'National Temper Tantrum': Hayes On GOP Bid To Cancel Critics Of Voter Suppression | All In | MSNBC 1

‘National Temper Tantrum’: Hayes On GOP Bid To Cancel Critics Of Voter Suppression | All In | MSNBC


Chris Hayes: “Because certain corporations have taken the position that it is wrong to make it harder for Americans to vote, Republicans are vowing to cancel even the most American of institutions.” Aired on 04/05/2021.
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'National Temper Tantrum': Hayes On GOP Bid To Cancel Critics Of Voter Suppression | All In | MSNBC


    1. @John Nemesh Lol, are you implying that voting is fascist? You know “fascist” isn’t just an ugly word you can use to describe people you don’t like, right, it has a definition.

    2. @John Nemesh John, please google this, “the 14 characteristics of a fascist” interestingly you will find that they all fit trump personality.

    3. *raises hand*

      I don’t get the vote with your feet part.
      You mean like….jump kick the buttons in the booth?

    1. @Censorship Is real really? Chump never said it’s the blue states fault? Let’s not fund the blue states. Let’s cancel the blue state governors

  1. The free market prefers free elections because all voters are consumers but not all consumers are voters. We vote with our spending every day.

    1. @K The Show lol. It’s called buying votes genius. Your right, it’s silly for idiots to try to make this a point. If the people who vote democrat are supposed to be the “educated” ones, why can’t they afford to buy a bottle of water on their own? I guess you believe a secure election is to be able to round up a bunch of homeless people with no ID’s, take them to the polls, and bribe them with a meal and a double duece to vote how you want them to? Maybe grab a bunch of illegals, feed them and their families to vote democrat? Yup, that sounds like a free and fair election.

    2. @Chris Lockwood
      Never heard of that. Sorry. But I have heard about the data that backs up everything I said about rural Americans and red states. I grew up in the country so I know exactly what I’m talking about son.

  2. Yeah corporations, stay out of politics! Biggest joke I’ve heard this year, that’s all U.S. politics is, corporate money.

    1. @Dark Side’s Shadow
      “considering the recounts found uncounted votes”
      that was you that posted that, insinuating that there was fraud.

      Don’t try to backtrack now, Squirt.
      Own what you said and implied, like a big boy.

      And don’t be criticizing others for copying you, when you did the exact same thing, little hypocrite.


    2. @LoboKhan1 saying that a recount found uncounted votes does not insinuate fraud no matter how liberal you get with the term insinuate. Lol no back tracking here little girl, I haven’t changed a thing so struggle as you might to try and twist out an “insinuation” that’s on you for assuming something. Nice try though

    3. @Anthoney Smtih do you actually expect anyone to believe that you have read anything longer than the McDonald’s menu since you dropped out of high school? It’s 98 pages, my guy. It’s way above your pay grade, so please stay in your lane.

    4. @Jew Dy Doesn’t have to be such a far fetched concept to be educated on the topic of discussion before forming an opinion and, running at mouth using insults instead of facts for some of us. Just letting you know person to person you’re wrong.

  3. I wonder if when McConnell said the corporations should stay out of politics, did he also mean they should stop giving either party donations? Because, if so, I’m all for getting businesses out of politics. Who knew McConnell was so progressive.

    1. Actually Moscow Mitch was quite clear…. he said they should shut up about policies…. but they should CONTINUE to donate millions. He does not support them speaking out or taking action, but he does support the 4.5 million dollars they donated to his campaign. Hypocrisy, the republiklan way.

    2. @William Springer No. The NRA is a non-profit CORPORATION. Incorporated as a non-profit that then bilked it’s donors for the money to live like kings themselves.

