‘Extraordinary’: Bernie Sanders Welcomes McConnell’s ‘Concerns’ On Corporations | All In | MSNBC


  1. In states where minimum wage has increased, the number of jobs increased because minimum wage workers have more money to spend.

    1. @Eric Graham No way. It’s the fascist Republicans like you who bend over without Vaseline to help the corporate welfare queens. Which rock have you been hiding under? Your stupidity is breathtaking.

    2. @Eric Graham No matter what job you have, it must be a human right that you are paid a decent wage for a decent days work, which means a wage a person can exist on, tips exempt. Every job is important, no matter where in the society it works.

    3. @Eric Graham What a load of B.S! I’ve worked a whole life from bottom to top and the best workers I’ve experienced are those who are appreciated and paid for their energy and dedication. No one today, whether young or old, are employed where there is no position for them. As for cell phones, it’s a central part of our society. Almost every inhabitant in the world use cell phones, myself included. I check emails and news items all the time when I have a spare moment. It’s called, tomorrows world!

    4. @Eric Graham B#$% I’m liberal and I’ve been working since I was 14. I’m an Army vet and have a great career, the fact that you call all liberals lazy is so stupid. I make great money and I don’t have any problem with a $15 min wage. You think people that with minimum wage are lazy! They are some of the hardest working people. You’re a piece of 💩

    1. The gop tried for years and years to find something negative that would ‘stick’ but Sanders is just someone who holds ideals and can justify them and doesn’t need to lie or cheat.

      No wonder the gop can’t figure out how to respond 😂

    1. Imagine he became a President 4.5 years ago!!! We will be living in a different country…. both politicly and economically And i mean it in the very POSITIVE way 🙂

  2. I love Bernie Sanders. Millions of seniors are ailing, student debt is crushing, and we really need to pass reconciliation. The Republican party will never do anything for Americans. They only want to take away from us and make the wealthy even wealthier. We need to get this done ASAP.

    1. What has the Democrat party dine for the people? Lower the friggin tuition and end the monopoly on textbooks to help students. Never hear Dems doing anything about either.

    2. @Nick Romo You know Susan Rice made 140 million dollars under Trump? Check it out and then tell me Democrats care about anyone except themselves. This is just one example

    3. Senator Sanders is a legend, so great that he is working closely with and supports President Biden.

    1. @Red Rock Another uneducated person who doesn’t know the difference between democratic socialism and communisn and has been inculcated with republican propaganda. Socialism bad. Work for slave wages all my life good. We can thank John Calvin for the wage slave mentality promulgated by protestant evangelical leaders.
      It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

    2. @Darren Engels So you think a country like Venezuela is the way to go? You need to educate yourself before making comments like yours.

    3. @Red Rock So you demonstrate by your remark that your understanding of socialisn extends no farther than your head has been inculcated by the propaganda of the rich and their paid advocates, the GOP. The word socialism has been used for more than a century to sow fear among uneducated Americans and protect the interrest of the very rich. Today, if you are willing to recieve it, you will be educated on the socialism canard. That which republicans, the mouth piece of the rich, decry as socialism is a set of policies that the vast majority of Americans strongly support and from which everyone in America already benefits. The supposed socialism Bernie Sanders and most Americans support is public schools, the police department, the fire department, the Post office, a livable minimum wage, oversight of medicines and vaccines, the rich paying their fair share of taxes, the Affordable Care Act, protecting us all against contaminated foods, and ensuring that uncontrolled big business doesn’t destoy the planet for a profit. These programs and departments are the very socialism supported by democratic governments around the globe. This democratic socialism is nothing like the current systems in Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union, or China. But the uneducated and ignorant listen to the GOP propaganda arm of the wealthy and cringe in fear of an idea that they don’t understand nor have they taken the time to investigate. Now, you know the truth. So, you can choose to cling to wilfull ignorance if you like, or you can discontinue espousing the inane idea that Bernie Sanders or any of the rest of us who believe everyone deserves healthcare and a livable wage is a socialist of the variety of Hugo Chavez.

    1. Richard Thomas The regular people with a brain.
      Not the regular people that vote as if they are part of the 1%.

    2. @Kent Morton That’s debatable. What he pushes would benefit the stupid ones too. It’s only that the stupid ones don’t understand what he pushes.

    1. @Eric Graham 2 month old account and gratuitously uses “lmfao” in every post. Either a bot or a 12 year old boy from moscow.

    2. @Eric Graham Bernie Sanders is much more of a man that many of us will ever be and that includes you. I doubt that many of us would have the tenacity to fight, alone, for what we believe for almost a lifetime.

