1. Poor guy. Imagine having 45 honorable Doctorates , being respected for your research and regarded as THE authority on the subject, and having to listen while that idiot struts around on stage like some peacock.

    1. @Sunset Watchman That has NOTHING to do with what your boy said. Not testing does not equal fewer people getting infected …. that’s like saying “if we stop pregnancy tests, less women will be pregnant” … WHAT ?!? ….. Yea ignorance is bliss.

    2. Sunset Watchman and over 1 out of 5 cases that don’t have it actually do have it soooo it equals out buddy

    1. poopsock Maybe this will work for pregnancy tests, if you don’t test, then you are not pregnant ?

    1. @Sharon Brown Keep wearing your mask and stop worrying about other people your protecting yourself with a mask. just like it’s their free rights to riot throw bricks at police break windows start fires it’s my right to choose not wear a mask. Name me 5 healthy people that you know or heard of that died of covid I can name you dozens of people at died in automobile accidents stop driving Americans. How many people die from alcohol related deaths and alcoholism Way more life lost than Covid 19 they don’t take it off the shelf do they keep drinking. I guess what I’m trying to say stop living in fear time to give the 600 up and get back to work

    2. @Doctor James What about suicide alcohol depression and domestic violence That’s what the lock down causes or you do not agree? Come on doc you know that about 98% are compromised health and I think 47% are above 75 years of age

    3. John Staples Trump dismisses everything and say everything that doesn’t help his election status is fake. I’m far from brainwashed. I listen to both sides and Trump and Fox News sound foolish on the topic of the pandemic. But whatever, Stay safe.

  2. That’s odd. Basically everyone says not to believe the president even the White House! So Why is he still in charge?

    1. Because there’s only one way to get rid of a sitting president, and we tried that, but the Senate Republicans corruptly and possibly illegally rigged the trial. On the other hand, if they had thrown him out and Pence became president, Pence might have given him a blanket pardon for all the dozens of Federal crimes he has committed. Once he’s been booted out, watch for an avalanche of indictments.

    1. Mitchell Deliman sorry to hear that, the infections were +3,593 cases today, not testing will only make matters worse as they won’t be able to contact trace. Stay safe.

    2. Cosmo really then why have they stopped testing and using it in so many countries? Who are you getting your information from, you need to change your sources.

    1. hehe. take it a step further. why didn’t you go to school last week? no school means i don’t get homework.

    1. @Tessie Talker democrats have more then anybody will ever need, its like a endless supply of it.

    2. @Brian Goble brian…um we dont have a democracy….its called a Representative Republic , and there is a big difference. This shows alot of people here good and bad that know the differences, But what it mainly tells me is that you never had a civics class on how your government supposed to function. Maybe you were out that day protesting for democracy. Ok?

    3. @Brian Goble
      This is really important, sincerely, so I have to comment this:
      Don’t say democracy is a horrible system if you’re a US citizen. The US strictly speaking are not an actual democracy. They are not a direct democracy, not even a representative democracy, it’s a representative republic.

      That being said, if your criticism is supposed to be understood as a general critique of the concept of democracy as a whole: Maybe you know that one famous Churchill quote pertaining to the nature of democracy. You could consider moving into a country governed by an absolutist monarchy, or in any case someplace that has not ratified the UN Human Rights Charta and does not give a damn about an individual’s right to basically anything, if it does not suit the whims of the government.
      The obvious point here being of course: It could be a lot worse.

  3. We were told that the revised estimate of deaths was 60,000…now we have 120,00 and soon we will have 180,000.

  4. I dunno, this just seems like a derailed train with no brakes speeding to God knows where… Sigh.

    1. Trump is so dumb,he thinks the test were developed to Hurt his chance for re election..Nope..his big mouth about not testing is evident he is digging himself a hole.

    2. @Carol Mcfadden Yep, he is afraid the test will show he leans Democrat. Or that he is impotent. Or brain damaged. Let’s face it, he avoids doctors.

  5. Trump wants the pandemic to spiral out of control so all the polling places will be shut down.​

  6. So a pregnant woman is not pregnant until tested??!! Even with a bump she’s not pregnant until tested. Yes we need more testing regardless of how the uneducated unfit orange clown feels and politicizing everything to his advantage.

    1. it was a joke please watch the full trump video instead of believe a reporter reading from a script, you need to see the context the man bloody said in the same speech they are going take me out of context again

    1. Ok calm down. You sound like you need to be in a straight jacket. Turn your TV off and go for a walk. keep a healthy died. Fear will drive you insane and signs are clear.

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