Gaetz Defiantly Pointing Fingers Amid DOJ Investigation | All In | MSNBC

Gaetz Defiantly Pointing Fingers Amid DOJ Investigation | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. Won’t shut up….not smart. Just the beginning of his problems…more to come on the news at 6.

    1. It is my theory that being dumb must feel like a double hit of oxy. It sure doesn’t seem to help much elsewhere in life otherwise unless you’re gunning for a GOP nomination. Any dumb people want to chime in? Maybe you’re just doing your taxes or trying to figure out stereo instructions or something else starts giving you a headache in the back of your skull, and then you just jump on your Facebook under your real name and pic and employment and start posting what you REALLY think about Maxine Waters, and then I guess you get that dumbo endorphin release or some such with like the Theraflu commercial graphic showing how it goes right to work to cover the achy parts of your brain in a comfortable lemon flavored haze? You guys do that?

    1. Getting a career due to daddy’s money sounds a lot like someone who was just in the White House. These guys end up being narcissistic sexual predators

    2. @pakalolo420 Hunter Biden has no role in government. Ivanka and Jared got high up government jobs because of nepotism. Same with Gaetz.

    3. @Bald Eagle Biden hand picking Rachel Levine is also nepotism as Rachel is joes love child from a affair he had 40 years ago

    1. On no…shes from a poor Floriduh family… it will go through… he gets the younger sister too as a bonus.. .

  2. If he gets indicted, remind me again what Al Franken was indicted for when the GOP screamed for his resignation.

    1. @Llynnyia so, a comedian (he was a comedian at the time not a US senator) makes a racy joke, and he loses his job years later? If you are this naive you may not want to leave home without an adult

    2. @Charlie Sal my point is that it’s pointless to worry about republican morals if they don’t exist

    1. There are loads of women who wanted to marry Charlie Manson in prison. I’ve got a nickle ‘says this woman actually marries this creep.

    2. @Ben Lutz some of those things checking the same gender box as myself really do some pretty EFFED UP STUFF…

  3. It’s amazing how quiet the QAnon folks are on all of this… Almost as if they don’t actually care about the things they claim to care about…

    1. @Liberal Dumbfuck And you’re asking people to believe a comment coming from an obvious fake/troll account? Any people that still support Trump after his insurrection, lies, ignoring the pandemic (and telling his supporters to make it worse on purpose), his scams, thieving from donators, charities, and campaign funds… well, they’re the real dumbf*cks, and destroyed the GOP in just ONE twice-impeached term.

    2. @Victoria Williams That’s how you know they got their misinformation from OAN instead of any credible source lol

    1. My Soy Girl, Just imagine Dementia Joe Biden picking up parmesan cheese and smoking it!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Where does an American hold his woman when he is making love to her a tergo? At the hips. And Matt Gaetz? At her schoolbag…

    1. @Mike Jones Demanding? You sure about that?

      “Air Force veteran and “research consultant” Bob Kent verified to Sirius Radio personality Michael Smerconish that he had approached Gaetz’s deep-pocketed father, former Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, last month seeking a $25 million loan. The funds would ransom the release of Robert Levinson, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who disappeared in Iran more than a decade ago. Levinson’s own family believes him to be dead, but Kent has insisted he has evidence Levinson is alive and remains a hostage of the Islamic Republic, though credible experts have dismissed his claims.”

      And what does that have to do with this? Even if $25m was demanded if it’s proven that Gaetz abused a 17 year old then he needs to be in prison for a long time.

    2. @Gary Williams I answered your question in good faith. Were you just trying to be a dickhead? I gather that no one wants to talk to you in person. Smell my finger.

    3. @Mike Jones And I responded but I see that you just want to hurl childish slurs around the place. I have no idea why but you may have to accept that Gaetz is a slimeball. I’m sorry you seem to have such reverence for him.

    4. @Mike Jones “You are a confused and lonely little boy.”

      And more insults. Look, I know all you have is bile, insults and a general hatred for anyone who isn’t you so I’ll leave you to your cesspool of hated. Feel free to have the last word I’m out as I’ve better things to do than feed a troll. Have a good day.

    1. If daddy taught Mattie some manners. He would have left Liz’s name out of his mouth.
      Then Barr’s buried investigation may not have been dug up.
      Mattie is a tool.
      If DrUMPf wants to use him into the future, he may have to put Mattie on trump inc media payroll.

    2. @Bass INC If “manners” are your principal concern, why would you have voted for the bulk of any democrat politicians. Sheesh…….

    3. @Krusty 1234
      History has shown that Joe has experience.
      Word of advice.
      When you wish to put your house in order. Do not hire a bankruptcy king to handle your family’s future.
      So yeah, don the draft dodging conman-n-thief of the excuse-n-finger pointing administration is definitely not choice number one.
      You insult others when you ask of them to follow your example.

    1. @NEO3 you think this just started with t-bags family?
      Remember that republicans who claim to hate “Hollywood elites” have elected two actors. Both wrecked the economy by the end of their presidency. The1988-89 savings and loan scandal was basically a smaller version of 2007 financial crisis. But sure it’s still going on and democrats still haven’t found a way to counter or even hold them accountable.

    1. Nope. The whole country knows and there isn’t even an arresting officer yet to be forced to resign this time. Hubris. If you or I refused a breathalizer, we’d lose our license on the spot – Matt didn’t, and he didn’t have to go to court, but he sure ‘helped’ try topass a lw in FLorida to make sure that unconvicted people’s mugshots can’t appear on law enforcement websites. Oh, Matt. We had such high hopes for you as a third generation politician pretending to be an outsider. Oh… matt… hand me that soap, would ya?

  4. You mean, that “17-year-old ‘woman'”, whom Gaetz referred to, in an interview with Tucker Carlson?

    1. If these allegations were regarding a Democrat then he would call that quote woman and innocent little baby

    2. Tucker and wife might be called as witnesses in the trial of Gaetz now. That’s why Tucker peed himself on live TV during the interview.

    1. @B. Whitten
      I know exactly how you feel. Although I probably shouldn’t have said that about the woman. Its just that I’ve become so cynical after trump’s and the GOP’s shenanigans.

    1. @Harry Johnstone
      I mean can you even believe that he is still on the judiciary committee that oversees this investigation? Its really amazing.

    1. So am I, with gin-tonic. And I’m not even American. Greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱.

    1. @T. R. Campbell He just needs to learn to zip his lips and say you need to talk to my counsel because he puts his foot in mouth everytime. It doesn’t matter to me i cant stand him he creeps me out but yes he has the right of innocence until he is indicted or found guilty.

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