    1. Don’t trust anyone too much he has his weaknesses like when dealing with foreign policy but otherwise I would vote for him

    2. I get your point we need to start pushing legislation that helps American people but bernie is the wrong person for it his biggest problem is explaining the how while biden does that way more better and honestly what ive seen is exactly what America needs a push to solving problems vs adding to them

    3. @svenm sandity i agree Sanders really doesnt do a great job at explaining his positions (that are mostly good), but Biiden is way worse. His current position was earned completely by others… he did barely 5% of the work that got him there… i honestly dont know one thing that Biden really stands for and i havent heard him explain anything in the last couple of years…
      The rest of the dem establishment and the media on the other hand are pretty good at saying something a trillion times so that people start to accept it as an “accepted thing”…

    4. ​@pas masdude i love it best question with a easy answer most presidents are not as incompetent as trump but come on man his first 100 days are not up and look at what has been done and hes pulling one of the most powerful tools of obama’s playbook along with what his vice president and all these other people have said including himself his job isnt to be infront of the camera every day like idk the speaker of the house and being camera shy or strict isnt a bad thing and doesnt mean anything in the reality of actions maybe look with your eyes vs ears because clearly thats why donald trump could still win again in 2024 hes not in jail yet

    1. Agreed. Seems to be aging Benjamin Button style. Perhaps the American Politick is Bernie’s Fountain of Youth, where every move it makes away from autocracy and towards democracy, it de-ages him.

  3. I so enjoy when Bernie goes off on a rant… or gets all sarcastic…
    Ok, I just enjoy hearing him talk. 😉

    1. @Eric Graham I see you have nothing so important in your life as to stalk “human garbage”… go you. You must be so proud to be such a loser!

    1. @Larry Nottingham worked his butt off by staying in his basement most of the campaign and clearly has handlers just to make it day to day.

    2. @Red Rock What color is the sky today in Bizarro Trumpworld? Enjoy the Trials — watch how Lyin’ Crooked Donald’s tunes change when he can’t lie in court.

    3. @D.A. Oh Biden did stay off the campaign trail and it’s obvious he’s not well and has to have handlers. Funny, you guys never minded bashing trump for every little thing.

    4. @Red Rock Biden took the pandemic seriously and avoided both catching and spreading Covid during his campaign. Trump downplayed the pandemic and almost died and was responsible for spreading Covid by holding crowded rallies.
      Neither Biden nor Trump is at their peak physically, and maybe mentally, but Biden has made a career of trying to help others while Trump’s reason for being is to take advantage of others. If you’re a sleazy, corrupt fraud and abuse your power in office, then don’t be surprised if you get bashed regularly. And as Trump is finally finding out now that he is no longer above the law, if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime. Enjoy the Trump Trials!

    1. The problem is. It doesn’t phase the Right. They obviously don’t care about public image anymore. They just lie and say it never happened, even though its all live on tv. Then those MAGAts, create some disbelief to make whatever part of the story doesn’t fit with their idea disappear from their minds. Because it’s NOT PUNISHED!!!
      As soon as they start all getting arrested or taken down they’ll get scared and jump out of their alternate reality.
      Now! It’s just too easy to be a crazy jerk. And get away with it…

    2. @TheJimprez The problem is that this strategy from the right won’t probably win them the presidency. It is a shortsighted strategy and very reactionary, which might backfire in the long run. The Republican is somehow becoming a party without vision and principles. They certainly capitalize on ignorant and those are only a fraction of voters. Moreover, you cannot fool everyone everytime. For example, the Big lie might discourage those who believe it and are likely to vote for them.

  4. Never underestimate the ability of the Republican’s to talk out of both sides of their mouths…
    not to mention that they are so talented at it that they can lie from both sites at once…

    1. @Larry NottinghamI don’t care. He’s not in politics. He’s not the POTUS. Hunter Biden is just another deflection. From the home they’ve put themselves in by backing widdle donnie and embracing FASCISM.
      Not in my America🇺🇸

    2. Democrates are liars. Democrats’ want to drug up the colored community THC legalization. Antifa, and Black Lives Matter want violence. THC legalization destroys the worker, independence. REPLENISH THE SOCIAL SECURITY BOTH REPUBS AND DEMS PILLIAGED SENIORS SOCIAL SECURITY. KNOW THE TRUTH. LETS PAY FOR BULLIT PROOF VESTS FOR POLICE OFFICERS. DEFUND THE POLICE, BULL


    4. @Bianca Karteron and you know these things because some right leaning news source told you so. You have to research independently. You have to understand how Social Security works.

