departments, municipal halls, city workers, roads and their repairs, some hospitals, etc, etc…
      Without our taxes we would live with dirt roads, houses would burn to the ground, etc…

    1. @Tessmage Tessera legal means regulated and they don’t believe in that. They’re happy to literally be ground into nothing and smile dying because they bought into this human fraud. They deserve eachother.

    2. @Sammy4549 Democrats are well behaved, they do what they are told. you behave now or no pudding cup.

    1. @biz man …not really, he was caught.
      (I’m referring to ‘the ultimate’ – getting caught )

    2. @L Austin Speiss That doesn’t make him less of a conman. If an armed robber was caught after robbing a bank do they stop being a bank robber because they were caught?

  2. Q: How many Trump supporters does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: None. He just *_LIES_* and tells the dummies the bulb has already been changed and they all stand in the dark yelling how great he is.

    1. Trump would never associate with these people but doesn’t mind stealing from them To him all money is green

    1. I was not scammed. It is my opinion that when adults sign on the dotted line, they should be held accountable for that decision. A court of law can rule if it comes to suing or being sued. I do not follow the court of public opinion.

    2. @Idaho Native how do you feel about them hiding those checked boxes amongst all that text? And the fact that a lot of people who supported him aren’t really web savvy -as such they’re prone to missing things like that? That’s not really their fault if it’s purposefully made to be confusing

    1. @My True Crime Library actually he turned Republican in 2014 … right before he decided to run

  3. A known and life long grifter and conman grifted and conned his supporters.. Who knew that would happen

    1. Every one that has known this con man for years,.knew what he was and is about. He used the media for years .That is.,Until they started reporting the truth.Then he and Cronies started. ,calling it fake news.

  4. My favorite part is when he had to give back $63 million from idiots who donated AFTER he lost the election!

    1. @Princeton Warren You’re clearly part of whatever scam that is trying to be pulled Reported.

      Edit. Brand new account, yup, you’re definitely trying to scam people.

    2. @Hubert Sang Trump is the ultimate con artist, you have to give him credit for that. People follow him notwithstanding he doesn’t even try to hide it.

    So now we can add that Donald Trump IS A PROFESSIONAL PICK POCKET.

    1. The VELT You are funny. I run into racists every day. Real, white people who still think Blacks should be slaves and have no rights. Real, white people who still use the ‘N’ word for Black people. People who learned it from their parents and are teaching it to their kids.

    2. @Sophie Robinson I live in the south and have never seen it.I have stories from many years ago but around here we all get along just fine.

    3. @onlythewise1
      Your English skills are deplorable… No punctuation or capitals and it’s “their” delusion, not “there”…

    1. @Here2 Play No more sadistic than they are. That’s exactly what they get! I have no sympathy for them just like they don’t have any sympathy for anyone.

    2. Nothing makes me happier than seeing dumb racist traitors getting scammed out of their money

    3. @Aimless Bauer you can’t think that every single person that preferred Trump to Biden doesn’t have sympathy for anybody, that’s crazy

  6. The saddest part – nothing shocks any longer AND this is not the biggest scandal being played out within the GOP this week.

    1. Unprecedented scam, makes Bernie Madoff look like a choir boy, at the very least Bernie targeted the deep pockets.

    2. @CasinoVa Beach your troll game is pure shyt. Your account is fake and you have definitely been banned for harassment multiple times

    1. Magats: what? Trump wiped out my bank account??
      Thank you sir, now ill give you my other bank account number. Make America Grate Again Again

    1. @teehud313 … what i’m saying is – the corporate internet that all you jerks blindly embrace and love so much allows crooks like trump to FLOURISH! you trash trump, you trash the other crooks but you REFUSE to accept the fact that these crimes wouldn’t be POSSIBLE without the damned internet!
      i just got screwed by the internet again, just minutes ago! there’s no one i can complain to. there’s no means for me to seek justice or to enforce the DAMNED LAW! the whole goddamned system IS CORRUPT! NOT JUST TRUMP!

    2. @Faffy I think we have seen the true nature of the conned enough to hate them too…just because they are as thick as pigshit does not excuse their behaviour…

  7. And many of his donor’s claim it was the website’s fault or that he was tricked by the website. This is why I continue to play my tiny violin and not care about them.

    1. The amazing 1thing is even today people are still willingly bowing down to the snake idol,and in the future as well.

  8. We tried to tell them they were being scammed, they brought this matter up a while ago! Of course I’m sure they just thought the world was picking on their fearless leader.

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