    3. @William Springer As VP of a local Union I find your comment offensive, A Union’s executive committee is beholden to and gets it’s mandate from it’s members, which as was pointed out in an other comment, it’s members are workers and they decide what the executives are going to do, no not every single decision, but the overall direction the union should be going in, fighting for workers rights and benefits, etc. what the NRA is, is akin to a lobbyist group for gun manufacturing corporations, because the executives decide what the direction of the group will be, granted that usually is what the membership also wants because they are all mostly gun loving Republicunts. In a Union, if every person who thinks that there should be, like 70 to 75 % of the people in the US, stricter gun laws, if the NRA was a Union, then they would be flooded with membership requests, because then the majority of members would vote to support and give money to Democrap candidates who support gun laws and the executives in the NRA would have no choice but to follow the directives of it’s membership. As it stands even if 100% of the membership voted to support and give money to Democraps, the executive committee can still decide to give all it’s money and support to a Republicunt and as was also mentioned in an other comment, the money they donate comes mostly from corporations and not from membership fees and dues

  4. Personally, I think Mitch McConnell should stay out of politics. He could probably make it as a stand up comic. I know I just laughed my way through the entire excerpt of his speech presented her. A Total Eclipse of Reality.

    1. @J Does this mean you think that corporations should be banned from making any political contribution, much less unlimited contributions. That would sure help Democratic candidates.

    2. ​@ruth depew Yes! 100%!! Biden’s entire campaign only existed in the radicle shadow of Twitter, FaceBook, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

    3. @J
      That’s kinda the point here, Einstein, or did you not pick up on the hypocrisy of these corporate whores condemning “cancel culture” except when it suits them? ‘Course, your red state school system probably didn’t teach you how to spot irony and hypocrisy, so I guess your cluelessness should be excused on those grounds alone…Only in America are we dumb & proud and proud of being dumb.

    4. @Haeuptling Aberja I’m a liberal and I live in a blue state unfortunately. Sorry but not everyone on the left is a radical extremist.

    5. I’m With You On Mitch McConnell Staying Out Of
      Politics !! Can You Imagine
      What Could Be Accomplished
      With Him GONE ??!! Go, Joe

  5. ‘BIG Business stop getting involved in Politics’, by stop donating to Political Parties!
    Orders from the Grim Reaper.

    1. @Realpeopleneverpost
      “Overturn or Repel” are much more accurate terms.
      Congress wouldn’t “undo” the current legislation; they could only pass a new bill, that would have to be signed by the President and survive any possible Supreme Court challenge. Quite different than “undoing” the current legislative act.
      It’s certainly not just up to the Grim Reaper & certainly the Grim Reaper would not be the one to even propose such a bill.
      Sure you have general knowledge of the process; just the post made was addressing a specific current law, already held up as Constitutional by the Supreme Court [wrong!/Corporations are not people].
      The Dems are more Political Finance Reform advocates than the Greedy Obnoxious People. Yet neither Party is able to stop from accepting Lobbyist Money.

    2. @SAINT 65 The legislation is the easy part. The only thing that has stopped it is the filibuster. Till that is resolved, the dems have no incentive to even broach the matter.

    3. @Realpeopleneverpost
      How many Democrat Senators & how many Democrat House Members do you think are for voting to “cancel” Political PAC’s today?
      It’s not a majority in either Chamber…

    4. @SAINT 65 you’re right with that observatipn..I believe that some of the SCOTUS is also in the pocket of citizens united.

  6. McConnell: “Corporations should stay out of politics”.
    That’s an excellent idea, Mitch. All of them should start by withdrawing all monetary support for any political candidates running for any office.
    Its all political theater though. They wouldn’t waste an opportunity to accept money from them in political donations. They need to tread carefully, Don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

    1. @Lisa F because the last 4 years were wasted by congress blocking everything the POTUS did and investigating the 2016 election.

    2. @IronskullGM Um, sorry but the Senate had a GOP majority. Mitch did everything POTUS wanted him to do. I think you mistook the last four years with the previous eight, when Mitch blocked everything Obama did. The only thing they did in the last four years was give tax breaks to the big corporations and push through judges that lean right. Had they had some sort of policy instead of sound bites they might have accomplished something.

    3. @Lisa F Ummm Congress writes legislation, Senate does budget.. maybe you should learn how your own government works… Democrats controlled congress the last 4 years, now the democrats have complete control and weird, we are under martial law… typical fascists blaming the other side for what they are doing…

    4. @IronskullGM Congress is both the House and Senate combined. I’m not even responding to the martial law comment.

    5. @Lisa F Oh course you wont comment on that.. fascists don’t like to talk about their fascism…

    1. Mitch has don’t nothing but critisizing everything Democrats do, if if was up to macconnell there would be no stimulus plan, no relief for Americans

    1. Please say it louder for the blind with eyesight. Since they simply see the truth, but ignore the fact that we needed money out of politics for ever!