    1. @Paul Wilson your profile pic is amazingly paired with your history of racist comments. Well done.

    2. @Ayeferno I don’t think K he’s saying 15 dollars are hour is communism, I think he’s speaking on bernie being a well known socialist.

      And as far as his comment toward it and communism, they both fail in the exact same way everytime.

    3. @Paul Wilson Dude… you’re speaking of Russia and that old eastern bloc. That will NEVER happen in the US, because we love our money and the freedom to make it.

    4. @Paul Wilson Trump’s fascist ideals were also tried in the 20th century…outcome: 100 million dead

    1. His entire life has been dedicated to true public service. What a guy! Can’t help but love him.
      Just think, Mrs Draper (Excellent choice.), a few years back,, America had a choice between Bernie Sanders and John McCain. On opposite ends of the spectrum, but either would have made outstanding presidents because of their devotion to America. Two honorable men, and we end up with TRUMP!?! WTF? How did that happen?

    2. This man has it in himself to bring America and it’s people forward. One can see it in his speech and demeanor.

    1. @Jeffery Martin Most of them don’t know the difference between fascism and communism, so no wonder they fall for it. It’s what you get when you turn your electorate into political illiterates.

    2. @OhNoNotFrank I have questions for you. All you’re years as a Journalist how many times did any reporter’s cover Independent partie candidates?
      Why don’t Independent parties get equal airtime or an opportunity to debat live on stage with the other candidates?
      Why does the media from the beginning only focus on the two parties and ignore everyone else if news networks are not bias then shouldn’t all candidates have an opportunity to voice their ideas?
      I see that both parties have setup political monopolies where other smaller candidates cannot compete on an equal footing and the majority of people do as they are told by the media and vote for a partie instead of voting for a candidate.
      This system has made running against the two parties an up hill challenge, if you want to get ahead in politics you are forced to support ether the DNC or GOP, then you must be willing to playball with the partie and vote the way they want or lose their support.
      This makes the politicians vote along partie lines instead of doing what we elected them for and represent our interests.
      This corruption in our system is the problem our founding fathers did not want a two partie system they saw it could start too become corrupted and the two parties would vote not in the people’s interest but vote in their parties and own benefit.
      A politician doesn’t become a millionaire on a government salary unless they are willing to sell out the American people and award government contracts or political favours in exchange for a hefty payday or high paying jobs at large corporations.
      We cannot change things if we continue to do the samething and elect people the rich and powerful choose we have to add a spending cap on campaigns so all candidates have equal footing the news needs to stop being bias and stop their propaganda that people don’t have a choice in who represents us and people should start electing candidates not parties.
      We also should remove all parties from the ballot so people are forced to learn about what the candidate stands for instead of which partie they associate themselves with.

    3. The republicans party are a bunch of cry babies and sore losers. Voter suppression is wrong and all need to fight against it

  5. Bernie looks like the grandpa that brings you fishing and buys you candy bars that your parents didn’t buy for you. He’s cool

    1. I heard him speak to a small group of Vermont landscapers back in the eighties when he was still a representative.
      He made sense then and he makes sense now.

    2. and works to get you education and health care and a decent job — America’s wise grandpa. I hope some of his younger followers will gather that Boomers are not any more a monolith than millennials. Lots lifelong old activists trying to make things better for other generations are still doing the work

    1. @black feel Not sure what that has to do with Bernie but we use ID’s here, a valid State issued ID or Drivers licence and it is required to vote, so not sure why we would need another id?

    2. my father hated bernie sanders seeing him as a communist for the chinese hating the us dollar wanting to control people like trump wanted as a rnc ralph nader rnc plant.

    3. @John-Paul Hunt Bernie doesn’t hate the U.S. dollar, he just wants to see it help the working class people who pay the taxes, Bitcoin is the new international currency and we only have our government to blame, we are heading down the same path as other countries where all of the resources, land, water, food, energy, is all controlled by a handful of wealthy people and a large majority of folks without a way to make an income to support themselves, think about it why would the .1% want to switch to solar off grid indepenence or vehicles that were non fuel powered? until the .1% can figure a way to monopolize and controll it for a never ending profit they will fight tooth and nail against it, just like anything else they can make billions off, simply because it is never enough.The question now is what are we going to do about it.

    4. @mjc 427 no he hates the dollar and ssa. my father won that war vs bernie AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

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