    2. If you have noticed, both parties avoid, like the plague, bringing up Citizen’s United. It’s an unspoken rule among both houses of congress never to bring this topic up, so maybe the minions will forget about it and go back to their obedience.

    1. Remember that he made a point to remind them that they should stay out of politics, unless they are donating to him…

      Companies are only allowed in politics if they benefit him.

    2. moscow mitch is basically “We will take your money but you don’t get to call any of the shots. Don’t ask any questions and everything’ll be alright.”

  7. Does Moscow Mitch expect that all these corporations will increase their funding to him and his fellow republicans while he and Republicans attack them? No one ever accused him of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    1. He’s loathsome but brilliant when it comes to furthering the interests of the GOP. Not a dull knife.

    2. Sorry Tucker. It’s the republicants who want to cancel the Democratic process. January 6, 2021. Proof that millions watched.

    3. Hes actually an embarrassing old man. He can barely speak. He just needs to retire and call it a day.

  8. If Mitch Mcconnell’s advice to corporations is to stay out of politics I suggest they take him at his word and stop funding political parties, especially his own.

    1. It was pointed out yesterday that if he felt so strongly that corporations should stay out of politics, would he then return the $5.3 million he’d received from them in the past 4 years?

  9. So, if McConnell wants corporations to stay out of politics, does that mean elected officials will stop accepting corporate lobby $$$?

    1. Look into how many people voted in America compared to how many registered voters there were. Somehow, magically,there were over 30 million votes more than there were registered voters. There’s some truth for you.

    2. @Just passing through. I was asking for honesty, people who can stand by and prove what they say with facts…

  10. I had to laugh at the guys facial reactions when the Fox Lady presenter said about cancelling sports.

  11. Funny how Mitch says that the big corporations need to stay out of it but he and all the others don’t mind taking these corporations’ money.

  12. I love how republicans are so quick to use cancel culture when they are upset. But condemn it when it comes back at them. They have zero integrity!!

    1. What??? Trump will be back in office before this year ends…it is God’s will not man…watch…beware…it will happen…stop following Satan! He’s in control of White House!!! And this news station…false news!!!

    2. @Karen Thomas Karen, sometimes it’s better to let people think your crazy than to open your mouth and prove it. Please stop with this argument, it helps nothing.

    3. @Karen Thomas you want the anti-christ back in the WH?! Guess you haven’t had enough death, destruction and corruption for 4 years. Sphincter face doesn’t give a rat’s patoot about you or anyone but himself. He’d theow his own sons under the bus to save himself, and all he wants is your vote and your money.

    4. @Chris Lockwood your argument is flawed from jump. The reason the bottled water is relevant is that the average wait time in black communities in Georgia is about 7-8 hours. Where white county’s have about 7-8 mins. So your telling me that you wouldn’t need water stand that long in the Georgia sun?? Why is a new specific form of ID needed for this, if not to create unneeded bureaucratic hurtles? The issue is not any one specific detail, the issue is Georgia republicans are obviously angry that they lost. Instead of realigning their platform to meet the needs of the population, they are trying to reduce the amount of people that can vote to allow themselves to win. If their platforms are so popular they shouldn’t be afraid of more voting. Simple

    5. @Josh Barker Is a drivers license or photo ID a new specific form of ID? You are full of crap. I realize primaries and some local elections are different times of year, but hot Georgia sun in November? 7-8 hours? Lol. Show me proof of that? If that’s the case, and your that dedicated to keep voting for the same failed policies that have segregated you into those “black counties”, pack a cooler or walk the 30 or 40 yard legal boundary boundary to get a free one. You realize pole workers can still hand out water, right? The law only applies to partisan people trying to sway you from voting one way or another. Or, Mail it in, as the new republican law made that easier than most states also. But you still need to be able to identify whether your a legal citizen able to vote in that state/county. I know, racist, right? Biden lied through his teeth, while reading his q cards on national tv about this law and you and I both know the only reason the dems are fighting this, is that it makes it harder for them to cheat. Lying, cheating and promising free is the only way they win.

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